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Help Protect 'Redwood Heartland'

Help Protect 'Redwood Heartland'

March 10, 2011

Help Protect 'Redwood Heartland'

New Living Landscape Initiative to Conserve 30,000 Acres in Santa Cruz Mountains

Save the Redwoods League has joined a passionate group of conservation organizations in and around Silicon Valley to protect the area's vast open spaces, broad biodiversity, productive working lands and dramatic natural beauty, including 30,000 acres of redwood forests.

The new Living Landscape Initiative (LLI), with your help, will protect these redwood forests, including old-growth, working forests and forestlands valued for their natural resources and scenic beauty.

To attract matching funds from the public and private sectors, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has put forth a $15 million 3-to-1 challenge grant for land acquisition and stewardship over the next three years. Support the LLI by donating to Save the Redwoods League today!

Read about how this new initiative has inspired a generous gift by Pam and Allan Rozelle.

Redwood Forests' Value

The Redwood Heartland forests do more than inspire us with their magnificence. They soak up greenhouse gases to clean our air, hold soil together to keep our water clean and provide habitat for many species, including some that are found only among redwoods.

Through the LLI, the League will link these redwood forests to protect entire landscapes in the Santa Cruz Mountains. These linkages will create extended wildlife corridors and clean sources of water. By creating these protected spaces, we will help prevent unchecked urban sprawl and make our landscapes more adaptable to the effects of climate change and other future threats.

In addition to the League, the LLI includes The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, The Nature Conservancy, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and Sempervirens Fund. A grant from Resources Legacy Fund supported development of the Initiative and its shared vision in response to the region's rapid population growth.

The LLI leverages each member's expertise and shared focus to create a sustainable living landscape where …

  • people and wildlife benefit from nature
  • our natural world remains intact and resilient to change
  • landscapes support clean air and water
  • the striking beauty of the region is preserved for future generations

Bookmark this page and check back for updates. For more information about LLI, visit www.livinglandscapeinitiative.org.

Past League Projects in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Save the Redwoods League has already protected more than 13,000 acres of redwood forest and supporting landscapes in the Santa Cruz Mountains, including

Your Gifts Secure Match for Santa Cruz Old-Growth

Thanks to you, we've met our matching gift challenge! Thanks to the generous J.A. Woollam Foundation, an additional $68,000 of your gifts were matched in our Santa Cruz Mountains Old-Growth Campaign. The J.A. Woollam Foundation donated the gift in addition to its initial pledge of $100,000! We also thank our anonymous donor for the gift of $55,000 to this campaign. So far we've raised about $5.5 million of the $8 million needed to purchase and protect some of the most magnificent old-growth redwood forest still left in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can help us meet our ultimate goal. Learn more.

Hendy Woods State Park

HIGHLIGHTS: Hendy Woods State Park shelters not one but two ancient redwood forests, the 80-acre Big Hendy and 20-acre Little Hendy groves.

Park Highlights & Visitor Information »