Save the Redwoods League studies redwood forests and surrounding land and waterways to understand how to best protect them and what the forest's long-term survival means to the health of people and our planet.

We share what we learn about redwoods through our education and research programs so that everyone has the opportunity to study and be amazed by this unique forest. In addition, we use our new knowledge to shape our conservation work.

State of the Redwoods Conservation Report

State of the Redwoods Conservation Report

This first-ever State of Redwoods Conservation Report provides a contemporary look at the state of coast redwood and giant sequoia forest health in California. Its purpose is to serve as a reference guide to their status today and discuss the key variables that matter most to their future health: overall age and condition of the forests, varied ownership and protection of redwood and giant sequoia forests, key stressors, and environmental challenges.

How We Support the Study of Redwoods

Giant Sequoia and Fire

Giant Sequoia and Fire

The Past, Present and Future of an Ancient Forest.

Fern and Researcher

Funding Redwood Research

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Redwoods Research Starter Grants for BIPOC

Grants for undergraduate and graduate students interested in research in coast redwood and giant sequoia forests.

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Are bark beetles harming giant sequoia?

Save the Redwoods League is embarking on a study to better understand this beetle and its potential threat to the giant trees.