Summer Bulletin ’17

Ancient titans stand tall in Prairie Creek Redwoods, part of Redwood National and State Parks. Learn how we’re bringing back giants through the initiative called Redwoods Rising. Photo by Max Forster
Dear Save the Redwoods League Friends,

Although ancient redwood forests dominated our continent’s west coast for over 20 million years, it took fewer than 150 years to cut down 95 percent of them. And while Save the Redwoods League and our partners have worked tirelessly to save what remains of these old-growth forests for the last 99 years, we are preparing for a new challenge toward that same mission of protecting the redwoods: restoring the forest we have lost.

Two projects covered in this Bulletin — Redwoods Rising, our collaborative effort to restore the young, recovering redwood forests in Redwood National and State Parks, and Stewarts Point — are significant steps toward growing the old-growth forests of the future. These efforts foreshadow our vision for our second century of conservation leadership to set thousands of acres of young redwood forest on an accelerated trajectory toward old-growth form and function, reclaiming the grandeur that once graced the California coast, providing resilient habitat for imperiled plants and animals, storing vast quantities of carbon, and creating new redwood parks to inspire future generations.

With the challenges facing our natural lands, including changing climate, changing land management, and changing political decisions, the caretakers of the redwood forest — the League, our members and our partners — are ready to step up to a new level of responsibility and set in motion the forests for our future.

Sam Hodder
President and CEO

Redwoods Rising

Regaining the Magnificence of the Coast Redwood Heartland
Together with our conservation partners, we are taking action to put the redwood homeland back on the path to vibrance and vitality. We call this collaboration Redwoods Rising, and we are focusing our efforts in and around Redwood National and State Parks. We will acquire land near established parks, connect preserves, heal damaged forests, and expand opportunities for visitors to the redwoods. We have the opportunity to create the redwood forest of the future, a forest of giants rising from the coastal mists of the historic range of Sequoia sempervirens. Read the full story.


Honoring a Scientist and Leader

Forest geneticist Dr. William Libby, a longtime volunteer leader for Save the Redwoods League, recalls the night in 1951 when he chose the path for his life’s work. He was serving the US Forest Service as a firefighter in Idaho. Read the full story.


Permanent Protection for Dramatic Forest

Along the rugged Sonoma County coast, the magnificent 870-acre Stewarts Point property features redwood and Douglas-fir forest, beautiful grasslands, dramatic coastline and the sparkling South Fork of the Gualala River. In 2010, with the help of donors and partners, Save the Redwoods League purchased the Stewarts Point property to stave off development and find a long-term conservation solution. It was the first step to protect this land from potential subdivision and extensive logging and to provide future public access. This year, the League took major steps to further protect, restore and connect people to Stewarts Point. Read the full story and see two videos.


Be a Guardian of the Redwood Forest

Save the Redwoods League was created by a visionary group of early conservationists who put a stop to unrestrained logging of ancient trees. Today, their legacy lives on among our members — people like you.

Just as redwoods grow in circles, we are nurturing a close community of people with a common stake in protecting our shared natural resources. Your generosity has a direct impact on the League’s ability to protect and restore the redwood forest. We invite you to make a gift to Save the Redwoods League today. See all the ways you can give.


Leave a Long-Lasting Legacy

Because you value the redwoods for their beauty, tranquility and the essential role they play in your life, we invite you to affirm that commitment by including Save the Redwoods League in your will or trust. In doing so, you will have an impact that lasts forever. Since our founding in 1918, Save the Redwoods League has pursued a long-term vision to protect and restore redwood forests. Legacy gifts allow us to extend that vision into the future, ensuring that our magnificent forests are protected for generations to come — for your loved ones and for all those who follow.
Learn more about leaving a legacy gift.


League Announcements

Find Your Activities in 93 Redwood Parks!

Plan your summer trips today by ordering your free Discover California Redwood Parks brochure! You’ll see 93 coast redwood and giant sequoia parks and what to do there. Order your brochure by emailing [email protected], or call 888-836-0005. In addition, now you can search our Discover Redwood Parks Interactive Map by 17 activities and features.

New Booklets for Kids!

With our new, free coast redwoods and giant sequoia booklets, you can teach the children in your life about the plants, animals and people of the redwood forest from past to present.

Get yours in English or Spanish as a download at, or order paper copies in bulk by calling 888-836-0005 or emailing [email protected].