Local Funding Measures Support Redwoods

Thank you, voters of the East Bay and Sonoma County, for taking a stand for redwoods and passing Measure FF and Measure M with resounding support!

Measure FF to Protect our East Bay Parks passes by 85 percent!

East Bay Measure FF (external link) will extend an existing parcel tax, thus preserving a dedicated funding source that has protected and enhanced the East Bay Regional Park District for years. Without raising taxes, Measure FF will ensure that critically needed resources remain in place to protect homes and natural resources from fire, increase public access and improve visitor amenities, and protect and restore habitat, including sensitive redwoods. The East Bay Regional Park District contains some of the most accessible coast redwoods in the state. Thank you, residents of Alameda or Contra Costa Counties, for passing Measure FF!

With Measure FF approved by the required two-thirds majority, the existing only $1 per month parcel tax for single-family homes ($.69 per month for multi-family units) will remain in place, helping us to steward and protect the 121,397 acres, 73 parks, and over 1,250 miles of trails managed by the District.

Measure FF will provide funding for regional park services including wildfire protection, public safety, public access, trails, visitor use facilities, and the restoration of natural habitat, urban creeks, and shorelines. Measure FF will provide funding for 50 new projects that will help the District fight climate change and welcome an increasing number of visitors.

Funding from Measure FF will support projects that the League is working on in partnership with the District including:

  • Development of a Redwood Forest Management Plan, which provides a science-based framework to help improve redwood forest health and increase fire and climate resilience
  • Sustainable forest management and restoration projects to reduce the risk of wildfires and improve redwood forest carbon storage — increasingly important goals as our climate changes
  • Increased and improved interpretation of redwood natural history and environmental education opportunities
  • Creek restoration and erosion control projects to improve visitor safety and watershed health

Measure M — Sonoma County Parks for All — passes by 70 percent!

Sonoma County Measure M (external link) will generate $11.5 million annually for parks by creating a 1/8-percent, countywide sales tax. With Measure M passed by the required two-thirds vote, the funding will support Sonoma County and municipal parks’ long-term maintenance needs, help protect natural resources, assist in recovery from wildfires, reduce fire risks, provide health and recreation programs, and open new parks and trails. Thank you, residents of Sonoma County, for passing Measure M!

Thank you, Sonoma County! Measure M passed!Parks in Sonoma County are welcoming an increasing number of people. In the past five years, the number of visitors to these parks has increased by 45 percent! Yet, Sonoma County Regional Parks do not have a stable funding source to maintain and operate the incredible open space and recreational resources loved by so many. Until now!

According to the Measure M expenditure plan, 33.3 percent will support local city parks and recreation needs, 25 percent will be invested in maintenance in county regional parks, 23.4 percent will go to improve access to parks, and 18.3 percent will go to protect natural resources. Seventy percent of the proposed funding allocation will be for existing parks and 30 percent will be for new parks, including potential redwood acquisitions.

Finally, with Measure M passed, up to $42 million in Prop 68 local funds will be made accessible for park projects in the county.

Measure M was unanimously approved by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to appear on the November 6, 2018, ballot. It was endorsed by the Sonoma County Regional Parks Foundation, the North Bay Labor Council, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, the Greenbelt Alliance, and many others.

Visit Yes on M (external link) to learn more about what Measure M will do to support Sonoma County parks.

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