Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored California redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish. We purchase redwood forests and the surrounding lands needed to nurture them; regenerate logged forests so they become spectacular havens for future generations; study how to best protect and restore these global treasures; and introduce people to these magical places.

The redwood forests are true wonders of the world — as significant to our planet as the Amazon rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and the Serengeti. Home to the tallest and largest trees on the planet, old-growth redwood forests store more carbon than any other known ecosystems. These are the greatest forests in the world.

Explosive demand for lumber after the 1849 Gold Rush devastated what were once vast, ancient redwood forests that stretched from Central California to Southern Oregon. Just 5 percent of the original coast redwood range remains.

Since our founding in 1918, Save the Redwoods League, a nonprofit organization, has been singularly focused on protecting this ancient treasure. The League has protected more than 200,000 acres of redwood forests and helped create 66 redwood parks and reserves by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding land needed to nurture them. We restore redwood forests by innovating science and technology that can improve stewardship and accelerate forest regeneration. And most important, we have touched the lives of hundreds of millions of people by connecting them to nature. The League’s work is grounded in the principles of conservation biology, research and improving our collective understanding and appreciation of the redwoods.

Save the Redwoods League is exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

San Vicente Redwoods. Photo by William K. Matthias
Photo by William K. Matthias


We Protect Forests and Land

We protect redwoods by purchasing forests and the surrounding lands needed to nurture them.


Photo by Humboldt State University


We Restore Forests and Land

We restore young, damaged and neglected redwood forests so they can become the old-growth forests of the future.


Muir Woods
Photo by Paolo Vescia


We Connect People to the Redwood Forest

We connect people to the peace and beauty of the California redwoods through a network of magnificent parks and protected areas.


Today, it takes a community of caretakers to protect redwood forests. Your donations support the work we describe above. With your help, we know that the 2,000- and 3,000-year-old giants will inspire the imagination of countless generations to come. Donate today , leave a legacy gift, talk to your friends about our work, visit the redwood forest with your friends and family and explore volunteer opportunities in redwood parks.