Experience the calm of the redwoods at home

We all need ways to find connection with the community and build our sense of feeling grounded in a changing world. It’s more important than ever to deep dive into our inner reserves in order to find a few quiet moments of strength, courage, peace, hope, and resilience to draw on.

Here are some things you can do to recharge, get centered, find inspiration, keep busy, and perhaps learn something new.

Redwoods Videos

Use nature to practice mindfulness
Take some time for self-care by spending a minute of calm in the redwoods. Most of us can’t get to the redwoods right now, so we’re hoping this short video will help bring the redwoods to you. And remember to breathe deeply while you envision the scent of the forest!

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Listen to this Spotify playlist of music to take you back to the Redwoods forest.

Redwoods Playlists

Tune into the vibes of a redwoods forest
Let music be your guide – listen to these songs to go on an audio journey that will take you back to the heart of the redwoods.

Listen to these chill tracks

redwoods zoom virtual backgrounds

Redwoods Virtual Backgrounds

Put a little bit of the redwoods in your day.
Bring the magic of the forest to your next virtual meeting, with our collection of free redwood-inspired backgrounds.

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Interpretive specialist Jenny Comperda helps broaden learning through digital redwood science programs at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Photo courtesy of California State Parks.

Redwoods Learning

Bring the redwoods back home.
With widespread school closures, many parents have kids at home and are looking for educational opportunities. The League has a wide array of fun worksheets, lessons, videos, and other stuff that is perfect for this time.

Learn about redwoods from afar

Escape the boredom of your living room and take a virtual tour of the redwoods.

Redwoods Virtual Experiences

Take a 360º tour of the redwoods.
Sometimes we all need a new perspective. For those stuck at home unable to venture to the redwood parks, there are some fantastic virtual opportunities available. Escape the boredom of your living room and take a virtual tour of the redwoods.

Explore redwoods from a new perspective

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