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All proceeds benefit the public access planning for two redwood properties recently protected: Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve, 730 acres of pristine coast redwood forest that features the tallest and biggest ancient redwoods in Sonoma County, and Alder Creek, a spectacular 530-acre property that boasts hundreds of giant sequoia.

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Redwood Adventures Live Auction

Redwood Stool by K Design

Redwood Stool by K Design

Big Sur, California
This redwood stool, designed by Save the Redwoods League supporter John Kraznekewicz, was hand-crafted by an artisan woodworker in Big Sur, California. John founded his design studio, K Sur, out of the barn on his ranch on the Big Sur coast with the intention of creating timeless furniture that embodies the strength, beauty, and dynamism of nature. The wood for this one-of-its-kind stool was sourced from an old water tank on the ranch that had been constructed out of old-grown redwood. It is meant to be viewed both as a sculpture and as a comfortable, functional piece of furniture built to last for generations.

K-Sur is an idea that was founded on the coast of Big Sur. It started when a father and son went down to the barn to build and create art. After years of experimenting and playing with wood, they have produced rich natural designs that are a reflection of the simplicity and essence of the place where the mountains meet the sea. Furniture and art created forever that engender calm and grace.
All the pieces were designed and are built in the art barn on a coastal ranch in the heart of Big Sur. Each piece is meant to be viewed like a sculpture but also to provide the comfort and function of sitting and lounging. They are built by hand by craftsmen and are built to last for generations. Our pieces are meant to be a graceful part of a family or a special place that resonate the beauty of nature.

Photograph by Scott Chieffo

Photograph by Scott Chieffo

Photographic Print 

Bring the awe-inspiring beauty of the redwoods into your home with this print from photographer Scott Chieffo. Scott’s work celebrates the beauty of wild landscapes, with a particular focus on Northern California and the redwoods. This stunning image is beautifully framed and ready to be hung in your home or office to be enjoyed for years to come.    

More about the artist:
In the nearly 20 years that Scott has been living on the Southern Mendocino County Coast, he has developed an intimate photographic relationship with its unique landscape. His images capture the subtle beauty of the coast and forests with a highly unique, “painterly” style that emphasizes the quiet solitude of these landscapes. 

Scott exhibits work regularly at the Mendocino Coast Photography Gallery in Fort Bragg, the Artist’s Collective in Elk, the Gualala Arts Center, and in various regional venues. His images taken within the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands were used in the public relations effort to eventually have that area added as the first mainland-based unit of the California Coastal National Monument in 2014. He currently manages the Gualala Arts Center. You can view more of his work at

“When I go into the field, I rarely carry any strongly preconceived ideas about subject matter for my images. I study the light, as it falls on the landscape, and look for ways in which it may bring out the hidden beauty around me. When things are going well, I literally enter a meditative state of mind, which allows me to create images that communicate the subtle emotions aroused by the scene surrounding me.”

Giant Sequoias by Tom Killion

“Giant Sequoias” by Tom Killion

Woodcut Print

Make this colorful multi-block woodcut of “Giant Sequoias,” created Tom Killion, the newest addition to your art collection. Killion is internationally known for printmaking, linocut, woodcut and letterpress techniques and the subject matter of his artwork is often the landscapes of Northern California.

This large format limited edition print is number 3 of 95, signed and mounted in a custom cherrywood frame created by the artist. Tom completed the sketch for this work in 2007 while camping in Giant Forest with California State Parks Director Armando Quintero and family and printed this edition in May 2020. 

More about the artist:
Tom was born and raised in Mill Valley, California, on the slopes of Mt. Tamalpais. The rugged scenery of Marin County and Northern California inspired him from an early age to create landscape prints using linoleum and wood, strongly influenced by the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-ë style of Hokusai and Hiroshige. 
He studied History at UC Santa Cruz, where he was introduced to fine book printing by William Everson and Jack Stauffacher. In 1975, he produced his first illustrated book on UCSC’s Cowell Press. 

Tom taught in the Humanities Department at San Francisco State University while he worked on a new hand-printed, large-format book, “The High Sierra of California” in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder. In 2008 Tom and Gary published a second collaboration, “Tamalpais Walking,” and in 2015 his third collaboration with Snyder and Heyday Books, “California’s Wild Edge: The Coast in Poetry, History and Prints.” Killion is currently working on landscape prints including treescapes, coastal and mountain views. His studio is located on Inverness Ridge near Point Reyes, California. You can view more of his work at

Harold Richardson Redwood Retreat

Harold Richardson Redwood Retreat

Cazadero, CA
Options available: 2 nights/10 guests or 2 nights/2 guests

Escape to a hidden wonder that has remained largely untouched for thousands of years— 730 acres of pristine redwood forest known as Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve. These are the tallest and biggest ancient redwoods in Sonoma County, rising as high as a 32-story building from a lush, magical forest understory rich with wildlife, .

The McApin Tree, the oldest known coast redwood south of Humboldt County and estimated to be 1,640 years old, is the center attraction in this forest, surrounded by other ancient giants and younger healthy trees. Protected by the League in 2018, this ancient grove has yet to open to the public. You and your guests will be among the first to experience a truly wild place, while at the same time enjoy the creature comforts of home in your private glamping tent featuring a queen size bed, the finest linens, luxury showers and bathrooms, and meals prepared on site by our master gourmet chef.

You’ll team up with the League’s forestry experts and scientists for a private tour of the redwood forest, the meadows, and the riparian areas, including a hidden waterfall in the most remote corner of the property, and learn about the League’s plans for public access so that others can experience the beauty and grandeur of this remarkable place.

And you’ll encounter special surprises back at camp: perhaps winetasting featuring the fine wines from the nearby Anderson Valley, or a single malt scotch tasting, or given the proximity to the coast, oyster shucking provided by a local purveyor of these delicacies of the sea—get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. But it is the redwoods that you will remember the most. As John Steinbeck once said, “The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark that stays with you… from them comes silence and awe.”

Alder Creek Grove Campout

Alder Creek Grove Campout

Springville, CA
Options available: 2 nights/10 guests or 2 nights/2 guests

Recharge your spirit and immerse yourself in the unparalleled natural beauty of the crown jewel of Giant Sequoia National Monument: Alder Creek. This magnificent grove of giant sequoia was the largest remaining privately owned giant sequoia forest in the world before it was protected by Save the Redwoods League in 2019.

The spectacular 530-acre preserve is home to hundreds of ancient giant sequoias, 480 of which are six feet or larger in diameter, and the Stagg Tree, believed to be the fifth-largest tree in the world. Giant sequoia are some of the oldest and largest living things on Earth and are only found on the western slopes of California’s Sierra Nevada. 

You and your guests will be among the first to experience this remote forest of giants, but you won’t compromise on comfort: your private glamping tent features a queen size bed with fine linens, and luxury showers and bathrooms are nearby. You’ll enjoy gourmet meals prepared on site by our master chef under the towering giant sequoia with views of the Sierra Nevada as far as the eye can see.

You will be led on guided hikes by League experts and learn about this unique forest ecosystem and the League’s plans for opening the property to the public so that everyone can experience the beauty and grandeur of this remarkable place.

Evenings by the campfire will offer incredible views of the night sky while you enjoy fine wines or perhaps a digestif, or maybe hot cocoa and cookies! You decide how you want to enjoy this time with your guests. One thing is certain: you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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