Generous gifts from generations of members have enabled Save the Redwoods League to make extraordinary progress in our mission to protect and restore the redwood forest, and to connect people to the peace and beauty of the redwoods.

The impact of your support

Over the last century, the League has protected more than 216,000 acres of redwood forests and helped create 66 redwood parks and reserves. We have pioneered science-based forest-restoration work, and we have touched the lives of millions of people by connecting them to these wonders of nature.

Annual Report

You can read the complete 2020-21 Annual Report on PDF or an interactive online version.

In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic and a record-breaking wildfire season in California, Save the Redwoods League forged ahead with our vision to bring back the great redwood forests of our past, protecting the last of the remaining old-growth redwoods, restoring historically logged redwood forests, and connecting all people to the wonders of the redwoods through world-class parks.

These conservation achievements were possible with your generous contributions, which supported critical land acquisitions, the first full season of a historic forest restoration initiative, and vital investments in redwood parks to offer inclusive experiences to millions of visitors who sought the peace and solace of the redwoods during a tumultuous year.

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