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Generous individuals help us protect forests.

Ken Fisher generously supports the League's Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative.

Ken Fisher generously supports the League's Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative.

Generous individuals help Save the Redwoods League protect forests. Ken Fisher for example, has generously offered to match—up to $500,000—every gift made to our Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative.

Fisher Supports Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative

Fisher's love for redwoods is rooted in his experiences growing up with them up in California.

He calls the ancient giants "the world's most spectacular trees."

Another constant in Fisher's life is the pursuit and support of transformational activities—"activities that fundamentally change something so things are never quite the same as they were before that activity," he said.

In the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative, Fisher found the embodiment of these two priorities in his life: redwoods and transformation.

Founder of Fisher Investments, Fisher is Co-Chair of the Initiative's Task Force and an expert on 19th-century logging. He said the Initiative continues the League's tradition of transformation, which started with the organization's establishment in 1918.

"There would be many fewer giant trees if it weren't for the League," Fisher said. "The League was there at the right time before there was a voice for protecting any of these trees in a massive way."

Now it is time to protect the trees from new, rapid environmental change. Fisher and other members of the Initiative Task Force are helping us lead the way.

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Jeff Norman: Sharing a Home's Wonder Creates Uplifting Legacy
Jeff Norman: Sharing a Home's Wonder Creates Uplifting Legacy

Jeff Norman enjoys a vista in Big Sur. His trustees protected the 20-acre parcel he loved by selling it to the League. Photo by Susanna Danner

Many might say that Jeff Norman was the embodiment of Big Sur. The historian, biologist and botanist loved his wild, rugged Central California coast so much that he dedicated his life to protecting the wilderness and documenting its history. He told its people's stories in the books, Big Sur Observed and Images of America: Big Sur.

The area's history included Norman's home, Alta Vista, a hand-hewn redwood cabin and barn built by homesteaders on a ridge 3,000 feet above the ocean. The property could only be reached by trail, and for more than 25 years, Norman made the trek in and out.

He passed away unexpectedly in late 2007 at age 56. Then in summer 2008, the Basin Complex forest fire consumed the Alta Vista cabin and barn. It seemed such a sad ending for a place and an era.

But the trustees of his estate knew Norman had previously sold 40 adjacent acres to Save the Redwoods League, and that the parcel was transferred to longtime partner California State Parks in 1989. So the trustees sold his remaining 20-acre property to the League, which they knew Norman would have appreciated.

"Save the Redwoods League became true partners to us in our efforts to create a meaningful legacy to commemorate Jeff Norman's life and to share the wonder of the place that he called home," said Kathy MacKenzie, the administrator for Norman's estate. Bordered on three sides by Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and on one side by Los Padres National Forest, the land sits upslope from old-growth redwood forest stands along a fork of Partington Creek.

Now that we own the property (thanks to our members), we will work with California State Parks to prepare the land for public use as part of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

Your Gifts Secure Match for Santa Cruz Old-Growth

Thanks to you, we've met our matching gift challenge! Thanks to the generous J.A. Woollam Foundation, an additional $68,000 of your gifts were matched in our Santa Cruz Mountains Old-Growth Campaign. The J.A. Woollam Foundation donated the gift in addition to its initial pledge of $100,000! We also thank our anonymous donor for the gift of $55,000 to this campaign. So far we've raised about $5.5 million of the $8 million needed to purchase and protect some of the most magnificent old-growth redwood forest still left in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. You can help us meet our ultimate goal. Learn more.

Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve

HIGHLIGHTS: Montgomery Woods is one of the more remote redwood parks in California. Once you've navigated the 13 miles of twisty road west of Ukiah, you'll be rewarded by some of the tallest trees in the world.

Park Highlights & Visitor Information »