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Current Land Projects

We protect redwoods by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding lands and waterways needed to nurture these forests. Learn more about our current projects and recently completed acquisitions.

The ancient redwood forest of McApin Ranch has remained largely untouched for thousands of years. Photo by Mike Shoys

McApin Ranch

Nestled in the wooded hills along the Sonoma coast lies a hidden wonder that has remained largely untouched for thousands of years — 730 acres of pristine forest known as McApin Ranch. These are the tallest and biggest ancient redwoods outside parks in Sonoma County, rising as high as a 25-story building from a lush, magical forest rich with wildlife.

You can help remove this pavement to return this site to the surrounding forest. Photo by Paolo Vescia

Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor

We made significant steps forward in our 90-year history of protecting lands in the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor, a patchwork of private property surrounded by parks. The League transferred two properties to Redwood National Park. The 5.9-acre Berry Glen Trail Connection secures crucial wildlife habitat and important trail connections to the park’s two largest ancient redwood groves. The other property, a 2.5-acre parcel, attracts elk herds and the tourists who love to watch them.

Mailliard Ranch

Mailliard Ranch

Mailliard Ranch. is the largest undivided family-owned property in southern Mendocino County. Moreover, with nearly 12,000 acres of redwood and mixed conifer groves, including nearly 1,000 acres of towering old-growth redwood forest, it is the largest expanse of redwood forest still in private family hands in the coast range. Together, we met two major funding goals to protect the largest remaining family-owned redwood forest.

The Toumey Trail in Richardson Grove State Park crosses a corner of the Twin Trees forest. Photo by Mike Shoys

Twin Trees Forest

A walk among the hushed stands of 300-foot-tall ancient giants in Richardson Grove State Park is a sensory journey back in time. Many of the trees are more than 1,000 years old, and among the world’s tallest. To protect this jewel of a park from potential threats on a neighboring property called Twin Trees, Save the Redwoods League recently purchased a conservation easement from land owner Lost Coast Forestlands.

Stewarts Point.

Stewarts Point Stewardship Project

Nestled along the Sonoma County coast, the Stewarts Point Ranch property is blanketed with redwood and Douglas-fir forest, with a fringe of beautiful grasslands along its half-mile of coastline. Steelhead swim in the sparkling South Fork of the Gualala River, which runs the length of the eastern border.