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Pfeiffer Falls Trail - You Can Rebuild a Favorite Big Sur Trail

You Can Rebuild
a Favorite Trail

Your support can restore Big Sur's Pfeiffer Falls Trail after a devastating fire.
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Help restore an enchanted forest - Give today

Help Restore Shady Dell

You can help heal this enchanted forest.
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FREE Family Guide to the Coast Redwoods

Free Guide to the Redwoods

Download the free Family Guide to the Coast Redwoods for travel tips, activities and more!
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Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of California State Parks!

Celebrate Your Parks

California State Parks turns 150 this year! See the League's impact on the state parks system.
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Shady Dell: Creating a Trail in Paradise

Shady Dell: Creating a Trail in Paradise

Your generous gifts enabled Save the Redwoods League to purchase Shady Dell and plan its restoration. Now we're working to open its wonders to you. But first Shady Dell needs work. Logging in the 1800s, 1950s and 1980s damaged this landscape. Before logging, this land embraced giant redwoods, clear streams and diverse, native plants and animals, including now-imperiled salmon, northern spotted owls and birds called marbled murrelets. These animals depend on ancient forest habitat. Our vision is to help restore the forest features they need. Learn more about the restoration efforts at Shady Dell.


A History of Conservation

The first memorial grove was established in honor of Colonel Raynal C. Bolling, commemorating the first American Army officer of high rank to fall in World War I. Pictured: Bolling Grove Dedication, 1921.

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Spirals in Giant Sequoia Cones

If you look at a giant sequoia cone with the bottom end facing you, you will notice that the scales form spirals. This is the Fibonacci sequence found everywhere in nature: in the spiral of snail shells and in the shape of storms and breaking waves, for example.

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