Calling all Redwood Volunteers

Pacific Trillium
Pacific Trillium

As a science-based conservation organization we are always looking at the latest redwood research to help guide our efforts to protect, restore, and connect people to these magnificent forests. Our citizen science projects are one way we engage the general public in our work to get a better picture of what is happening in the redwoods.

The League has been tracking phenology in our redwood forests for the past couple years. Through our Redwood Phenology Project, developed in partnership with the East Bay Regional Park District, we are collecting data on how our redwood forest plants are changing with climate.

Dedicated volunteers and local students have walked the trails in the redwoods observing the phenophases of California bay laurel, coast live oak, and Pacific trillium. Are there young leaves? Are flowers blooming? Are fruits forming? Our citizen scientists answer these questions on a datasheet, and that data gets entered into a national database.

Want to help with our phenology project? Join us for a training on Friday, July 13th from 9:30-11:30am at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland.

For more information email our Education Manager at

We look forward to seeing you in the forest!

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Deborah joined the League's staff in 2013 as the Education & Interpretation Manager. She brings with her extensive experience teaching science, developing curriculum and connecting kids to the natural world.

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