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Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor:
Orick Mill Project

You can heal a wonder known worldwide.

You can help restore the site of a former lumber mill as a meadowland home for the largest of North America’s four elk species and as an addition to the parks.

January 8, 2014: Your generous gifts enabled Save the Redwoods League to begin returning the site of a former redwood lumber mill to nature. Concrete removal is underway at the 125-acre Orick Mill Site, which you helped us buy last year.

Orick Mill Restoration Gallery

This place in California's rugged northwestern corner lies in the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor, the southern gateway into Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP), home to 45 percent of the world's magnificent old-growth redwood forest and the tallest trees in the world. Here you'll find mighty Roosevelt elk, black bears, bobcats, mountain lions, the federally listed northern spotted owl and the federally and state listed marbled murrelet.

You and other dedicated League members have been protecting these treasures since 1923, securing pristine streams, homes for threatened wildlife and wonders for the public's enjoyment. Our work is not done.

At the confluence of Prairie Creek and Redwood Creek, the Orick Mill Site separates the two largest and most magnificent RNSP old-growth redwood groves. We have been waiting for decades to

  • restore meadows and wetlands to provide critical elk pastures. Animals are starting to reclaim the site, crossing the concrete.
  • reconnect the surrounding ancient redwood groves
  • restore Prairie and Redwood Creeks to benefit imperiled coho salmon
  • and work with the community to create a welcoming gateway to RNSP

"Here we can tie together two sections of old-growth forest by restoring the middle, and tie together communities and agencies that have at times been at odds," said Jeff Denny, National Park Service Ranger. "We can work side by side with the tribes. This project gives us the chance to bring land and people back together."

You Can Return This Land to Nature

You can make the difference for this special place and others like it to ensure that the redwood forest continues to heal and thrive.

With your support, the League will develop and implement a management plan, continue restoration and engage the community in showcasing the natural and historical values of the area.

One day, you'll be able to take satisfaction as part of the team that returned this land to the elk and ancient redwood forest.

Please make a generous donation today to the Orick Mill project through our secure site or by calling (888) 836-0005.

Your Support Returned a Bridge to the Redwoods

Thanks to your gifts, California State Parks reinstalled a seasonal bridge across the Eel River, restoring visitor access for the first time in three years to 61 stunning redwoods campsites at Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area. The bridge also allows access to the giant Standish tree, miles of forest trails, a sparkling swimming hole and day-use parking. The bridge and campground are open, so go enjoy the magnificent redwoods at Standish-Hickey and know that you made a difference here. Thank you!

Grove of the Old Trees

HIGHLIGHTS: Grove of the Old Trees is an accessible, stunning 28-acre redwood stand on a ridgetop in Occidental.

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