Redwood forest after the fire

After the fire: Big Basin Redwoods State Park


It’s been about three months since fire swept through Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and we thought we’d check in on this remarkable coast redwood forest. As we’ve discussed, most of the redwoods will be OK. In the video, you can see the famed Mother of the Forest Tree, charred but still living and surviving. In all, fascinating to see a resilient forest evolve.

Alder Creek after fire

Update from Alder Creek


We finally had a chance to survey fire impacts at Alder Creek

A woman wearing a hardhat, glasses, a yellow shirt, and khaki pants, holding a rake and standing in front of a giant sequoia.

Field Notes From a Sequoia Forest Fellow


The League’s giant sequoia forest fellow shares her story about how she came to work in giant sequoia conservation, and what needs to be done to protect the forest and restore its fire resilience.

Take Me to the Trees a terrific success


More than a thousand redwoods champions joined our annual celebration, raising more than $676,000 for the League’s parks programs.

Redwood Experiences

A new day for California’s redwood parks


I’ll never forget my first time visiting a redwood forest. Even though I was born and raised in California, I didn’t see a redwood in real life until I was well into adulthood and I went to Muir Woods National …

Lectura: El árbol generoso

Lectura: El árbol generoso, de Shel Silverstein


Durante generaciones, niños y niñas de todas las edades han disfrutado del libro de Shel Silverstein, “El árbol generoso”. Esta lectura fue elegida por ser una tierna y conmovedora historia que nos enseña muchas lecciones sobre nuestra conexión con los árboles.

Book Reading: The Giving Tree

Book reading: The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein


For generations, kids of all ages have enjoyed Shel Silverstein’s book, “The Giving Tree.” Deborah chose this book specifically because it’s both fun and teaches a lot of great lessons about our relationship with the trees around us.

A man in a yellow shirt and hard hat stands in a road surrounded by giant sequoia trees.

Post-Fire Alder Creek Update


Following the SQF Complex Fire, the fire impacts on the giant sequoia of the Alder Creek property appear to be beneficial.