Redwoods Rising

What is Redwoods Rising?

Redwoods Rising is an ambitious, landscape-scale project to restore areas damaged by historical logging in the globally significant forests of Redwood National and State Parks.

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With your support, we can increase knowledge and appreciation of the iconic and unique California redwood forest landscape. Redwoods Rising project partners — the National Park Service, California State Parks and YOU — are all working together to heal these beloved redwood forests.

Protecting Ancient Redwood Trees

Redwood National and State Parks are home to almost half of the world’s remaining protected ancient old-growth redwood forests. These parks also safeguard the tallest redwoods trees known to exist, imperiled salmon and trout, and rare creatures such marbled murrelets and the endangered western lily. Additionally, these ancient redwoods store more carbon per acre than any other forests on Earth.

Restoring California’s Coastal Redwood Forests

However, despite their ecological riches and stunning beauty, these forests are far from being pristine, untouched wilderness. Approximately 80,000 of the parks’ 120,000 acres of redwood forests (that’s two-thirds)bear the scars of decades of industrial-scale commercial logging — some of which took place as recently as the 1990s.



Save the Redwoods League, CSP, NPS

Partners & Supporters

Redwoods Rising is a collaboration between Save the Redwoods League, the National Park Service (external link), and California State Parks (external link) that will greatly accelerate redwood forest recovery within these parks and help protect their remaining old-growth groves.

Redwoods Rising is supported by Save the Redwoods League as well as generous gifts from League Councilor John Scharffenberger, the Elizabeth R. and William J. Patterson Foundation, the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, Cotyledon Fund, and Oracle (external link).

Our collaboration is also supported by public grants from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Forest Health Program as part of the California Climate Investments Program, National Park Service, California State Coastal Conservancy, and Wildlife Conservation Board.




View the Location Maps

Redwood National and State Parks (external link) represent a unique partnership of Redwood National Park and Del Norte Coast Redwoods, Jedediah Smith Redwoods and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks.


Redwoods Rising Project Area MapClick to enlarge.
Redwoods Rising project areas are close to some of our beloved redwoods experiences in Redwood National and State Parks.


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Redwoods Rising is helping to heal the Redwood National and State Parks’ historically logged redwood forests—starting in the Prairie Creek and Mill Creek watersheds. These two large project areas are outlined in dotted lines on the map.



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The light-green areas on the maps below represent formerly logged lands (about two-thirds of the parks’ forests) that are now blanketed with thin, densely growing, young redwood and Douglas-fir trees.


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To find out more about Redwoods Rising or to schedule an interview with any of the League’s experts, please contact Robin Carr at (415) 766-0927 or [email protected].

To access hi-res images, b-roll or drone footage, please visit our media resources.


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