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Dedicate a Redwood Grove or Tree

Photo by Dave Baselt,

You may remember the moment you first looked up at a redwood tree and felt in awe of nature. You can keep this moment alive for future generations by dedicating a special place in the redwoods.

Whether you are looking to honor or memorialize a loved one, celebrate a special occasion, or honor your own connection to the redwoods, dedicating a redwood grove or tree is a unique living gift that will stand for generations.

Suggested donations to dedicate a redwood grove or tree range from $25,000-$250,000+ for groves and $2,500-$25,000 for individual trees. These levels are based on the age, location, and accessibility of groves or trees across 20 redwood parks.

$2,500+ Dedicate a single tree in a location of your choice.
$25,000 Dedicate a restoration grove in a young, recovering redwood forest and help create the forest of future generations.
$35,000 Dedicate a wilderness grove in the quiet and deep reaches of the forest. These off-trail options are perfect for honoring someone more privately while symbolizing a greater connection to the entire redwood range.
$50,000+ Dedicate an accessible grove located along a park trail or road. To commemorate your dedication, a sign bearing the grove name may be placed in the grove.
$250,000+ Dedicate a majestic, old growth redwood grove in one of California’s iconic forests. A sign bearing the grove name may be placed along the park trail or road in this type of grove.

How to Make a Gift

  • Donate today or over a period of 3-5 years (for gifts of $25,000+)
  • Designate Save the Redwoods League in your will or trust. With this option, the grove or tree will be dedicated upon gift distribution. League staff will work closely with your family, executors or trustees to find a fitting place in the forest.

How to Get Started

Dedicating a redwood grove or tree is a deeply meaningful gift for families and those who appreciate the redwoods. Your donation will help permanently protect and restore redwood forests.

For more information and to arrange your site visit for a grove or tree dedication, please contact Jennifer Verhines at (415) 820-5830 or email

You can read about others who have recently dedicated a grove, here: Betsy and Larry Alver Grove dedication in Butano State Park, or see the complete list of groves and trees that have been dedicated in the redwoods over the decades.