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Learn how we bring people together to protect forests and how you can help.

Unfortunately, today the work needed to protect redwood forests is harder and more complex than ever before. Among other challenges, redwood forests already protected in state and national parks face threats such as devastating government budget cuts.

With this challenge and others before us, we are at risk of losing these magical places forever.

Save the Redwoods League has been protecting redwood lands for 100 years. We’re the only organization with the type of comprehensive approach needed to ensure that forests that take one thousand years to grow will be here for another thousand years.

We partner with a range of organizations to protect the redwood forest forever.

Learn more about how your League gifts support California Redwood State Parks.

How Do the Redwoods Inspire You?

Cool times 25,000,” “awesome,” “fun,” “really beautiful,” “in my heart, I feel peace” and “the thought of them brings an amazing feeling to my soul,” are among the ways kids and adults describe the redwoods and how the trees make them feel — see redwood forest supporters in our Redwood Inspirations videos below. Be sure to tell us how the redwoods inspire you!

2 Responses to “Uniting Redwoods Champions”

  1. Anne Seeley

    Hello! I am a member of the Sonoma County Water Coalition and have been interested in the intersection between water quality and availability and restoration of Redwood forests for some time. Our focus is also on reducing Climate Change while restoring forests. We have learned about the effectiveness of large redwoods in removing CO2 from the atmosphere. We as a group would like to be active in restoring redwood forests in Sonoma County. As you are an established, effective organization, we’ve considered that helping pull together funding for redwoods in Sonoma County would be the most effective way to do this. Please offer your thoughts about how we can work with you to popularize redwood forest restoration and new planting in Sonoma County. Thank you!

  2. Tasara

    The Redwoods are my spiritual center. I visit them as often as I can, usually every year. I can camp alone in the Redwoods for only three days and experience deep healing and transformation that I bring back with me to the city where I work. But I usually stay longer. Someday, I hope to live closer so it only takes one day instead of two to get there.

    I also take video of the Redwoods and put effects on them to make evocative experiences. I hope to share their spirit with those that don’t get a chance to go down there.


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