biking san vicente

Video: Biking the San Vicente Redwoods with World Champion Kate Courtney


We invited World Champion and Olympic mountain biker Kate Courtney to ride the trails of San Vicente Redwoods to demonstrate the relationship between conservation and recreation. Late last year, a new network of trails opened to the public at San …

Young trees grow in a pot in the foreground. Other potted trees are in the background.

How wildfire changes the world underground


When a wildfire burns through a forest, it can leave behind a charred and seemingly lifeless landscape. But before long, seedlings sprout in the burned, black soil—the promise of a renewed forest. What kind of forest will it be? Which …

Lupine is a wildflower found in redwood forests. Photo by Max Forster.

Wildflowers of the redwood forests


If it’s spring, it’s wildflower season. Wildflower season is one of the best times to experiences California’s great outdoors.

A dense stand of redwoods and ferns covering the forest floor. A person stands in the midground.

10 amazing redwoods photos for Earth Day


The 53rd Earth Day is coming up on April 22, with its worldwide demonstrations of support for environmental protection and celebrations of our planet’s natural wonders. Among these wonders are the magnificent coast redwood and giant sequoia forests. Enjoy some …

Adults plant a tree as dozens of schoolchildren watch in 1908.

Happy Arbor Day. What is it?


Ask the average person to define Arbor Day, and a likely response is, “It’s something to do with trees.” While Arbor Day isn’t the most popular holiday in America, it’s been celebrated in the nation since April 10, 1872, when …

A closeup of the front half of a mottled brown salamander

Protecting a sensitive salamander


Near the jade waters of the Smith River in Redwood National and State Parks is the habitat of a small amphibian species that may depend on redwood forests as its environment changes. The southern torrent salamander (Rhyacotriton variegatus) seeks clear, …

Three people walking through a forest of giant redwoods on a trail lined with tall ferns.

7 awesome backpacking trips in the redwoods


Day hikes are one way to experience the awe of California’s coast redwood and giant sequoia forests, but there’s nothing like the immersive experience of backpacking in these places. Carrying everything you’ll need allows you to reach parts of the …

Two people stand beside a redwood shaped like a candelabra

10 of the strangest trees in the redwoods


A redwood forest typically includes tree after towering, straight tree, an expanse of magnificent columnar trunks reaching skyward. But there are odd redwoods out there. Here are some brow-raising examples.

Snow lies around red flowers will broad, mottled leaves.

8 early blooms herald spring’s approach


Spring doesn’t start until March 20, but that doesn’t stop the blooms in the coast redwood forests, even in the recent, unusual snow. Look out for these beauties, blooming now and in the coming months. Western trillium Milkmaid Redwood sorrel …

A brown and white owl perches on a branch.

How to bar barred owls


Barred owls and northern spotted owls have a lot in common: Both are brown-and-white owls; both are denizens of mature forests. The spotted owl hoots a four-note call, while the slightly larger barred owl hoots, “Who cooks for you?!” But …

A smiling person shown from chest up in a redwood forest.

‘An amazing life experience’: Volunteering at Grove of Titans


One of John Muir’s famous quotes is “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”  For me, the redwoods are calling, and I must go. I am an active Titaneer volunteer working the Grove of Titans trail in Jedediah Smith …

The front half of a dark salamander is shown against a bright green background.

9 weird plants and animals of redwood forests


Coast redwood forests and giant sequoia groves are famous for their iconic beauty, but lesser known are the peculiar wonders they harbor. Here are a handful.

An illustration showing the layers beneath the bark of a redwood tree: phloem, cambium, sapwood, and heartwood.

What lies beneath: Anatomy of redwoods


Under the bark of coast redwoods and giant sequoias are many layers, each with an important job in the growth and protection of the tree. Bark – the outer layer of the tree, the bark, protects the tree from damage …