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The Once and Future Forest: California’s Iconic Redwoods is a limited-edition commemorative Centennial book.

100 years of protecting redwood forests.


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Someone once said of moonstone that it’s like a light in the darkness, which we all need sometimes. It made me think of the light that Galadriel gives to Frodo, to be a light in dark places when all other lights go out. The light of stars, of hope and enduring spirit. Moonstone really does seem like it could be a vessel full of starlight, a conduit between earth and sky. 
Enchanted Winter collection coming Feb 9 at 5pm Pacific 🌲🌙
Casual Friday 📍Yokut and Tübatulabal lands
Autumn rain has begun at Humboldt Redwoods State Park 🍁🍂 It's a quiet and beautiful time to visit. Can you guess what type of tree is featured in this photo?
#Stand4Redwoods #CaliforniaStateParks #CAStateParks #HumboldtRedwoodsStatePark #HRSP #HRIA #HumboldtRedwoodsInterpretiveAssociation #Humboldt #HumboldtCounty #radwoodcoast #humboldtredwoods #fallcolors #AvenueoftheGiants #redwoods #californiaredwoods #California #optoutside #intotheredwoods #coastredwoods #sequoiasemperviren #getintonature
Buffalo Soldiers were African American U.S. Army soldiers, and they were also among the first National Park rangers. This photo was taken in 1899 in @yosemitenps (📍Me-Wuk land). Approximately 500 Buffalo Soldiers served in Yosemite and Sequoia National Park, and they were responsible for evicting poachers, extinguishing fires, and building some of the parks’ first trails and roads. We salute them today and every day. Learn more about the Buffalo Soldiers from our great partners @nationalparkservice (link in our bio) #VeteransDay 📷 courtesy of NPS
“I grew up in Humboldt amid the serenity of the redwoods, but my husband, a Vietnam veteran, didn’t. When we first met, he had such a debilitating case of post-traumatic stress disorder that he couldn’t step into a forest without being overcome with fear and anxiety. He carried this burden for many years.  Then, with his hesitant agreement, I took him into the redwoods, and we spent the night under the canopy. He felt the awe, beauty, and peace these forests provide. And for the first time since the war, his experience of the forest was not one of fear, but of healing and gratitude.” —Christa Lyons #ForeverForest #VeteransDay  📍Sinkyone land 
📷Elizabeth Achelis
We want and need more diverse representation in redwoods research! So we are offering research grants up to $5,000 for undergraduate and graduate students of color interested in research in coast redwood and giant sequoia forests. Through this program we hope to provide introductory opportunities for members of underrepresented communities to explore ideas in the redwood research space or potentially enhance the work of those who are already working in this space.  Topic areas can include any focus area in the environmental/ecological sciences or the social sciences, as long as the proposal has some connection to coast redwood or giant sequoia forests.  Head over to the link in our bio for more info and to apply. And please spread the word! Proposals are due December 1, 2020.  📷Daniel Gorostieta 📍Esselen and Rumsen Ohlone lands
Seasonal transitions are subtle in California, and it takes a while for fall to catch up to us. But lately, I’ve been feeling the changes. Nights are getting colder and daylight is starting to dim. Mornings are finally getting some fog. It’s a welcome change. We joke that we only have two seasons: wildfire season and mudslide season. I never used to like the cold or the rain until I moved to the woods. Here, it’s my favorite time of year. The mist, the piney aroma of redwood and fir, the music of rain falling to the earth, the stillness - it’s absolutely magical.
I crafted these rings with autumn in mind, but not the golden hues typically associated with the season. I’m tired of the heat. Warm, fiery colors are the farthest thing from my mind right now. Instead, I chose blues and greens, crystal clear tourmaline and earthy turquoise, to evoke cooling temperatures and the coming of rain, which will nurture and revitalize the forest. Moss, ferns, mushrooms, fog, banana slugs and mud - that’s what I’m dreaming of.
This photo was taken last week. However, the smoke has cleared, the campgrounds are open, and the sun is out - it's a great time to see the redwoods! 🌿  #Stand4Redwoods #CaliforniaStateParks #CAStateParks #HumboldtRedwoodsStatePark #HRSP #HRIA #HumboldtRedwoodsInterpretiveAssociation #Humboldt #HumboldtCounty #AvenueOfTheGiants #radwoodcoast #humboldtredwoods #rockefellerforest #oldgrowth #redwoods #californiaredwoods #California #optoutside #intotheredwoods #coastredwoods #sequoiasemperviren #getintonature
The current wildfires have burned approximately 72,000 acres of coast redwood forest. Roughly 9,000 acres of this has been in old-growth forest. Visit the link in our bio to access an interactive map to track fire activity near the redwoods.  Fortunately, coast redwoods, particularly old-growth redwoods, have proven to be highly resistant to fire, and we are cautiously optimistic about the fate of the trees. Nonetheless, the fires have caused a great amount of hardship for communities in the path of these fires and the first responders working to keep people safe.  At Big Basin Redwoods State Park, wildfire destroyed the park headquarters, museum, and other facilities. Save the Redwoods League has joined with @sempervirensfund to create the #BigBasinRecoveryFund to support the immediate needs at the park while laying the groundwork for the long-term restoration of this treasure of the California State Parks system.  Thank you, fam, for your continued support!  📍Awaswas/Quiroste land
Happy 76th Birthday Smokey Bear! Image from the Smithsonian Magazine by charleyharperart
#Stand4Redwoods #CaliforniaStateParks #CAStateParks #HumboldtRedwoodsStatePark #HRSP #HRIA #HumboldtRedwoodsInterpretiveAssociation #Humboldt #HumboldtCounty #radwoodcoast #humboldtredwoods #smokeybear #happybirthdaysmokey #redwoods #californiaredwoods #California #optoutside #intotheredwoods #coastredwoods #sequoiasemperviren #getintonature 
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Congrats, everyone 🎉 The Great American Outdoors Act has been signed into law! Many League projects will benefit from this funding: Mailliard Ranch, Red Hill in the Giant Sequoia National Monument, Freshwater Ridge in Redwood National Park, and the Westfall property adjacent to the Headwaters Forest, as well as the creation of a new redwood destination on the 730-acre Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve in Sonoma County, and vital restoration on the 530-acre Alder Creek giant sequoia property in the Sierra Nevada (pictured here). Thanks to our partners and all of our supporters who reached out to your representatives to help make this happen! This is a huge conservation win that has been years in the making. 📍Yokut and Tübatulabal lands 📷 Max Forster
“The impatient idealist says: ‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth.’ But such a place does not exist. We all have to stand on the earth itself and go with her at her pace.” —Chinua Achebe, Nigerian novelist, poet, professor 📍Esselen and Rumsen Ohlone land 📷 @dgsc
Hendy Woods State Park
#hendywoods #mendocinocounty #philo #navarroriver #california #stand4redwoods #stand4forests #savetheredwoods #castateparks #35mm #whereswaldo
(throwback to a post winter rainstorm pic, looking inside a burned fused double redwood, looking for evidence of animals..)
Want to learn all about how we restore the redwood ecosystem on the North Coast to become the old-growth forests of the future? Join us today LIVE at 3PM for a Facebook Live event with our #RedwoodsRising partners from @redwoodnationalpark and @castateparks! Our resident expert, our director of restoration, will be online, too. Get ready for some fascinating forestry talk! Tune in at Facebook.com/SaveTheRedwoodsLeague. 📍Yurok and Tolowa Dee-ni’ lands 📷Max Forster
Mighty giant sequoia need no names. Some of our supporters have asked about the trees named for Robert E. Lee in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks—thank you for reaching out! What we’ve heard from our partners at these parks is that they intend to remove all references to Lee from printed materials, exhibits, website, and other media. His name will no longer be recognized, though @nationalparkservice will likely not rename the trees because they no longer name individual trees. Giants of the forest each stand strong as one piece of a greater whole. Protecting, restoring, and connecting people with entire forests and landscapes is so important. What do you all think, fam?📍Western Mono/Monache land 📷 @emily_jane_guevara
There are infinite ways to enjoy the outdoors. What is your favorite activity in the redwood forest?  Birding?
Perfecting your aeropress coffee?
Napping in a fairy ring?
Playing guitar by the campfire?
What else? 📍Esselen and Rumsen Ohlone land 📷 @dgsc
“For me, nature is where I feel safe. Nature is my escape, my wonderland of adventure, my happy place, my think tank. My thoughts can become clouded with all the city noises and work commitments, but the moment I step out on a trail, those noises fade, and nature speaks. She speaks to the adventurer, the hiker, the climber, and the skier, who find purpose in the excitement of the wind in their face, the trail that never seems to end, the peak that has never been summited, or the slope that few have attempted. It is a beckoning that the wayward person finds purpose in.” —Teresa Baker, founder of the @outdoorceopledge and big redwoods fan  Read her full essay at the link in our bio, or in REDWOODS Magazine. @teresabaker11 📷Victoria Reeder
“For LGBTQ+ communities, the concept of “Pride” is much more than a parade. Pride is self-actualization and queer culture. It is a safe space LGBTQ+ people call home, a sanctuary of belonging.  Parks and public lands are places where we can all find reprieve and really connect with ourselves and our bodies, simply through our oneness with nature. It is now more clear than ever that parks are an essential service necessary for our health and well-being. Access to nature cannot be exclusive. We need to ensure these special places, including our magnificently defiant and resilient redwood forests, feel welcoming and safe for all.  We wish to celebrate Pride by honoring the rich tapestry of identities that together make up a wonderfully diverse and colorful spectrum of queer experiences. If you’d like to brighten up and diversify your Instagram feed, here are a few accounts you can follow.” —Caleb Castle (read more at the link in bio)  @littlenows
P.S. This photo was a happy accident.
Give the kiddos a story time break. Go to the link in our bio and press play on the video for a reading of Redwoods, a book about a boy who is transported from a subway train to the redwood forest. The power of books and imagination ✨ 📷Julie Martin #redwoods4ever
In the Yurok language elk are called mehweel (pronounced “may-weesh”)📍Yurok land 📷Max Forster #wildlifewednesday
May the 4th be with you. Many of you know that scenes from Return of the Jedi were filmed in Redwood National and State Parks. What can we say? California’s mighty redwood forests are otherworldly, for sure. #redwoods4ever
Made the front page of the Bay Area section of the @sfchronicle with our Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative! Link in bio.
Happy Earth Day! Navarro River, Hendy Woods State Park .
#earthday #hendywoodsstatepark #hendywoods #navarroriver #philo #mendocinocounty #visitcalifornia #castateparks #savetheredwoods #stand4redwoods #stand4forests #35mm #polarizer #swimminghole
Friday funday! Whatcha up to this weekend? 📍Esselen and Rumsen land
Montgomery Woods State Natural Preserve
#tb #montgomerywoods #waterfall #redwoods #savetheredwoods #stand4forests #stand4redwoods #montgomerycreek #mendocinocounty #castateparks #california #35mm #longexposure #polarizer #drought #needrain
Sometime redwood trees fall. Check out this week's episode of "Off the Avenue of the Giants"
#offtheavenueofthegiants #humboldtredwoods #humboldtredwoodsstatepark #avenueofthegiants #stand4redwoods #norcal #redwoods #redwoodtrees #treesofinstagram
West Ridge Trail in Prairie Creek, to Zig Zag #2. tried to do #1 for a much shorter hike but a downed tree turned us back to take the longer loop. By the way Prairie Creek trail is closed about 3 miles from the Visitor Center, too. 😂❤️🌲 Steady rain the entire time and not a soul but the three of us. Peaceful, beautiful, humbling, awe-inspiring, my favorite place on earth. I can’t ever get enough of the Redwoods no matter how many times we visit I am always stunned, changed by the forest.
#redwoods #stand4redwoods #redwoodsnationalandstateparks #nps #findyourpark #prairiecreek #castateparks #traillove #talltrees #rain #nationalparkgeek #lovemylife


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We thank our partners for celebrating 100 years of protecting redwoods. Together we are sharing the story of California’s redwood forest and building awareness of what it means to save redwoods for the next century.


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