Realizing our bold, new vision for the future of redwood forests requires the League to advocate for policy and legislation that will help us succeed in the next 100 years.

For 100 years, Save the Redwoods League has worked to protect true wonders of the world: California’s coast redwood and giant sequoia forests. The redwood forests are home to the tallest and largest trees on the planet. These ancient forests store more carbon per acre than any other forest type in the world, and can play an outsized role in slowing climate change. They support rare and imperiled plant and animal species. And visitors to the redwoods have the opportunity to connect with a landscape unlike any other.

We almost lost these forests after the Gold Rush and the explosive demand for timber. Save the Redwoods League brought the forests back from the brink of extinction by buying and protecting ancient groves for future generations to experience.

Now, as we start our second century, the League is embarking on a Centennial Vision for Redwoods Conservation that will double the size of the protected redwood forests, put young forests on the path to becoming magnificent old-growth stands, and connect people to these magical places through magnificent parks.

Realizing this vision will require all of us who love the redwoods to get behind this ambitious effort. This is why Save the Redwoods League is doing more to advocate for policy and legislation that will help us succeed in the next 100 years. Join us in the following efforts to create the expansive, vibrant redwood forests for the future.

Policy and Legislation Issues

Big Basin State Park before it was devestated by wildfire.

Wildfire response and healthy forests

The League raised a call for action on an emergency bill crafted to respond to the immediate danger of wildfires and avert future catastrophes. But it never made it to the floor.

The Great American Outdoors Act passed!

Great American Outdoors Act

The recently passed Great American Outdoors Act provides the LWCF with funding in perpetuity, which may benefit a number of shovel-ready park improvement projects in the coast redwood and giant sequoia ranges.

Measures M and FF passed!

Funding Measures M & FF

The League and voters supported two important local funding measures on the November 2018 ballot for local and regional parks.

CA voters rejected Proposition 3 on the November ballot.

Prop 3, CA Water Bond

On November 6, 2018, California voters rejected Prop 3, California Water Bond.

Thank you California for voting No on Prop 6!

Prop 6, Gas Tax Repeal

On November 6, 2018, California voters confirmed we need the gas tax and voted NO on Prop 6.

Prop 68

Prop 68, Water Bond

Learn about the passage of the statewide park and water bond, Proposition 68: The Clean Water and Safe Parks Act, that was approved by voters in June.

Creek restoration in Redwood National and State Parks. Photo by Mike Shoys

Proposition 64

The League is working to ensure that funding from Prop. 64, California Adult Use of Marijuana Act, is directed to support redwood forest restoration activities.

LWCF helped make it possible for Save the Redwoods League to protect part of the Prairie Creek corridor and add the land to Redwood National Park. Photo by Max Forster

Land and Water Conservation Fund

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) will expire in September 2018. Learn more about how you can act now to save this important conservation tool.

Add your voice to keep our beloved monuments intact, including the pictured Giant Sequoia National Monument. Photo by William Croft

Protecting National Monuments

Since 2017, millions of Americans have spoken up in support of our public lands. However, the threat to our national monuments continues.

Marbled murrelet is listed as Endangered. Photo by Tim Lenz, Flickr Creative Commons

The Endangered Species Act

The League is working to prevent proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act that would undermine our ability to protect the biodiversity of the redwood forest.

You Can Help

Today, it takes a community including private landowners, parks, local communities, scientists and our supporters to safeguard redwood forests. Together, we protect redwood forests from threats such as unsustainable development; restore the forests we have lost; and connect people to these towering wonders of nature. With your help, we can leave the forests — and the world — in a better place than we found them.

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