Take Annual Report Survey, Win Calendar

Take our 2014 Annual Report survey for a chance to win a 2015 redwoods calendar.
Take our 2014 Annual Report survey for a chance to win a 2015 redwoods calendar.

Annual Report 2014 shows how your support has made our work possible. You’ll also see a section showing the impact of your League support and how your gifts protect redwood forestland, clean water, wildlife, recreation and scenery. Tell us what you think of this report in a short survey, and if you are among the first 100 respondents, you will win our exclusive 2015 redwoods calendar! Take the survey now!

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A generous bequest resulted in the League's support of the new visitor center at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. You can plan a trip to this redwood park.

Members’ Generosity Helps Open New Calaveras Visitor Center


Now James and Carmen Hickling’s love for Calaveras Big Trees lives on through a generous bequest, which supported construction of the park’s new visitor center. The center hosted a grand opening last Memorial Day. This new center honors the legacy of those who preserved these groves in the past, and tells the story of the giant sequoias.

Many of the most magnificent redwood parks and reserves you and generations of Americans have enjoyed, including Redwood National Park pictured above, have been partially funded by the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Photo by David Baselt, redwoodhikes.com

Tell Congress You Support Funding for Land and Water Conservation


For 50 years, LWCF has provided critical funding for land and water conservation projects, outdoor recreation access and the continued preservation of our nation’s historic, cultural and iconic landmarks.

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