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San Vicente Redwoods
(formerly CEMEX Redwoods)

Help Conserve Largest Unprotected Redwood Forest in Santa Cruz Mountains

Take our virtual video tour of the San Vicente Redwoods (formerly CEMEX Redwoods) property.

Learn About This Vast, Wild Haven

San Vicente Redwoods (formerly CEMEX Redwoods) is less than an hour from the hustle of California's Silicon Valley. Perched above the Pacific Ocean, San Vicente Redwoods is 6 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. Towering redwoods reach into the fog. The air is still, and the ground is spongy with its carpet of rusty redwood leaves. The dense forest muffles sound, except for the rush of creeks over their rocky beds.

This land shelters at least 90 ancient redwoods that will be protected in special reserves. San Vicente Redwoods also connects 27,500 acres of contiguous protected territory, providing habitat for rare animals and plants including the endangered California red-legged frog, federally endangered coho salmon and threatened steelhead trout that live downstream from the property.

Other treasures such as the rare Shreve and Oracle oaks live here, along with large Pacific madrones and endangered Anderson's manzanita.

San Vicente Redwoods needs careful restoration and permanent legal protection. In 2011, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and Sempervirens Fund purchased the property to temporarily address the threat of subdivision and private development. Because neither POST nor Sempervirens Fund has the capacity to hold the property over the long term, the organizations plan to sell or trade San Vicente Redwoods — after it is protected by a conservation easement — to a timber company or another third-party buyer. Save the Redwoods League plans to hold the conservation easement on the property to make sure this magnificent forest survives and thrives. The League has applied to the state Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) for funding for this conservation easement. If you would like to read the review appraisal, please visit WCB's website (external site) to read the "Cemex Santa Cruz Mountains Forest Conservation Easement Appraisal Review." You can also see a map of the proposed land use for the San Vicente Redwoods property.

We also will make sure that the streams here will continue to provide crucial drinking water and keep the forest and its imperiled animals healthy. By applying strict guidelines for responsible and sustainable wood harvesting, we can permanently protect the features we all value: old redwoods, homes for endangered wildlife and key waterways. For those of you who love to explore redwood forests, San Vicente Redwoods encompasses 70 miles of unpaved roads, offering outstanding potential for public recreation. Access could include hiking trail connections to nearby Big Basin Redwoods State Park and the Fall Creek Unit of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

The San Vicente Redwoods conservation effort has started through the Living Landscape Initiative (LLI), launched in 2011 by Save the Redwoods League, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, Peninsula Open Space Trust, Sempervirens Fund and The Nature Conservancy. We are working together to protect this vast property that none of us could protect alone.

You Can Make a Difference

Resounding responses from generous members like you raised the $100,000 needed to gain a matching gift for San Vicente Redwoods by December 31, 2012. Long-time League members Pete and Patty Mattson issued the challenge to match contributions made to San Vicente Redwoods by the deadline. Thank you!

You can help keep up the progress by donating today. Our work with San Vicente Redwoods is a huge undertaking, but we couldn't turn down the chance to save this largest unprotected redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Please donate now. 100% of your donation will support this project. Support the League and San Vicente Redwoods today through our secure webpageSecure Webpage, call (888) 836-0005, or mail a check payable to Save the Redwoods League to:

Save the Redwoods League
114 Sansome Street, Suite 1200
San Francisco CA 94104

Please note on your check that your gift is for San Vicente Redwoods.

Thank you for 8,532 precious acres.


If you have questions, or you would like to learn more about the San Vicente Redwoods (formerly CEMEX Redwoods) project, please contact Membership at (415) 820-5800 or membership@SaveTheRedwoods.org.

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In the News

A cave was recently discovered in San Vicente Redwoods (formerly CEMEX Redwoods). See the video below from KQED about this fascinating discovery.

You're Keeping an Ancient Forest Reachable

You helped us buy Noyo River Redwoods, a magical ancient forest you can see only by the historic Skunk Train, in 2011. Recently you came to the rescue again. Your gifts helped to repair a collapsed railroad tunnel that shut down the train's famous Redwood Route last April. The tunnel is now open and full Skunk Train service has resumed. You can make sure we're ready to protect and provide you access to amazing forests like this one: Please donate today.

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