At the dawn of its next century of conservation work, Save the Redwoods League is embarking on a new Centennial Vision for Redwoods Conservation.

ONE HUNDRED YEARS IS A BRIEF, PASSING MOMENT in the life of a redwood tree. In the life of a nonprofit organization, however, 100 years marks a major milestone. In 2018, Save the Redwoods League celebrated its Centennial and a century of extraordinary accomplishments in protecting and restoring redwood forests and connecting people to their peace and beauty.

AT THE DAWN OF OUR NEXT CENTURY, we seek to increase the scale and impact of our conservation work; our longstanding mission of saving healthy, vibrant redwood forests demands it. At its core, our Centennial Vision is about preserving these globally significant forests—and the transformative redwood moments they inspire—for generations to come. Redwood forests are among our most sacred places: where we go to renew our spirits and immerse ourselves in the giants’ silent beauty, find peace and comfort in their unfathomable resilience, gain perspective and humble respect for their massive longevity, and witness firsthand the irrepressible power of nature.

Centennial Vision for Redwoods Conservation

Save the Redwoods League envisions vibrant redwood forests of the scale and grandeur that once graced the California coast and the Sierra Nevada, protected forever, restored to grow old again, and connected to people through a network of magnificent parks and protected areas that inspire all of us with the beauty and power of nature.

Creek in the redwoods


Protect the ancient redwoods and the vibrant forest landscapes that sustain them.


  • Double the size of coast redwood forests in parks and reserves to 800,000 acres.
  • Protect the remaining old-growth forests.
  • Secure the redwood forests’ footprints and restore their ecological condition.


  • Accelerate redwood forest conservation on a landscape scale.
  • Secure protection of remaining old-growth coast redwood and giant sequoia.
  • Advance ecological forestry conservation easements on working forests.

Photo by Jon Parmentier


Restore young redwood forests so they become the old-growth forests for future generations.


  • Put half (800,000 acres) of the coast redwood forests on a trajectory toward old-growth forest form and function.
  • Restore giant sequoia groves through fuels management, prescribed fire, and other tools that enhance ecosystem function.


  • Leverage science to set new standards for redwood forest stewardship.
  • Identify ecological restoration priorities across the redwood range.
  • Implement landscape-scale restoration projects to accelerate old-growth forest conditions.

Family hiking in a redwood park


Connect people to the peace and beauty of the California redwoods through a network of world-class parks and protected areas.


  • Substantially increase and diversify redwood park visitation to reflect the scale and diversity of California’s population.
  • Ensure an inspirational and transformative park experience for all who visit the redwoods.
  • Make certain that redwood forests—their parks, ecological significance, conservation, and stewardship—are understood and embraced as critical elements of California’s identity.


  • Transform public access and interpretation in the redwood parks to inspire visitation and attract new audiences.
  • Create signature redwood destinations in select geographies.
  • Strategically upgrade recreational, educational, and interpretive infrastructure in existing parks.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of redwood forests through marketing redwood parks and partnering with schools and environmental education centers to develop and implement redwood-focused programming.

Stand for the Redwoods

To walk among these giants is to look upon the original face of nature and experience the incomparable majesty and beauty of the world’s tallest and largest living things. In a world increasingly defined by the deterioration of global natural treasures—receding glaciers, dammed and dying rivers, unprecedented rates of species extinction—Save the Redwoods League has a story of hope and resilience to tell.
Our first chapter, spanning the course of our first 100 years, tells how we stopped the destruction of these superlative forests, saving treasured examples of the wild and ancient groves that once dominated California’s coast and mountains.

Now, during our Centennial, we begin our second chapter, wherein we will safeguard these storied groves and heal the forests that surround and sustain them. Together with our supporters and partners, we will set in motion the reclamation of the ancient redwood range and sow the seeds of new old-growth forests that will sustain and inspire future generations. Moreover, we will renew our human connection to the natural world through the treasured gateways of our dedicated redwood parks. With your help, we can continue writing this story together and take the first essential steps toward creating the ancient forests of tomorrow.