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You may see a red-breasted nuthatch at Memorial Park this Saturday!
You may see a red-breasted nuthatch at Memorial Park this Saturday!

Join us this Saturday, September 27 as we walk the trails of Memorial Park discovering everything this amazing redwood forest has to offer. The League is partnering with San Mateo County Parks, the California Academy of Science and Sequoia Audubon for a Memorial Park Bioblitz. As part of the 90th anniversary celebration of San Mateo County Parks, we want to find out how many plants and animals call this park home.

A bioblitz is when a group of scientists, naturalists and volunteers work together to conduct a biological survey of an area, trying to record all the species that live there. Having the general public help with biological surveys is a growing trend in science. These “citizen scientists” contribute hundreds of hours of valuable data to research projects which scientists would not have time to collect. A recent study from Cornell University shows that 77% of bird and climate change studies use citizen science. Your help really makes a difference!

A recent bioblitz throughout the Golden Gate National Recreation Area resulted in over 1,500 species documented through more than 11,500 observations. These observations are recorded by photographs taken on smart phones and uploaded to crowd-sourcing website

The League has our own citizen science projects, Redwood Watch and Fern Watch. We rely on volunteer naturalists (like you!) to help us document the current distribution of redwood trees and other redwood forest organisms. Once we have a better idea of where they are today, we can monitor their distribution over time to see how these species are responding to a changing climate.

So this Saturday, become a citizen scientist and join us at Memorial Park as we look for animals and insects, listen to the birds and photograph the plants in this beautiful redwood forest.

Register for the event on our iNaturalist page and we will see you amongst the redwoods!

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