A wide dirt trail runs along the bottom of the frame through a dense redwood forest. Dappled sunlight is on the ground.

Hikers are stoked about these 5 Bay Area redwood trails


Redwood forests are great places to connect with nature, friends, and family, especially over the holidays. Check out these highly rated hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area according to Bootjack Trail Loop Mount Tamalpais State Park / Muir …

Yurok Tribe members fishing with netting by a river.

Final approval secured for revitalizing major river through the redwoods


The Klamath is the second largest river in California, flowing 257 miles through Oregon and Northern California and emptying into the Pacific Ocean. There, it bisects the Yurok Reservation and Redwood National and State Parks, a World Heritage site that …

A person in a rain jacket walking a dog in the wet redwood forest

Delights of the rainy season in the redwoods


Recent showers have kicked off the rainy season in the coast redwood range, bringing fresh, earthy scents, the patter of drops on fronds and leaves, and the enchanting sights of waterfalls, newts, and fungi. It’s a great time to enjoy …

year in news video

A great year in the news for the League


The last fiscal year was one of great achievement for the League, and that put us in the news often. Here are the highlights of a year in the news. Be sure to view our online annual report for Fiscal …

inside climate news still

Video: Burning to save giant sequoia forests


Save the Redwoods League recently worked with Inside Climate News to tell the story of the dangers faced by California’s giant sequoia forests in a time of high-severity wildfire. League Forest Ecologist Linnea Hardlund features prominently in the video talking …

A path runs from the foreground to the background through a redwood grove

4 peaceful redwood groves in San Francisco


San Francisco lies within the coast redwood range, home to more than 100 redwood parks. In some of these parks live Earth’s tallest and among the oldest trees. If you’re visiting San Francisco and you don’t have time to travel to a redwood park, Golden Gate Park offers shady, peaceful groves. Although the following groves were planted and don’t contain the ancient giants of some redwood parks, these places are a great alternative to experience the look and feel of their wild counterparts outside city limits.

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