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Visitor hiking in redwood forest

California voters to decide on $10 billion climate bond


While question marks remain around the November election, one thing is certain: Californians will have the chance to vote on a historic $10 billion climate resilience bond—now referred to as Prop 4—which the state legislature approved on July 3. As …

A group of Asian Pacific American schoolchildren climb on the base of a large redwood

How Redwood Rides helps close the nature gap


On a Wednesday morning in June, a bus pulled into the campground at Samuel P. Taylor State Park, a 2,882-acre expanse of redwood trees, oak-dotted grasslands, and chaparral in west Marin County. Out shuffled 22 kids, accompanied by three young …

A large brown sign reads "Sue-meg State Park" in yellow letters with a small "campground full" sign above

The power of reclaiming Indigenous place names


In a deep voice, Yurok Tribal chairman Joseph James began a traditional song. ‘O Rew, the Yurok name for the surrounding land, was about to make history. That day, Save the Redwoods League, Redwood National and State Parks, and the …

Yosemite cabins: Getaways to the giant sequoias


For those who long to wake up and head out for a hike among towering giant sequoias (and who doesn’t?), Yosemite is an evergreen dream come true. The national park is home to three unique groves of giant sequoias—Mariposa Grove, …

A group of people pose for a photo in a photobooth

Redwood fans unite for “Take Me to the Trees” celebration


As the fog rolled in over San Francisco, nearly 300 guests arrived at the Presidio dressed in fabulous shiny puffers and handknit beanies—a fashionable nod to their shared love for the outdoors. They had come for Save the Redwoods League’s …

Two climbers wearing hard hats shimmy up ropes along the trunk of a massive giant sequoia

First climb of General Sherman Tree reveals health status


You could say the General Sherman Tree was overdue for a physical—by at least 2,000 years. The iconic giant sequoia, which stands in California’s Sequoia National Park, is the largest living tree on the planet and has withstood two millennia …

A close up selfie of a young man of Yurok heritage with a goatee wearing a yellow construction hat, orange Redwoods Rising hoodie, red vest with a camelback attachment standing in a redwoods forest.

League podcast explores jobs in the redwood forest


Ever spent your day staring at a computer screen and wondered, “What it would be like to work outside in a redwood forest instead?” Season 4 of the League’s acclaimed podcast I’ll Go If You Go explores this question, delving …

A man in a state parks uniform leads a group of young people in a dance

Which California State Parks Week activity will you choose?


Will you hike through the redwood forest by starlight? Try out Qi Gong or forest bathing? Participate in a beach cleanup or a bioblitz? Whatever you fancy, there’s a fun way to participate in the third annual California State Parks …

Rosie Clayburn stands in front of a restored pond and looks into the distance

Yurok leader offers insight on landmark project at ‘O Rew  


Rosie Clayburn is a dynamic leader with the Yurok Tribe of Northern California, the state’s largest Indigenous tribe. As the Yurok Tribal Heritage Preservation Officer and Cultural Resources Director, she advises on everything from land acquisition to the protection of …

Crew members in hard hats carrying large bags plant seedlings up a barren slope with sequoias in the background

Biden and Newsom make big conservation announcements


As Earth Month comes to a close and Spring takes hold in earnest across the redwood range, let’s take stock of some recent conservation policy announcements.    Just in the last few weeks, we’ve seen the Biden Administration announce a brand …

Giant sequoias

Follow the money…to your favorite redwood forest


Spectacular. Breathtaking. Transcendent. These are the phrases people often utter while exploring an ancient grove of giant sequoias or a lush swath of second-growth coast redwoods. It’s the rare visitor who gazes at the sun-dappled splendor of a redwood forest …

Bright blue water travels through underground roots and up the trunk of a redwood tree in this animation of water transportation in the redwoods

New documentary reveals secrets of California redwoods


They only had to wait a few thousand years, but the redwoods are finally getting their moment in the cinematic spotlight. California’s big trees are the stars of Giants Rising, a new feature-length documentary that will make its Bay Area …

people crossing wooden bridge down trail in redwood forest

Rocky Ridge expands stunning Mendocino redwood park


They say good things come to those who wait. Case in point: Rocky Ridge, the first League-conserved property to be added to California State Parks in well over a decade. Last month, the state park system formally accepted ownership of …

a woman wearing a red rain poncho smiles as she prepares to plant a redwood sapling

Earth Day and beyond: 9 ways to honor nature


Earth Day has been around since 1970, but there’s never been a more important time to recognize the irreplaceable beauty of the outdoors and the power of nature-based solutions to climate change. On April 22, Earth Day events and initiatives …

A child sits on the floor of a redwood forest

Redwoods transcend barriers of autism


My son Donovan (shown in the video above) was three when we received his autism diagnosis. Up to that point, we had already faced challenges of raising a child on the spectrum, including his dismissal from two preschools. When we …

A diverse group of young people pose for a group photo in front of a large redwood tree

League announces 2024 Redwood Connect grantees 


Each year, Save the Redwoods League funds trips to the redwood forest for an incredible lineup of community and education organizations. Looking at our list of 2024 grantees, we can already envision how their outdoor programs could shape the lives …

colorful artwork of a redwood forest

Redwoods: A muse for artist’s captivating creations


We were living a perfect week: September in Sausalito. My friends and I traveled from Chicago in 2008 to participate as guest artists in the Sausalito Art Festival for the first time. We finished setting up on Wednesday evening. Over …

A nighttime photo of a wolf pack

How new wolves may affect the sequoia ecosystem


In a remarkable chance encounter hundreds of miles from any other known wolves, two of the canids recently found each other in Sequoia National Forest, where their kind has been absent since the 1920s. Researchers are studying how this breeding …

Beams of light illuminate a woman standing on a trail in the forest, looking at several huge redwoods

Let’s put a climate bond on the November 2024 ballot


League President and CEO Sam Hodder talks a little bit about what a climate bond could mean for the redwoods, as well as communities throughout California. It is critical that our legislators work to craft and pass a single climate …

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