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This Land Is Your Land
by Save the Redwoods League

You are the proud owner of over 250 million acres of land (external link) — majestic redwoods, breath-taking beaches, and erupting volcanoes. Over 100 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt Jr. signed into action the Antiquities Act which paved way for the protection of the beautiful valleys and mountain tops of our national monuments.

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A Scenic Drive through the Avenue of the Giants
by Patricia VanEyll

My husband and I are constantly seeking new experiences to enjoy together, so we decided to take a long weekend to explore Eureka, in northern California. Even though we were in the midst of a weeks-long deluge with dams straining against their impediments, we were not to be deterred. We were even more determined when we learned that Eureka has a huge number of Victorian homes, which happen to be another one of our fascinations. When we mentioned to one of our friends that we were going to be exploring the redwoods and the Victorians in the Eureka area, she told us that we couldn’t miss the Avenue of the Giants or the Carson Mansion.

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Avenue of the Giants

150 Years of Saving the Giant Sequoia
by Sam Hodder

The effort to save the giant sequoia groves of California began over 150 years ago. Last week, we were reminded that job is never done.

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The George Bush Tree. Photo by Don Barrett, Flickr Creative Commons

Student Perspectives: Hey YOU! Help Everyone Get Access to the REDWOODS!
by Save the Redwoods League

The redwood parks are for everyone, no matter their race or ethnicity. But a lot of people do not get a chance to experience these beautiful and wonderful parks. Here is what you can do to help everyone get access to redwood parks today.

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California's state parks have so much to offer, yet are underutilized. Pictured is Humboldt Redwoods SP, where League supporters have protected 50,000 acres.

A Grove of Creativity
by Natalie Mottley

We have gathered in Butano State Park for the dedication of the Betsy and Larry Alver Family Grove and are observing a moment of silence. When we are truly quiet, Betsy asks, what do we hear?

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The Betsy and Larry Alver Grove Dedication

Executive Order Threatens National Monuments
by Sam Hodder

With the Trump administration passing its first 100-day mark, there came a whirlwind of commentary about how those first 100 days stacked up. Given that the 100-day measure coincided with Earth Day, the March for Science, Arbor Day, and the Climate March, much of the attention focused on the new administration’s stance on the environment. Last week, at the confluence of these events, the administration released an executive order, revealing a great deal about its perspective on the purpose and value of our public lands.

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Giant sequoias are some of the world's largest trees.

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