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Discover 93 Redwood Parks on Our New Map

Discover redwoods with the Save the Redwoods League Redwood Parks Finder interactive map!Just in time for summer: You can plan a visit to the 93 redwood parks on our new and improved interactive map of coast redwood and giant sequoia regions. Discover hidden gems, must-see features, events, wheelchair-accessible trails, dog-friendly parks … and more!

Discover your redwoods parks! We’d love your feedback on the new map — please email your thoughts to

League donors’ gifts forever protect Westfall Ranch’s beautiful forest and meadows, which buffer Headwaters Forest Reserve, home of an ancient redwood forest. Photo by Mike Shoys

Westfall Ranch SAVED!


Westfall Ranch is now permanently protected! More than 3,100 members of Save the Redwoods League supported the purchase of these 77 acres bordering Headwaters Forest Reserve to restore and connect more people to this magnificent part of the coast redwood range.

Learn more about Westfall Ranch!

Jays’ Appetite for Human Food Threatens Murrelets


A five-year study led by Elena West and Zachariah Peery from the University of Wisconsin, sponsored by Save the Redwoods League and other organizations, has proven that Steller’s jays’ appetite for human food is a major problem.

See the video and find out why.

2 Responses to “Discover 93 Redwood Parks on Our New Map”

  1. Avatar

    Save the Redwoods League

    Thanks John so much for the feedback and for checking out the new map. When you use your mouse to hover over a tree icon on the map, a small box with the park name and description should pop-up. Feel free to email if this feature isn’t working for you so that we can be sure the map is working as it should. Thanks again!

  2. Avatar

    John Spencer

    The new map is great EXCEPT you need to be able to click on a tree and be told the park name and where it is located. Also type of access for the park would be nice. An example is the lone tree near freeway 80. I assume that is the small redwood grove in Placer county however I don’t know its name or how to get there.


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