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See answers to frequently asked questions about Save the Redwoods League and redwoods.

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Experience the Redwoods

Where are the redwoods?
I'm planning a trip to visit the redwoods. Where should I go, and do you have any recommendations for accommodations?

Make a Donation

How can I donate?


Have all redwoods been saved?
What are the threats to redwoods?
What is the difference between old-growth and second-growth redwoods? How does that impact your work today and in the future?
How many acres of old-growth forest are left?
How many acres of redwood forestland are owned by a public agency (national, state and local parks)?
Are the redwoods related to any other trees?

Permanent Protection of Land

How does Save the Redwoods League protect redwoods today compared to 100 years ago?
How can the League be sure that property will be protected once it is transferred to a permanent steward?
What is the League's position on commercial forestry in the redwoods?
My neighbor or someone in my community is planning a timber harvest on their private land. What can I do?
Someone in my neighborhood wants to cut down redwoods (on their own or someone else's property). What can I do about this?

Land Acquisitions

How does the League determine which properties to purchase?
When the League purchases a property, how does the League determine what price to pay?
Why does it cost so much to buy redwood forestland and the surrounding landscapes?
What will the League do if a private property owner wants to convert his/her lands to vineyards or develop the property for residential/commercial use?


How are roads removed during a restoration project?
Why does the League support the cutting of trees in forest restoration projects such as Mill Creek?
Why is fire necessary for redwoods?
Why can fire can be a threat to the forest?
How is Save the Redwoods League reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires?

Conservation Easements

What is a conservation easement?
Does the League establish conservation easements or accept donations of land?

Planting and Caring for Redwoods

A redwood or sequoia in my backyard is looking unhealthy or falling. Can the League visit or provide information on helping this tree?
Can I plant a coast redwood or a giant sequoia in my yard, and will it thrive if I live outside California?
What kind of soil and climate conditions are best for redwoods?
I disagree with how my neighbor or community member is managing the trees on their private property. Can you provide support?

Book Recommendations

I want to give someone a redwood book. What would you recommend?

Carbon Offsets

Does the League have any information about how my firm or organization can purchase carbon offsets?

League Partners

What government agencies are the League's primary partners?
Does the League work with other nonprofits?
How does the League work with California State Parks?

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