The Save the Redwoods League Council, or volunteer advisors, elects the Board of Directors.

Members of the Board of Councillors learn about stream restoration in Mill Creek forest. Photo by Mark Bult
Members of the Council learn about stream restoration in Mill Creek forest. Photo by Mark Bult

The Role of the Council

League Councilors act as ambassadors for our work; support the League as top philanthropic priority; participate in, and introduce friends through, League events; and serve on League committees and task forces when needed.

Meet the Councilors

Berler, Matthew K.
Butler, Stephen
Cameron, Rosemary
Campbell, James
Clark, Sara A.
Croft, William
De Domenico, Debbie
Erdberg, Lisa
Eschenbach, Ralph
Fishman, Eric
Fox, Caitlyn
Franklin, Jerry
Franklin, Reno Keoni
Garone, Denise
Gonzalez, Jose G. A.
Grimm, Brigit
Harris, Melissa
Hart, Caryl
Hastings, Colby
Helms, Michael
Horn, David R.
Hsiao, Kristy
Kelly, Erin C.
Kerhoulas, Lucy
Kirby, Walker
Kishimoto, Yoriko
Leon, Rey
Light, Peggy
Lyons, Christa
Mahler, Dave
Massey, Donald
Montague, John
Musgrave, Tanya
Oritz, Lisa
Power, Mary Eleanor
Quinn, Allegra
Ramos, Jorge
Ravage, Ethan
Rodrigues, Kimberly
Ross, Lorelle
Roth, Corinna
Rustermier, Cathy
Samuelsen, Roger
Shapiro, Carl
Scharffenberger, John
Sergi, Jim
Sherwood Call, Carolyn
Tarapani, Abe
Tuttle, Andrea
van Steyn, Gerard
Vought, Andy
Weinberg, David
Wendling, Rich
Wentworth, Frank
Whittington, Mindy
Williams, Blake
Woo, Michael K.
Wyatt, Mike
York, Dr. Robert A.

Honorary Councilors

This distinction is granted by the Board of Directors to former Councilors in recognition of their exemplary support and service to the League during their tenure, and the lasting impact they’ve had on the League’s mission.

Anderton, Kate
Babock, Gwendolyn
Claassen, Ed
Connick, Sarah
Dangermond, Pete
Denny, Sandra
Donnell, Sandy
Faggioli, Justin
Frazier, Peter
Garcia, Terry
Harper, Jack
Hart, Jane
Howard, Barry
Holland, Annette
Hull, Paul
Husch, David
Kent, Nicholas
Kirshenbaum, Noel
Kramer, Sharon
Larson, Jim
Libby, Bill
Livermore, Sam
Mark, Walter
McLaughlin, George
McPherson, Steve
Millet, Wendy
Morrish, Tom
Otter, Dick
Peyton, George
Porter, Teresa
Sardina, George
Sproul, Robert
Taylor, John
Thomas, Melinda
Widener, Deborah
Wright, Mary

Apply to Be a Council Member

Save the Redwoods League seeks mission ambassadors who will help shape a future where California’s redwood forests are protected forever, restored to grow old again, and are connected to all people. Interested candidates should apply by June 3, 2024, for priority consideration.

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