Stand for the Redwoods

Save the Redwoods League is turning 100 years old in 2018! We invite you to share why you stand for the redwoods, as well as your dreams for the forest’s next 100 years.

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Here’s what a few of our Redwood Legacy Circle members have to say on the eve of our Centennial. These members have generously named the League in their wills or trusts.

Photo by Paolo Vescia
Photo by Paolo Vescia

Why I Stand for the Redwoods

California redwoods are something to behold. Sheer awe. It’s the most healing experience you can find.
It just makes you tingle.
— Ed Gilbert

Redwoods make people feel centered and connected to the planet. The length of time they’ve been standing — they are a testament to the past.
— Rose Marie Cleese

My Dreams for the Redwood Forest’s Next 100 Years

I hope for significant restoration of the redwood forest throughout Northern California. I hope for places where people can go and have the serenity and solitude that they seek.
— Candace Walker

I would like to think that if you come back to the ancient forest 100 years from now, it’ll look and feel just like this.
— Mary Topliff