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Recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce is a high priority for Save the Redwoods League.


Sharon Rabichow, Planned Giving Officer, helps plant seedlings at an event honoring a League member.

Save the Redwoods League is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To apply for an open position, please submit a letter of interest and resume to jobs@savetheredwoods.org and be sure to include the job title in the subject line of your email.

Current Job Opportunities

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League Profile

Anthony Castanos: Redwoods Are the Wonders in Our Back Yard
Anthony Castanos: Redwoods Are the Wonders in Our Back Yard

Anthony Castanos, Conservation Programs Assistant at Save the Redwoods League, takes in the beauty of Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve.

Anthony Castanos, Land Project and Stewardship Associate at Save the Redwoods League, can't remember a time without the presence of giant redwoods in his life.

"We would go camping in the Sierra or Yosemite every summer," recalled the San Diego, California native. "When you're a kid, only a couple feet tall, looking at those trees is very humbling."

As a student at University of California, Berkeley, Castanos was drawn to urban planning with an environmental focus. He was living along the Hayward fault when he took a course and learned to identify and overlay earthquake- and fire-prone areas on maps. He mapped his own neighborhood's geological instability as well as its vegetation and wide array of trees, including redwoods.

"It was fascinating to get that science perspective – what actually existed in the city where I lived," he said.

His map-making ability comes in handy at the League, where Castanos has worked since 2011. "Any time property owners want to sell, or we identify a land that we want to conserve, I communicate with the owners, help draft maps and help with contracts," he said.

When friends ask why he cares about the redwoods, he talks first about whales.

"Whales are the biggest animals in the world, and people rally to protect this magnificent aquatic life," he said. "But redwoods are not just the biggest of the trees, they are also in our back yard. We can see them. We can appreciate them. We can save something that's part of our everyday lives."

Donate Today, Visit Your New Park Addition Within a Year

Sharing a border with San Mateo County's Memorial Park and less than an hour from Silicon Valley's millions of people is a magical forest of big redwoods that's practically ready for you to walk its wide, welcoming trails. The Loma Mar Redwoods forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains is a delight. You can protect and open this forest to the public. Learn more about Loma Mar Redwoods and our Emergency Projects Campaign.

Giant Sequoia National Monument

HIGHLIGHTS: Giant Sequoia National Monument showcases nearly half of the giant sequoia groves in the entire world. While these trees (also called "Sierra redwoods," Sequoiadendron giganteum) don't get as tall as coast redwoods, some are bigger by volume.

Park Highlights & Visitor Information »