Parks are the gateways to the redwoods, so the League’s Parks Program improves and expands them to ensure all visitors have inspiring experiences.

Protecting and restoring the forest are incredibly important, but not enough. When people connect with the forest through parks, their lives are enriched in countless ways. The League is focused on improving existing coast redwood and giant sequoia parks, most of which were built long ago. We are also establishing brand new redwood destinations to expand park capacity to better serve growing and increasingly diverse visitors.

We have several guiding principles in our Parks Program:

  • Nurture strong partnerships with park agencies across the coast redwood and giant sequoia ranges
  • Protect natural and cultural resources and, increasingly, integrate fire resilience into park design and management
  • Provide recreational opportunities, visitor amenities, and interpretation that are inclusive and culturally relevant
  • Engage communities in project design as well as park access and programming upon opening

From our very beginning, Save the Redwoods League has partnered with California State Parks, the National Park Service, and local jurisdictions to preserve and share the redwoods. From securing the forest that would eventually become Humboldt Redwoods State Park in 1921 to adding significant acreage to Redwood National Park, the League has created or expanded well over half of the state’s redwood parks. We invite everyone to get outside and enjoy them!

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