On 175 acres, old-growth stands will be protected along the Gualala River where restoration work can accelerate development of ancient forest features. Photo by Mike Shoys

Generous gifts from generations of members have enabled Save the Redwoods League to make extraordinary progress in our mission to protect and restore the redwood forest, and to connect people to the peace and beauty of the redwoods.

Over the last century, the League has protected more than 200,000 acres of redwood forests and helped create 66 redwood parks and reserves. We have pioneered science-based forest-restoration work, and we have touched the lives of millions of people by connecting them to these wonders of nature.

The impact of your support:

The impact of your support

Map of Save the Redwoods League Achievements 2019
You can read the complete 2019 Annual Report report online.

Through completed land transactions, Save the Redwoods League added critical redwood forestland to our redwood parks. We restored degraded redwood forests, bringing to bear the highest standards of restoration forestry and setting them on a path to become vibrant old-growth forests for our children’s children. We built trails and park amenities to ensure that life-changing experiences await us in redwood parks that are accessible to all. And we brought tens of thousands of new visitors to the forest, inspiring wonder and moments of joy in the parks that our predecessors helped to create.

Your contributions to the Redwood Land Fund made this progress possible, allowing the League to seize opportunities in a complex and fast-paced real estate market, to actively engage in the stewardship and restoration of the forest, and to invest in the redwood parks that inspire and sustain us.

See a full list of our recently completed projects.

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