Clark Tree in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

The following is a list of trees that have been dedicated in California redwood parks since 1995. The trees are listed in chronological order, starting with our most recent dedications.

Honor Trees By Park

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Butano State Park

In loving memory of Nancy Saavedra Franciose762020
Justin and Tom’s Redwood1012020
The Charles G. Hall Family Tree1492020
Helen and Aaron Herskowitz Tree222018
In Loving Memory of Sherri Wallaert2282018
The Smallenburg Family Tree2412018
In Loving Honor of Elizabeth (Betty) L. Topliff2082017
Friedman Family Tree2272017
In Honor of Rhys Gregory Charles Raymond and Vaughn Lucas Davies Raymond2342017
In Honor of Rhys Gregory Charles Raymond and Vaughn Lucas Davies Raymond2352017
Dedicated to the Memory of Our Beloved Terri Lilya Keanely2562016
Dedicated to the Memory of Our Beloved Terri Lilya Keanely1082016
Dedicated to the Memory of Our Beloved Terri Lilya Keanely1062016
In honor of JoEllen McNeal and Dr. Craig Zunka332016
In honor of Harry and Clessa Gage2212016
In memory of Stephanie Lynn Erickson2502016
In Loving Memory of Jacqueline Holloway2332016
In loving memory of Julie Anne Zan, we love you always.942016
In memory of Loraine C. Tuers2432015
In Honor and Loving Memory of Jonathan Masin812015
In Honor and Loving Memory of Amy Picchiotti822015
Harold Hugh Burns Tree452015
In loving memory of Leila Dunn Clary2322015
In loving memory of Cherie Lorraine Dees2622015
In loving memory of Dorothy Lorraine Dees2612015
In loving memory of Vanessa Lynn Collins2602015
Caleb’s Redwood2472015
Liebrand Tree2062015
In memory of Sammy1872015
Jack’s Giant Beanstalk1072014
Charles Causer2202014
In memory of Gregory Thomas Harries Davies29, 30, 312014
‘Shea’s Fairy Tree’ in Memory of Shea C. Choma1882014
In Honor of Cynthia M. Grubb102014
In memory of Eileen M. Kawiecki-Orpheus1152014
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur1162014
In Honor of Gregory Bruce and Jenine (Allahyari) Stilson, Samantha, Leland and Duncan1502014
The Mother Tree, Valerie Jelenfy Stilson1512014
In Honor of the Marriage of Irene Shin and Guy Wainwright Stilson1532014
In Honor of Neil L. Howard612014
In honor of Robert C. Glandorff52014
In memory of Dorothy McJenkin1772014
Brenda Bruderer1392013
Paul Bruderer1402013
Denise Johnson772013
Judy Teitler582013
Ellen Meadows872013
Harriet E. and Irving M. Levy992013
Stephen Van Woert Honor Tree1352013
Ann & Bill Regan1092013
Boebel Family Tree412013
Roy P. Bennett – Peace62012
Eleanor Boyd Boushey182012
Homer A. Boushey322012
Derrick “Dick” Hartley and Audrey Hartley752012
Justine Levy Bennett1292012
Big Bill, William Glover Sr.1382012
Sierra Lane and Kelly Anne Gage1542012
Katie Laurine and Danny Lee Batoosingh1552012
Calvin Moncrieff1562012
Jillian Marie and Matthew Arron Strobel1582012
Nancy Moncrieff1592012
Ian Parker and Eric Andrew Shimomura1672012
Julie Glandorff72011
Frank Delfino & Family Tree252011
Janice Delfino Tree262011
Contact Improvisation Dance Grove502011
The Susan Evans Memorial Tree542011
William F. and Jessica Kirsch1052011
Nolah and Wilson McCahon- Brenniesen’s neighbor1192011
Julie and Jack Gurian -Brenniesen’s Friends1322011
Monique Zander1472011
Charles Nack Tree1852011
Hanako “Michiko” Richardson Celebration of Life Tree162010
Zachary Thomas McClarnon632010
Bud and Mary Lee Trier Honor Tree892010
Carolyn Wolfe Outland1202010
Susan Crawford Gage1422010
Carol Crawford Causer1432010
Anne Crawford Strobel1452010
Amy Crawford Batoosingh1462010
Betty and Durwood Anderson Honor Tree1522010
Leslie Crawford Shimomura1702010
Maya Naomi Miyamoto1742010
Zoe Jayne Miyamoto1752010
In Memory of Dr. Andrew S. Adams1792010
James and Jean Marie Warhola1802010
Ian Robert Gould1842010
Nathan Michael McClarnon1932010
Nicholas Jay McClarnon1942010
Stanley A. Leavy1962010
Noah David Gould1972010
George Wayne Banks1982010
Adam Joseph Gould1992010
Calvin H. Topliff1142009
Priscilla Paine Fuller (Pepper), forever beside Andy1682009
Charles Andrew Fuller (Andy), forever beside Pepper1692009
Contact Improvisation Dance Grove512008
Dedicated in loving memory of Pete Vullo742008
Frances C. and Raymond M. Cox1762008
Dana Sheri Morgan702007
Dedicated in loving memory of Lee Vullo732007
Adrian Adams Memorial Tree952007
Emma Jean Christian Smith1212007
Mark and Leila Woods Family1222007
Mark and Leila Woods Family1232007
Mark and Leila Woods Family1242007
Mark and Leila Woods Family1252007
Mary Ann Lewis Memorial Tree1652007
Annika Olivia Dodd1722007
Christian Jameson Dodd1732007
Annalisa Nicole Morgan1912007
Kurt Stanley Harms1282006
The Vernon Family1612006
Dolores Blythe Riddle1622006
Ethel Vernon Langstaff1632006
Vin Ma1712006
The Ronald Charles Baker Memorial Tree1812006
Tree of Justice82005
The Glenn and Virginia Hamner Family Memorial1862005
David H. Reiley572004
Harry A. Philipp1642004
The Pedro Antonio and Lucille Bresser Piera Memorial Tree1782004
Helen L. Ball1952004
The Cathedral2002004
Anna Van Horn Alexander682003
Luckie Alexander WonderDog Tree712003
Dr. David Llewellyn Coffen1002003
Stewart W. McBrayer42002
Lillian Catherine Walton392002
Robert Warren Walton402002
Byron and Flossie Hoff852002
Daniel A. Richards1442002
Henry and Ruth Messinger1572002
Alfred C. Kuehl1481995

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Humboldt Redwoods State Park

In Honor of Forest Tranquility1202020
Albert Kuner Redwood Tree1072020
The Ray Boland Redwood Tree652020
John Joseph Tait Memorial Tree192020
Karl Knapp Memorial Tree52020
Guy and Jean Phillips2232020
Carolien Kraan and Kristiaan Oord Family Tree152020
In memory of Shirley Braid Browne2022017
In memory of Fred Browne2042017
In memory of Ruth and Jaques Kaswan2252016
In honor of Wallace A. Dinsmore992015
In loving memory of Gary Broughton Jones1712015
In memory of Carol Thorp1122014
Donald C. Sund Tree2032014
In memory of Harold Sullivan and Guy H. Phillips632014
Molina Family Tree2072014
In Memory Of Jeffrey L. Sites142014
Natura Mundi, Doug and Joanne Schwartz672014
In honor of Frank M. Midgley, Jr.792014
Nancy C. Lorain1102014
Helen Herskowitz Tree1292013
Dave Stockton852013
Delta Petersen1742013
Dominic Petrofes2202013
Marjorie Burnham432013
Stephen Van Woert1682013
The Railsplitter1892013
Aaron Herskowitz Tree1282012
Caleb Altmire, Apollo, Pa Tree1092012
Haggerty Children: Kelly, William, Thomas and Kathleen962012
Haggerty Grandchildren: William, Taylor, Barbara and Isabella952012
Haggerty Great Grandchildren and those to come972012
Nola Alene & W. David Haggerty Tree942012
The Stan King Tree1462011
Gary Grock Tree2222010
Kevin Tsai and Family Trees2122010
Kevin Tsai and Family Trees2132010
Kevin Tsai and Family Trees2142010
Kevin Tsai and Family Trees2152010
Kevin Tsai and Family Trees2162010
Kevin Tsai and Family Trees2172010
Marilyn Grock Tree2212010
Elynor Rudnick Falk1982009
Bill and Sandy Whelan2052008
Bill and Sandy Whelan2062008
Harold Fayette Stevens1772008
Iva M. Ireland1852008
Lorraine McGraw1842008
Nina Kyle Bowser Roberts1802008
William Scott Strang1472008
Colleen D. Curran, “Our Goddess”682007
The Jose Nieto Memorial Tree172007
Thyrza Sperry Clark1042007
Chuck “The Wolf” Leuzzi1192006
John Granzella1412006
Richard George and Sheila Louise Baumgartner1032006
John Edward Allen1962006
Bruce S. Howard542005
Paul Francis Sofia1082005
Elizabeth Massie1432004
David Mathew Graham442003
Eloise P. Allen1952003
Evelyn & Floyd Palm and Family1382003
Joanne Weiler772003
Mary Louise and Leroy Walter Daniels262003
Mary Louise and Leroy Walter Daniels272003
Merritt Robinson1452003
Patricia Knowles Graham472003
Steven Balukonis1592003
Tony & Anne Casita1052003
William J. & Leslie Scopes Garcia Family22003
David W. Tannehill1342002
Floyd & Evelyn Palm and Family1392002
Fred W. Rust1732002
Jane Buel Bradley932002
Jean E. P. Ottinger, my soulmate1212002
Jenny Sanborn922002
Julia L. Oseland1352002
Leah M. Tannehill1372002
Peter Samuel Schindler2012002
Ronald Van Winger862002
Sally W. Nevin872002
Sarah L. Tannehill1362002
Wendy Sanborn & Mike Gray912002
Zachary Schindler2082002
“Free Spirit” Shawn Leslie Eisler412001
Collin Harmon1442001
Gerry Murphy1422001
Karen “Forest Fairy” Denman212001
Margaret A. Swain402001
Paul Villemaire1722001
Sara Yoder Neher and H. Victor Neher1602001
Geoffrey Howard Martin1011999
Katherine Hoyt McCaughey “the dancer”1241999
Nadine Bixby Kirk351999
Beverly Ann Miklich11998
Elaine Fox1691998
George Edward Polansky1331998
Ms. Gloria R. Barron891998

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Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Michael Lowrie42013
Miriam Elizabeth “Mimi” Bird182013
Stephen Van Woert82013
John and Anita Vanheeswyk Honor Tree52013
The Brian T. Archambault tree32012
Nancy Jade Gordon102012
In Loving Memory of Rosemary Tilt Jones212012
William E. Hallford Tree222012

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Portola Redwoods State Park

Popcorn Rock Group90, 91, 992015
Stephen Van Woert972013
Rose Ina Richardson212013
Princess Rachel, the goose girl862013
Joseph Epes Brown III222012
Gregory and Doris Shelton232012
Allen Shelton Jr. and Wynne Shelton252012
Hampton L. Meredith S. and Edward B. Carson262012
Nicholas Cerretani II472012
Barbara Jean Eden342007
Claire H. Barricks532005
Lois M. Borquin582005
Sun Man Lo602005
Peter Bowie and Christina Kramlich882005
Honor of Olive Rosenheim842004
William D. Witter322003
William D. Witter332003
Sergius Bryner572003
Sergius Bryner592003
William D. Witter682003
William D. Witter732003
William D. Witter752003
William D. Witter762003
William D. Witter772003
William D. Witter812003
Ernest P. Edwards922003
Arletha Smrz462002
Buron Jernigan (Jed) Wilson782002
Poinsard & Keithley Families442001
Alfred Virski542001
Mary Pauline Cross Merritt612001
Richard David Barnes692001
Brenda Battraw Barnes702001
Mary Pauline Cross Merritt822001
Mary Pauline Cross Merritt852001
Trevor Alston501999
Frederick R. & Sonia V. Scheerer641999
Analisa Bosche Adams931999
Analisa Bosche Adams941999
Analisa Bosche Adams951999
Analisa Bosche Adams961999
Lawrence A. Kaiden981999
Adelaide Virginia Black361998
Mabel Thacher Edwards621998
Cynthia C. Gish741998
Ruby Hale Field (noted on plaque as Mrs. Oliver C. Field; the family wanted it to read: “Ruby Hale Field 1897-1997”)311997
Brian & Michael Starr351997
Kathmann & Lange Families561996
David Sarlin631996
Clara Horton Jenkins651996
Clara Horton Jenkins661996
Clara Horton Jenkins671996
David McCosker Family791996
Earl K. Dore481995
Fred W. Ruhland491995
Edwin S. Thomas511995
Ross Elliot Peckat521995

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Wilder Ranch State Park

In loving memory of Jeff Robbins 1945-20201082021
The Donald Kahn Honor Tree32020
Amruth Sagar202017
Living Natural Beauty112017
In Memory of Arthur M. Wolfe1202015
Paula Jean Lucchesi Honor Tree892015
In Memory of Frank E. Hauser1042015
In Memory of Raymond Grant Parks Jr.712015
In Honor of the Smallenburg Family232015
Everything is Possible… 4.11.14242014
In Remembrance of Velma Hunter-Hoff Murray882014
In Memory of Frank E. Hauser1032014
Terry A. Marsh, Jr.302013
Frank Hauser1062013
Derek Covert1232013
Jeffrey M. White312013
Bob C. Stahl1012013
Kate Danley1052013
Stephen Van Woert102013
Jason Wang1112013
In Memory of Nolah McCahon1252012
Cruise Palmer Tree52011
Dorraine Palmer62011
The Olivia, Grace, and Sean Honor Tree92011
John Antonucci222011
Karl Schlaepfer1402006
Dick Nichols12002
The Lidens652002
Gloria Schlaepfer1392002
Brad and Susie Mohrmann712002
Kathryn L. Sherriff, Beloved Mother and Wife152001
Murray D. Peppard and George Peppard, Jr.972000

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There are still hundreds of beautiful trees available for dedication. For more information, to dedicate a tree or to receive maps and information about an existing dedication, contact Jackie Perkins at (415) 820-5847 or email

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