We invite you to share why you stand for the redwoods, as well as your dreams for the forest’s next 100 years.

We love redwoods, and we know you do too! Follow these simple steps to share the redwoods love on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter:

  1. Change your Facebook profile image to include a #Stand4Redwoods frame or add the frame as a camera effect to your Facebook photo posts. Need help with this step? Check out our tutorial.
  2. Download and print our #Stand4Redwoods sign. Snap a redwoods photo with your sign. Post your photo on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter with a caption about why you are taking a stand to protect the redwoods. Be sure to use the hashtag #Stand4Redwoods.
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“California redwoods are something to behold. Sheer awe. It’s the most healing experience you can find. It just makes you tingle.” — Ed Gilbert, Redwood Legacy Circle member

“Redwoods make people feel centered and connected to the planet. The length of time they’ve been standing — they are a testament to the past.” — Rose Marie Cleese, Redwood Legacy Circle member