Visitors from around the world enjoy the peace and beauty of the redwood forest. Photo by Paolo Vescia

We are dedicated to helping people from around the world experience the peace, wonder and global significance of redwood forests. We teach new generations about redwood forests, why they matter and what needs to be done to protect them. The more people we introduce to these magical places, the healthier our communities will be, and the more likely these visitors will protect our forests forever.

Supporting Education

See how we help connect people of all ages to these majestic forests through this website, the many programs we sponsor and our outreach efforts.

Support for California State Parks

The future of California State Parks is a League priority because redwoods live in these sanctuaries created with gifts from our members. Learn about our work to support redwood parks.

Exploring Redwoods

Our Explore Redwoods program includes offline and online tools to give people more ways to interact with the redwood forest, no matter where they live.

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