Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. Photo by Jon Parmentier

Experience the calm of the redwoods at home

We all need ways to find connection with the community and build our sense of feeling grounded in a changing world. It’s more important than ever to deep dive into our inner reserves in order to find a few quiet moments of strength, courage, peace, hope, and resilience to draw on.

Here are some things you can do to recharge, get centered, find inspiration, keep busy, and perhaps learn something new.

Redwoods Videos

Use nature to practice mindfulness
Take some time for self-care by spending a minute of calm in the redwoods. Most of us can’t get to the redwoods right now, so we’re hoping this short video will help bring the redwoods to you. And remember to breathe deeply while you envision the scent of the forest!

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Listen to this Spotify playlist of music to take you back to the Redwoods forest.

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Tune into the vibes of a redwoods forest
Let music be your guide – listen to these songs to go on an audio journey that will take you back to the heart of the redwoods.

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Escape the boredom of your living room and take a virtual tour of the redwoods.

Redwoods Virtual Experiences

Take a 360º tour of the redwoods.
Sometimes we all need a new perspective. For those stuck at home unable to venture to the redwood parks, there are some fantastic virtual opportunities available. Escape the boredom of your living room and take a virtual tour of the redwoods.

Explore redwoods from a new perspective

Interpretive specialist Jenny Comperda helps broaden learning through digital redwood science programs at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Photo courtesy of California State Parks.

Redwoods Learning

Bring the redwoods back home.
With widespread school closures, many parents have kids at home and are looking for educational opportunities. The League has a wide array of fun worksheets, lessons, videos, and other stuff that is perfect for this time.

Learn about redwoods from afar

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Life on the road.  Credits: ooomayaoooo.  Tag: #thegreatplanet
T H E  R E D W O O D S
We’re planning one more weekend away before the kids start school - anyone ever been to the redwoods???  It will be a new adventure for all 7 of us, and I’m looking forward to getting out of the house and enjoying the cooler temperatures. I also can’t wait to see Mother Nature show off!!  Give me allllllll your Redwoods/forest/outdoorsy travel tips! We’re usually a bunch of city folks - in every day life AND travel adventures - so this is new territory for us! (And I’m so excited for it!)
The trunk in the center actually connected the redwood in the right hand side. It is amazing that redwood can reproduce asexually and provide nutrition to its relica. When I admired these giant redwoods, I saw the sunlight shining through the forest, making the view picturesque!
redwoodnps redwoodparks north_coast_redwoods savetheredwoods
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Where does the track lead to ?
🍁🌲 🍁🌲🍁🌲🍁
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my personal favorite area of the Redwoods 🤤 🥰
A haiku:  When Ancient Rome fell
This redwood lived on and on
Today it still stands  Here’s a fun creative exercise for you and your kids if you have them. Write a haiku (5-7-5 syllables) about this 1600-year-old giant! We call it the McApin tree and it lives in the Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve in the remote hills of Sonoma County, on 📍Kashia land. In the next couple of years we plan to open this magical place as the first new redwood park in a generation. #redwoods4ever #myforeverforest
“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.” —Linda Hogan, Chickasaw poet, novelist, essayist, environmentalist  Now’s our moment to slow down and pay attention. What story does this photo tell you? 📍Northern Pomo land 📷Ken Susman #redwoods4ever
Earth Day is every day, but on this 50th anniversary, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our love and hopes for our dear Mother Earth. Will you share some of your thoughts and feelings below? How are you feeling today? What are your hopes for the future of our planet?  For us, we are feeling inspired and as energetic as ever. We know that we have a huge responsibility right now to steward our redwood parks for our collective recovery in a post-pandemic world. These lands will be there for us as physically and spiritually restorative spaces when this is all over. We also have big hopes and dreams of restoring our young redwood forests to become the old-growth forests of the future. So that 50-100 years from now, our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will be able to enjoy and benefit from the peace and cathedral-like beauty of giant forests. We continue to do this work today and every day. And we are so grateful for your support to be able to do so. 🙏 #earthday #redwoods4ever 📍Tolowa Dee’ni land 📷 Jon Parmentier
You’d think the tallest trees on earth would have deep roots, but they don’t. Redwoods actually have shallow root systems, BUT here’s how they don’t just topple over in gale force winds and raging floods: Their roots stretch out far and connect with other redwoods’ roots beneath the earth. Trees 100 feet apart could be connected together, supporting one another, redirecting resources in times of stress. Like a family. Like a community. Like us 😊 Keep standing strong for one another and we won’t fall 👭👬👫 #sciencefriday #feelgoodfriday #redwoods4ever 📍Kashia land
Happy 20th bday, Giant Sequoia National Monument 🎉 🎂 You definitely look older than you are, and we mean that as a compliment. Looking forward to the day we can celebrate together on the trails of Alder Creek. 📍Yokut and Tübatulabal lands 📷Max Forster #redwoods4ever
May the 4th be with you. Many of you know that scenes from Return of the Jedi were filmed in Redwood National and State Parks. What can we say? California’s mighty redwood forests are otherworldly, for sure. #redwoods4ever
Young, recovering 2nd-growth redwood forests like this one in the Oakland Hills have a big role to play in California’s fight against climate change. They grow more quickly than old-growth forests, meaning they can store more carbon, more immediately. Some redwood forests that were logged in the mid-1800s have already stored enough carbon per acre that would amount to taking ~270 cars off the road for a year. If we work to restore the 1.5 million acres of young redwood forests in California to be the old growth of the future, think of the long-term carbon benefits 🤔 It’s a no-brainer. Learn more through our Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative research. Link in bio. 📍Chochenyo Ohlone land #sciencefriday #redwoods4ever
Hi fam 👋  How are you all doing today? Honest question...share anything you want below. Use this space to give each other some love and good vibes. And let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your day/week/month brighter 💗 📍Awaswas and Amah Mutsun land 📷 Peter L. Buranzon #redwoods4ever #myforeverforest
Poison Ivy climbs upon this circle of Redwood trees. Fall season brings new colors and contrast to the forest floor. ❤Love those Autumn colors🍁
Quintessential California. Dreaming of days when we can hit the road again. We’ll be back out there in no time if we stay the course and stay home. #redwoods4ever #skateboardingisfun 📍Sinkyone land 📷 @secondhandnate
Have you checked out @castateparks awesome Facebook live sessions from the North Coast? They happen every single day at 3pm. Today’s episode will be about Humboldt History. Tune in the rest of the week to learn about Indigenous peoples of Northern California, plants and wildlife of the redwood forest, and more. Go to, or go click the link in our Instagram Stories. 📍Wiyot land
The extraordinary redwoods of the world go by many names, some of which are pretty impressive: Mother of the Forest, Hyperion, General Sherman, Atlas, the list goes on. At some point, though, you’ve just got to call it what it is. And thus, our defiant redwood of the week: the Giant Tree in the Rockefeller Loop of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. It is not the biggest or the tallest, but it might be the most coast redwood-ish. And that’s probably why it got this designation from the American Forestry Association as the National Champion Coast Redwood in 1991. Such a magnificent tree is just a finger in the eye of all things that are bad in the world, a constant reminder that nature produces great beauty and majesty. When such things exist it's hard to imagine defeat. 📍Sinkyone land #mondaymotivation #redwoods4ever 📷TJFlex2
Throwback to 1918, to the place that started it all for us. The primeval woods of Dyerville Flat sparked the formation of Save the Redwoods League. With a nod to our past, we’re looking to the future. Old-growth forests like this inspire us to this day, and part of our vision is to restore young redwood forests to be the old growth of tomorrow. 📷H.C. Tibbits 📍Sinkyone land #redwoods4ever #tbt
Fairy rings! A circle of redwoods growing around the stump of a fallen giant is sometimes called a fairy ring. When a coast redwood is logged, it reproduces asexually by sending a new generation of sprouts up from the trunk base. ~90% of the time, these trees are genetic clones of the fallen tree, and they benefit from the ancient root system of the original tree. This shows just how determined a redwood is to survive. And maybe this is also a reminder of the beauty and power of passing our own resilience, love, and spirit on to future generations. Science, but still magical. #sciencefriday #redwoods4ever
Coast redwoods are notorious survivors. After all, they live to be thousands of years old and grow to tremendous heights.  But there are some coast redwoods that go to the next level, and that would have to the so-called candelabra redwoods of the League’s Shady Dell property.  Ravaged by wind and salt air, these trees could have just grown small or laid down low—heck, they could have just fallen over. But no—these trees just decided to roll with it and figure out a way to flourish in unfriendly conditions.  We see their multi-trunk craziness and wonder at how delicate they look. But to the trees themselves, their crazy multi-trunk tangle is all about survival. These are redwoods, after all, and they plan to be here a while.  At a time when we’re facing untold challenges in our own lives, the candelabra redwoods can teach us a thing or two about adapting for the future. 📍Cahto land  #redwoods4ever
We might not be able to visit the redwoods right now, but you can go there in your mind. All Matrix jokes aside, read about an epic road trip from SF to the North Coast at or the link in bio. Highlights include Avenue of the Giants and Humboldt Redwoods SP, Redwood National Park, and Prairie Creek Redwoods SP. “While I walk through the woods marveling at the redwoods’ stature and their amazing reiterations, the mossy big leaf maple trees aren’t too shabby either. Ranger Carey pulls a leaf from a California bay tree, tears it open, and prompts me to take a whiff. The potent fragrance reminds me of the sheer force of nature—how even the most gigantic trees on the planet can seem humble among the abundance of life in a forest, down to the tiniest leaves.” 📍Sinkyone, Tolowa Dee-ni’, and Yurok lands #nationalparkweek #redwoods4ever 📷William Solow
“The land belongs to the future…We come and go, but the land is always here. And the people who love it and understand it are the people who own it—for a little while.” –Willa Cather 📍Tolowa Dee-ni’ land 📷Max Forster #redwoods4ever
Defiant Redwood of the Week: The Grizzly Giant
If a tree could talk, the eternal message from this 210-foot-tall giant sequoia in Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove would be Bring It On. At roughly 3,000 years old and 1,500 tons, it is the very definition of brash endurance. It has survived countless lightning strikes, forest fires, gale force winds, heavy snows, and drought. It has outlasted the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire, and has gazed patiently down on innumerable calamities unfolding beneath its tangled branches. You’ve heard the term “bend, don’t break?” This tree invented “bend, don’t break.” And it’s here to tell all of us that if we stay grounded, hold to the plan, and play to our strengths, we will be OK. .
#giantsequoia #redwood #redwoods #mariposagrove #yosemite #Redwoods4Ever #coastredwoods #grizzlygiant
This weekend, visit the tree-lined Smith River via our live webcam! We could listen to the soothing flow of the river forever #ASMR #stayhome #redwoods4ever. Link in Stories. 📍Tolowa Dee-ni’ land 📷Jon Parmentier
“My favorite redwood park would have to be Humboldt Redwoods State Park. I grew up visiting it every summer as a child and have extremely fond memories of hiking and biking there with my dad. We camped nearby in Myers Flat at the Giant Redwoods RV Camp and went into the park each day for a different activity.”...”I was at Humboldt Redwoods this year for a site visit to Founders Grove. I instantly remembered it from my childhood, and it all came rushing back. It was pretty cool to see it again in person and reflect. When I was young I had no idea about the League and its involvement in creating the park. Even when I was in college and learned about the League I didn’t put the pieces together. It’s pretty cool that I spent so much time as a kid in a place that was created by the organization I now work for! I have really come full circle.“ —Adrianna #redwoods4ever #myforeverforest📍Sinkyone land
“The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always. No one has ever successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree. The feeling they produce is not transferable. From them comes silence and awe. It's not only their unbelievable stature, nor the color which seems to shift and vary under your eyes, no, they are not like any trees we know, they are ambassadors from another time.” —John Steinbeck 📷 @colinedwards__ 📍Tolowa Dee-ni’ and Yurok land #myforeverforest #redwoods4ever
Throwback time. Oakland, CA was once home to a mighty old-growth redwood forest before it was logged in the mid 19th century. But there was one giant they never felled: Old Survivor. This gnarly ~500-year-old redwood has lived since the Renaissance. Get the history and science lesson from an awesome short documentary made by our friends at @oaklandtrailsorg. Head over to our Stories for the link. 📍Chochenyo Ohlone land #tbt #redwoods4ever
‘Felt cute, won’t delete later cause I don’t have opposable thumbs.’ —black-tailed deer📍Yurok land #wildlifewednesday 📷 @philip_dekat

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