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Free Redwoods Days

Visitors to California's national parks bring a big boost to the local economy. Photo by Paolo Vescia.
Save the Redwoods League has developed partnerships to encourage people to explore and enjoy California’s most spectacular landscapes.

California’s parks provide unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreation. Spending time outdoors relieves stress, boosts creativity and imagination, and reinvigorates the mind while promoting active, healthy lifestyles. These benefits can be magnified by spending time with family and friends, strengthening the bonds between us and nature. By offering free day-use park passes, we hope to initiate thousands of new visits to our parks, inspire a love of nature, and establish a strong conservation ethic across diverse generations and communities.

Redwoods Friday

Save the Redwoods League is sponsoring free admission to California Redwoods State Parks on November 24, 2017, aka Black Friday and the day after Thanksgiving. Photo by Roy E. Williams II
Redwoods Friday is a Black Friday alternative that encourages families and friends to connect with California’s beautiful outdoors for the first time or to rekindle their love for it by providing thousands of free day-use vehicle passes to more than 40 participating redwood state parks. Funding for the program is supported by the generous members and donors of Save the Redwoods League. Learn More