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New Redwoods Video: See League scientists in SP Taylor State Park

Credit: California State Parks Foundation
Credit: California State Parks Foundation

A new video (below), “California’s Redwood State Parks, Nature’s Cathedrals” features two scientists of the Save the Redwoods League Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative.

The scientists, Healy Hamilton and Todd Dawson, stroll in Samuel P. Taylor State Park and talk about the value of redwood parks. The park was on the closure list because of state budget cuts, but the National Park Service will operate the park for at least the next year.

A League partner, California State Parks Foundation, produced the video as part of The Magnificent 70. This project celebrates the 70 California state parks that are slated to close and reminds viewers what will be lost if they are shuttered.

New Law to Benefit State Parks on Closure List


A new California law allows nonprofit organizations to help operate state parks that might otherwise close because of budget cuts. Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 42 this month. The law could help 14 state redwood parks slated to close by July 1, 2012. Meanwhile, Save the Redwoods League is developing plans to help state redwood parks. Also, the National Parks service will keep two redwood parks on the closure list open.

Next Steps for Redwoods as Parks Closures Loom


As you may know, more than a dozen redwood state parks are to close this summer because of devastating government budget cuts. Most of these extraordinary places were protected with the support of generations of Save the Redwoods League members. We are working on ways to continue to secure these forests. Recently, our Executive Director testified before state lawmakers about the crisis. See what he said about where we go from here.

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