The Endangered Species Act

The League is working to prevent the Trump administration's proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act that would undermine our ability to protect the biodiversity of the redwood forest.

Marbled murrelet is listed as "Endangered." Photo by Tim Lenz, Flickr Creative Commons
The marbled murrelet is listed as “Endangered.” Photo by Tim Lenz, Flickr Creative Commons
The Endangered Species Act was signed into law in 1973, and is a bedrock statute in land protection and conservation. The intention of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is to prevent wildlife species extinction, help imperiled species recover, and support ecosystem-based habitat protection.

Today, the Department of the Interior and the Trump administration are working to revise regulatory language in the ESA. The alarming proposal would allow for the analysis of economic impacts when considering listing species or considering protections – a reversal of the current statute. Learn more on our Giant Thoughts blog.

We at Save the Redwoods League urge you to make your voice heard so that we can protect the integrity of the Endangered Species Act. Please call your member of Congress (external link), and let them know that the ESA Modernization Package (external link) is an unacceptable step in the wrong direction for America’s imperiled wildlife species and overall biodiversity, especially in the face of a changing climate

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