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More Screenings of Films about State Parks

Photo by Save the Redwoods League
Photo by Save the Redwoods League

Keep up on the effort to save many California State Parks, including redwood parks, from closure by viewing The First 70, a short film about Californians uniting to develop solutions to the parks crisis. Another film, California Forever, The Story of California State Parks, is a documentary celebrating California’s state parks (see the trailer). See where The First 70 and California Forever are showing this month.

Photo by Save the Redwoods League

Parks Facing Closure: Pros, Cons of Remoteness


See the short transcript of a public radio interview in which League Executive Director Ruskin K. Hartley discusses Northern California state redwood parks facing closure. The California Report airing on Mondays this month explores the California State Parks budget crisis. Learn more about this coverage. See stations and airtimes.

Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park is among the parks on the closure list that we need your help to keep open for all to enjoy. Photo by pellaea, Flickr Creative Commons

You Can Help Keep Parks on Closure List Running


For generations, visitors have relished the seclusion of the ancient redwood forest and the swimmer’s delight, the Van Duzen River, in Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park. The park’s skyscraping trees are so stunning that they are featured in the film, Return of the Jedi. Grizzly Creek was among 16 redwood state parks scheduled to close this summer because of devastating state budget cuts. But now Save the Redwoods League is partnering to keep Grizzly Creek and Hendy Woods open for the next year. See how you can help.

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