Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has been singularly focused on protecting and safeguarding this ancient treasure.

Our Work

The League envisions vibrant redwood forests of the scale and grandeur that once graced California, protected forever, restored to grow old again, and connected to people through a network of parks and protected areas that inspire all of us with the beauty and power of nature.

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Our Campaigns

Guided by innovative science and technology, the League focuses on projects that protect and restore redwood forests. Our work helps build connections between people and these magical places.

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Our Programs

Our programs accelerate the pace and scale of redwood conservation so we can protect the remaining old-growth forests and put younger forests on the path toward becoming the old-growth forests of the future. Our work also connects people to the peace and beauty of the redwoods through a network of world-class parks and protected areas throughout California.

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Our Impact

We are one of the nation’s first conservation organizations. We have enlisted thousands of loyal supporters from around the world, and with their help, Save the Redwoods League has protected more than 200,000 acres of redwood forests and partnered to create 66 redwood parks and preserves. We have pioneered innovative, science-based forest-restoration work, and we have touched the lives of millions of people by helping them get a glimpse of forests that represent the original face of nature.

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Our Experts

A talented and dedicated team of redwoods conservation experts have come together to explore solutions for expanding and restoring the forests.

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