Protect | Annual Report 2017

Safeguarding ancient redwoods and the vibrant forest landscapes that sustain them

Stewarts Point.

Stewarts Point Permanently Protected

Our magnificent 870-acre Stewarts Point property is now permanently protected from subdivision and extensive logging and will welcome the public to a breathtaking coastal trail. We transferred
an easement to Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District to conserve 700 acres of old- and second-growth redwood forestland, coastal grasslands and a 1.7-mile stretch of the Gualala River. We transferred another easement to the County of Sonoma for the development of a new section of the California Coastal Trail by the end of 2019.

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League donors’ gifts forever protect Westfall Ranch’s beautiful forest and meadows, which buffer Headwaters Forest Reserve, home of an ancient redwood forest. Photo by Mike Shoys

Westfall Ranch Buffers Headwaters Forest

We successfully concluded a fundraising campaign and purchased the scenic, 77-acre Westfall Ranch to buffer the neighboring and iconic Headwaters Forest Reserve. More than 3,000 donors answered our call to protect this property, preventing development and logging.

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Twin Trees Protects Richardson Grove State Park

Located on the Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Eel River, Richardson Grove State Park is the gateway to the North Coast redwoods. To buffer this jewel of a park from potential threats on a neighboring property called Twin Trees, Save the Redwoods League purchased a conservation easement from land owner Lost Coast Forestlands. The easement agreement protects more than 255 acres of redwood forestland and river habitat. It also allows Lost Coast to continue to own and manage the property while forever prohibiting other land uses such as unsustainable logging, subdivision and development.

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2 Transfers Expand Redwood National Park

We made significant steps forward in our 90-year history of protecting lands in the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor, a patchwork of private property surrounded by parks. The League transferred two properties to Redwood National Park. The 5.9-acre Berry Glen Trail Connection secures crucial wildlife habitat and important trail connections to the park’s two largest ancient redwood groves. The other property, a 4.7-acre meadow, attracts elk herds and the tourists who love to watch them.

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Major Milestones for Conserving Mailliard Ranch

Mailliard Ranch is the largest remaining redwood property still in family hands in the entire coast redwood range. League donors nearly closed the gap for the first phase of the project to protect the ranch’s west and middle portions (totaling 11,000 acres), thanks to a match from Justin Faggioli and Sandra Donnell, League Board Chair and Councilor respectively. The conservation easement that the League is working to acquire across this inspiring 15,000-acre ranch is the ideal tool for protecting this redwood forest at a transformative scale.

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Groundbreaking Science for Forest Conservation

Save the Redwoods League funds research to understand how to best protect redwood forests. Researchers submitted the results of two studies: a promising new restoration method and a project that helps protect groves from foot traffic. Our researchers also began a begin study of Mariposa Grove giant sequoias.

Restore | Annual Report 2017


Restore: Save the Redwoods League accomplishments in 2017 to set young redwood forests on a trajectory to become the old-growth wonderlands for future generations.