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What Does the UN’s Report on Massive Species Extinction Rates Mean for the Redwoods?
by Sam Hodder

In the most comprehensive assessment of its kind, the United Nations (UN) paints a bleak picture of the global response to climate change, describing a future in which 1 million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction — unless we make transformative changes now.

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Only 68% of the global forest area exists today

Check out the New, Special Edition of Redwoods Magazine
by Jennifer Benito-Kowalski

You’re invited to read our Climate Change Edition of Redwoods magazine that’s online now. What does the latest research reveal about how redwoods are faring as the climate changes? How can today’s youths become tomorrow’s climate champions? Where can I find ways to play in urban redwoods oases?

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Redwoods Magazine Spring 2019

Discovering the Climate Change Resilience of Coast Redwood Forests
by Save the Redwoods League

After a decade studying the impacts of climate change throughout redwood forests, Emily Burns, PhD, and Stephen Sillett, PhD, share new insight into how coast redwood trees are growing today. See the remarkable new findings about second-growth forests.

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Stephen Sillett ventures into the redwood canopy

Apply Now: Education Grants Available
by Deborah Zierten

Save the Redwoods League is accepting applications for our Education Grants Program for the 2019-2020 school year. A single school field trip or outdoor family experience can have a lasting impact on youth at any age. That is why the League makes it a priority to connect youth to the redwoods, so they can experience and study these awe-inspiring forests.

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Wilderness Arts and Literacy Collaborative

Newts: Charismatic Creatures of the Redwood Forest
by Adrianna Andreucci

If you decide to venture into the redwoods on a rainy day, you may be rewarded with the pleasure of crossing paths with one of the redwood forest’s most charismatic creatures – newts! There are three species of newts that can be found in the coast redwood forest, and they love to make an appearance during wet weather.

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The red-bellied newt (Taricha rivularis)

12 Ways to Make the Most of Summer in the Redwoods
by Kelsey Piras

Summer is nearly here, with its long, golden days beckoning us outdoors for warm-weather adventures. Don’t let fall sneak up on you without making the most of this sunshiny season! Here are 12 ways to make the most of summertime in the redwoods.

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Big River, Mendocino Headlands State Park

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