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The Once and Future Forest: California’s Iconic Redwoods is a limited-edition commemorative Centennial book.

100 years of protecting redwood forests.


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In the realm of giants 📷 @jordhammond 📍Western Mono land
We’ve starting spotting the first trillium blooms of spring in different areas of the redwood range. Have you seen em around yet? 📍Yurok land 📷Max Forster
“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.” —Linda Hogan, Chickasaw poet, novelist, essayist, environmentalist  Now’s our moment to slow down and pay attention. What story does this photo tell you? 📍Northern Pomo land 📷Ken Susman #redwoods4ever
Happy Earth Day! Celebrate this beautiful planet today and every day with love and respect. The Eel River & milky way, photographed by the talented david_wilson_mfx 💚🌍🌌🐛♻️💧🌿💙 •
#EarthDay #HappyEarthDay #Stand4Redwoods #CaliforniaStateParks #CAStateParks #HumboldtRedwoodsStatePark #HRSP #HRIA #HumboldtRedwoodsInterpretiveAssociation #Humboldt #HumboldtCounty #radwoodcoast #humboldtredwoods #EelRiver #redwoods #norcal #northerncalifornia #californiaredwoods #California #optoutside #intotheredwoods #coastredwoods #sequoiasemperviren #getintonature
Hope you had a restful socially distant long weekend ☺️ 📍Chochenyo Ohlone land 📷Thomas Hawk via Flickr
In 1902, the creation of @bigbasin_sp gave rise to the movement to protect coast redwoods from logging and inspired the birth of California’s state park system. Big Basin is California’s oldest state park, welcoming more than 1 million visitors a year from around the world. It is a special place, full of memories and meaning, and we must come together to bring the park back to its former glory.  While the condition of Big Basin’s majestic coast redwoods is not yet known, we are devastated that the historic structures—including the visitor center and nature center—have completely burned to the ground.  Here’s how you can help. We’ve partnered with the @sempervirensfund to create the Big Basin Recovery Fund. 100% of your donation will be directed to the Recovery Fund and support the urgent needs at Big Basin to make the park accessible and plan for longer term recovery.  Please visit the link in our bio to give to the #BigBasinRecoveryFund today, and please share. Thank you all!  📍Awaswas/Quiroste land
There are no words 🙏 📍Yurok and Tolowa Dee-ni’ lands 📷 @justinthewild_
Earth Day is every day, but on this 50th anniversary, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our love and hopes for our dear Mother Earth. Will you share some of your thoughts and feelings below? How are you feeling today? What are your hopes for the future of our planet?  For us, we are feeling inspired and as energetic as ever. We know that we have a huge responsibility right now to steward our redwood parks for our collective recovery in a post-pandemic world. These lands will be there for us as physically and spiritually restorative spaces when this is all over. We also have big hopes and dreams of restoring our young redwood forests to become the old-growth forests of the future. So that 50-100 years from now, our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will be able to enjoy and benefit from the peace and cathedral-like beauty of giant forests. We continue to do this work today and every day. And we are so grateful for your support to be able to do so. 🙏 #earthday #redwoods4ever 📍Tolowa Dee’ni land 📷 Jon Parmentier
Can you guess which park this is? Bonus points if you can name the grove. Hint: it’s on 📍Sinkyone land 📷Max Forster
Happy 20th bday, Giant Sequoia National Monument 🎉 🎂 You definitely look older than you are, and we mean that as a compliment. Looking forward to the day we can celebrate together on the trails of Alder Creek. 📍Yokut and Tübatulabal lands 📷Max Forster #redwoods4ever
Right now we need stories of hope and resilience more than ever. We’d love to hear and share your memories from the redwood forests. Please tell us a story and tag us. We’ll go first: “Years ago when I was working as a travel journalist, I had the good fortune of touring Redwood National and State Parks for the first time with one of our amazing @redwoodnps rangers Carey Wells. As we strolled through the ancient forest of Prairie Creek Redwoods (📍Yurok land), I was breathless among enormous old-growth coast redwoods, western hemlocks, big-leaf maples, and more. Scientists know that our sense of smell is closely connected to our memory, so that must be why I never forget the moment when Ranger Carey tore open a fresh California bay leaf and handed it to me for a whiff. It was the most invigorating fragrance. In that moment I realized what a sensory wonderland exists in the redwood forest. Beyond the unreal sights and the peaceful sounds of creeks and songbirds, even the forest’s aromas were more intense than anything I’d ever experienced in all the world. In California, we have the great privilege of protecting these special places for one another.” —Dana Poblete, Writer/Storyteller and Editor, Save the Redwoods League // 📷Max Forster
“Earth laughs in flowers.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson 📍Yurok land 📷Max Forster (link in bio)
This year's #EarthDay carries special significance. Today marks a half-century since its initial celebration on April 22, 1970. As we’re home this year, let us give thanks for this beautiful planet, renew our commitment to keep her clean, and look forward to connecting with her natural wonders again soon. The redwoods, beaches, and national parks will be ready and waiting for us on the other side of this!
Cascade Creek. Help us protect this beautiful 564-acre property of both ancient and fast-growing 2nd-growth redwoods. It will connect Big Basin Redwoods and Ano Nuevo State Parks, from the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, protecting important wildlife habitat for species like marbled murrelets, ringtails, and bobcats (oh my!). We still have $1M left to raise. All donations matched dollar for dollar! Link in bio to donate to the #ForeverForest Campaign for the Redwoods. 📍Quiroste tribal land 📷Victoria Reeder
A haiku:  When Ancient Rome fell
This redwood lived on and on
Today it still stands  Here’s a fun creative exercise for you and your kids if you have them. Write a haiku (5-7-5 syllables) about this 1600-year-old giant! We call it the McApin tree and it lives in the Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve in the remote hills of Sonoma County, on 📍Kashia land. In the next couple of years we plan to open this magical place as the first new redwood park in a generation. #redwoods4ever #myforeverforest
Humboldt's natural guardians stand vigilently at the California Federation of Women's Clubs Grove in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. 🌿💚
#CaliforniaStateParks #CAStateParks #HumboldtRedwoodsStatePark #HRSP #HRIA #HumboldtRedwoodsInterpretiveAssociation #Humboldt #HumboldtCounty #radwoodcoast #humboldtredwoods  #oldgrowth #redwoods #californiaredwoods #California #optoutside #intotheredwoods #coastredwoods #sequoiasemperviren #getintonature #AvenueOfTheGiants #Stand4Redwoods
“Redwoods are like columns, beautiful in color and symmetry, and a redwood forest is a wonder-wood, full of resinous fragrance and with a thousand varied forms of leaf and branch.” —Eloise J. Roorbach 📍Awaswas land 📷Max Forster
Fairy rings! A circle of redwoods growing around the stump of a fallen giant is sometimes called a fairy ring. When a coast redwood is logged, it reproduces asexually by sending a new generation of sprouts up from the trunk base. ~90% of the time, these trees are genetic clones of the fallen tree, and they benefit from the ancient root system of the original tree. This shows just how determined a redwood is to survive. And maybe this is also a reminder of the beauty and power of passing our own resilience, love, and spirit on to future generations. Science, but still magical. #sciencefriday #redwoods4ever
Happy holidays from Alder Creek! #ProtectAlderCreek 📷Victoria Reeder 📍Yokut and 📍Tübatulabal lands
Have you checked out @castateparks awesome Facebook live sessions from the North Coast? They happen every single day at 3pm. Today’s episode will be about Humboldt History. Tune in the rest of the week to learn about Indigenous peoples of Northern California, plants and wildlife of the redwood forest, and more. Go to Facebook.com/NorthCoastRedwoods, or go click the link in our Instagram Stories. 📍Wiyot land
As the day winds down, how bout a visit to the forest? We know there’s nothing quite like seeing the redwoods in the flesh, but here’s the next best thing. Kick back, relax, and enjoy ☺️ #redwoods4ever #myforeverforest
Otherworldly #giantsequoia #protectaldercreek #sequoiasnowday #givingtreesday 📍Yokut and 📍Tübatulabal lands
You’d think the tallest trees on earth would have deep roots, but they don’t. Redwoods actually have shallow root systems, BUT here’s how they don’t just topple over in gale force winds and raging floods: Their roots stretch out far and connect with other redwoods’ roots beneath the earth. Trees 100 feet apart could be connected together, supporting one another, redirecting resources in times of stress. Like a family. Like a community. Like us 😊 Keep standing strong for one another and we won’t fall 👭👬👫 #sciencefriday #feelgoodfriday #redwoods4ever 📍Kashia land
“The impatient idealist says: ‘Give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth.’ But such a place does not exist. We all have to stand on the earth itself and go with her at her pace.” —Chinua Achebe, Nigerian novelist, poet, professor 📍Esselen and Rumsen Ohlone land 📷 @dgsc
Young, recovering 2nd-growth redwood forests like this one in the Oakland Hills have a big role to play in California’s fight against climate change. They grow more quickly than old-growth forests, meaning they can store more carbon, more immediately. Some redwood forests that were logged in the mid-1800s have already stored enough carbon per acre that would amount to taking ~270 cars off the road for a year. If we work to restore the 1.5 million acres of young redwood forests in California to be the old growth of the future, think of the long-term carbon benefits 🤔 It’s a no-brainer. Learn more through our Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative research. Link in bio. 📍Chochenyo Ohlone land #sciencefriday #redwoods4ever
Hi fam 👋  How are you all doing today? Honest question...share anything you want below. Use this space to give each other some love and good vibes. And let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your day/week/month brighter 💗 📍Awaswas and Amah Mutsun land 📷 Peter L. Buranzon #redwoods4ever #myforeverforest
“The forest for me is a temple—a cathedral of tree canopies and dancing light.” —Dr. Jane Goodall 📍Awaswas land
Wow! #CascadeCreek made the front page of the SF Chronicle 😊 Help us and @peninsulaopenspacetrust protect this beautiful mountains-to-sea connection between Big Basin and Ano Nuevo State Parks! Read all about in today’s paper. We have $1M left to raise for the project costs. Link in bio to support our #ForeverForest Campaign for the Redwoods. All donations to Cascade will be matched dollar for dollar!📍Quiroste land


Hayward Family Foundation
Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria


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We thank our partners for celebrating 100 years of protecting redwoods. Together we are sharing the story of California’s redwood forest and building awareness of what it means to save redwoods for the next century.


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