Redwoods Rising Student Apprentices Help Restore Redwood National and State Parks

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18 Humboldt State University students are gaining real-world experience conserving redwood ecosystems this summer alongside forestry professionals

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2019 Redwoods Rising Apprentices.
2019 Redwoods Rising Apprentices.
San Francisco, Calif. (July 16, 2019) – Eighteen students from Humboldt State University (HSU) are participating in a collaborative restoration project known as Redwoods Rising, gaining valuable knowledge and work experience studying the historically logged coast redwood forests in Redwood National and State Parks this summer. HSU and Save the Redwoods League hired these college students to augment their classroom instruction and help them gain real-world experience with lasting benefits for the coast redwood forest. The apprentices are working alongside forestry professionals at Save the Redwoods League, the National Park Service, and California State Parks.

Redwoods Rising, a multi-year collaboration between Save the Redwoods League, the National Park Service, and California State Parks, was established in April 2018 to restore more than 70,000 acres of historically logged coast redwood forest in Redwood National and State Parks.

“Restoring the redwood forest within these incredible parks will take years, but we can start today,” said Richard Campbell, director of restoration for Save the Redwoods League. “The Redwoods Rising apprentice program and the support provided by the HSU students and faculty are critical to achieving our restoration goals while offering a strong, hands-on learning experience.”

This is the second year that the Redwoods Rising staff has worked with HSU to train the next generation of conservation leaders while they study and restore the forest. In 2018, Save the Redwoods League worked with HSU faculty to hire eight summer apprentices to assist parks staff in collecting forestry and botany data. For 2019, they have expanded the program and hired 18 students. They are collecting data and quantifying baseline conditions of stand characteristics; growth rates of the trees; the diversity and abundance of plants and wildlife; and conditions of the waterways, roads, and infrastructure in the young, regrowing forested areas.

“This is a tremendous learning opportunity for our students, and we’re thrilled to be able to expand the program this summer,” said Dr. Erin Kelly, Associate Professor in Forestry at Humboldt State University and Councilor for Save the Redwoods League. “The Redwoods Rising apprentices will work on projects with real, lasting ecological benefits for the redwood region, and they’ll acquire skills they can use throughout their careers.”

Redwoods Rising Apprentices from Humboldt State University

Forestry Apprentices:

  • Ryann Howard
    Major: Forestry – Restoration
  • Dillon Martin
    Major: Forestry – Restoration
  • Cameron Miller
    Major: Forestry
  • Caleb Van Rossum
    Major: Forestry – Hydrology

Rare Plants Apprentices:

  • Caitlyn Allchin
    Major: Botany
  • Macy Budesilich
    Major: Botany
  • Skylr Lopez
    Major: Wildlife Biology
  • Julia Martinez
    Major: Botany

Exotics Management Apprentices:

  • Judson Fisher
    Major: Forestry
  • Christopher Villarruel
    Major: Forestry – Hydrology
Wildlife Apprentices:

  • Christopher Collier
    Major: Wildlife Biology – Conservation Biology/Applied Vertebrate Ecology
  • Ryan Thompson
    Major: Wildlife Biology

Watershed Rehabilitation Apprentices:

  • Anton Bokisch
    Major: Environmental Science & Management and Ecological Restoration
  • Steven Hopper
    Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
  • Haley Isaacson
    Major: Environmental Resources Engineering
  • Samantha Bowman Pincus
    Major: Forestry – Wildland Fire Management

Hydrology Apprentices:

  • Brett Crandall
    Major: Forestry – Hydrology
  • Sarah McGee
    Major: Forestry – Soils

For more information about Redwoods Rising and the apprentice program or to schedule an interview, contact Jennifer Benito-Kowalski at (415) 820-5814 or [email protected].

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Redwoods Rising
Redwoods Rising is a collaboration between Save the Redwoods League, the National Park Service, and California State Parks. It will greatly accelerate the pace of redwood forest recovery within Redwood National and State Parks (RNSP) and help protect the area’s remaining old-growth groves. RNSP is made up of four parks, Redwood National Park, Prairie Creek, Jedediah Smith, and Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Parks, which are cooperatively managed by California State Parks and the National Park Service. Learn more at
Save the Redwoods League
Save the Redwoods League, one of the nation’s oldest conservation organizations, has been protecting and restoring redwood forests since 1918, connecting generations of visitors with the beauty and serenity of the redwood forest. Our 24,000 supporters have enabled the League to protect more than 216,000 acres of irreplaceable forest in 66 state, national and local parks and reserves. Learn more at, or to sign up for updates, please visit
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