A year of historic achievements

2021-22 Annual Report

With our supporters, we are ramping up our redwood land protection, restoring landscapes of young and burned forests across their ancient range, and connecting new generations with the beauty and power of nature through transformational parks experiences. In the League’s 2021-22 fiscal year, some pandemic restrictions were lifted, allowing long-awaited returns to in-person programs and activities of daily life. We marked the year with historic accomplishments, protecting and healing our natural systems and enhancing the redwood parks that heal us.


Our conservation achievements were possible with the generous contributions of our members and supporters. This support enabled two historic land protection projects, great progress in the second full season of a landmark forest restoration initiative, momentum in restoring and protecting groves from severe wildfire, and the opening of two dramatic redwood park trails to offer inclusive experiences to millions of visitors who sought the joy of the redwoods.


We are securing the remaining viable old-growth redwood forests and doubling the protected coast redwood forest reserves over the next 100 years to ensure that the forests’ health and beauty will endure for generations to come.

Save the Redwoods League acquired Lost Coast Redwoods in December 2021.


Lost Coast Redwoods

A remote coast secured for all

Encompassing 5 miles of rugged, undeveloped California coast in northern Mendocino County, the 3,181-acre Lost Coast Redwoods property is a landscape of great cultural and ecological significance. Save the Redwoods League acquired Lost Coast Redwoods for $36.9 million in December 2021. The historic property acquisition includes the largest privately owned California coastline in the coast redwood range. With more than 2,250 acres of second-growth redwood forest and large old-growth trees scattered throughout, this forest will be set on a new path to become an old-growth forest of the future. It will potentially be an iconic coastal redwoods recreation destination for all people and will be a transformational addition to the mosaic of federal, state, and tribal protected lands that make up the Lost Coast landscape.

The League donated and transferred Tc’ih-Léh-Dûñ, the coast redwood forest formerly known as Andersonia West, to the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council in December 2021.



Restoring Indigenous guardianship to the redwoods

Save the Redwoods League and the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council partnered to permanently protect coast redwood forestland within Sinkyone Tribal territory in Mendocino County. The League donated and transferred the 523-acre coast redwood forest formerly known as Andersonia West to the Council in December 2021, garnering international media coverage. To ensure lasting protection and ongoing stewardship, the Council granted the League a conservation easement. Through this partnership, the Council returns Indigenous presence to a region from which Sinkyone people were forcibly removed generations ago. This forest is again known as Tc’ih-Léh-Dûñ (pronounced tsih-ih-LEY-duhn), meaning “Fish Run Place” in the Sinkyone language.


To ensure that redwood forests thrive, we are restoring forests and ecosystems throughout the redwood regions, leveraging the best available science to accelerate their healing.

Redwoods Rising has decommissioned 15.5 miles of old logging roads in Redwood National and State Parks.


Redwoods Rising

Partnership builds momentum on ambitious forest restoration

Redwoods Rising—a landmark partnership between Save the Redwoods League, the National Park Service, and California State Parks—continued to build momentum this past year on its ambitious goal to restore vast landscapes of historically logged forests in Redwood National and State Parks. Now in their second full season of operation, crews have conducted 2,162 acres of forestry treatments, removed 15.5 miles of old logging roads, and restored more than 2 miles of stream channel.

The League and partners planted 23,000 redwood and 190 Douglas-fir seedlings at San Vicente Redwoods after the 2020 CZU Complex fires.


San Vicente Redwoods

Speeding a forest’s recovery from fire

Together with our partners Sempervirens Fund and Peninsula Open Space Trust, the League celebrated the 10th anniversary of the protection of San Vicente Redwoods by continuing restoration following the 2020 CZU Complex fires. We planted 23,000 redwood and 190 Douglas-fir seedlings, and have more projects planned in the months ahead. But the exciting news is that this 8,852-acre landscape will soon be open to the public under the management of the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. This year, volunteers helped build trails in advance of a fall opening.

At our Alder Creek property, the League planted giant sequoias and conducted extensive post-fire restoration and monitoring following the 2020 Castle Fire.


Giant sequoias

Securing a future for embattled groves

Following the loss of 19% of the world’s mature giant sequoias in 2020 and 2021, the League helped to launch the Giant Sequoia Lands Coalition of government agencies, tribes, and nonprofit organizations committed to a collaborative and dramatically increased investment in active stewardship to protect these incredible natural treasures. Together, we began sounding the alarm and developing recommendations for scaling up fuels management and fire resilience stewardship of the most at-risk groves in the range. The League helped to demonstrate that renewed commitment to good restoration and fuels reduction work in the stewardship of our Alder Creek property, conducting extensive post-fire restoration and monitoring following the 2020 Castle Fire.

Staffers visit the League’s Cascade Creek property before completing a new restoration plan in the wake of the 2020 CZU Complex fires.


Cascade Creek

Planning the future of this vital coast redwood forest

In our first full year of ownership of this important redwood forest linking Big Basin Redwoods State Park to the Pacific Ocean, we completed a new forest management and restoration plan that will help the forest recover following the 2020 CZU Complex fires. Fortunately, almost all of the property’s coast redwoods survived the fires, but there’s work to be done to restore the larger ecosystem to health.

Prescribed burn at Stansberry Ranch Buckeye Ridge.

The League and partners conducted a 109-acre prescribed burn on a section of the Corridor from the Redwoods to the Sea, on a conservation easement we hold. Photo by Cal Poly Humboldt.


Corridor from the Redwoods to the Sea

Building fire resilience in crucial habitat

The League continued its efforts to protect an important habitat corridor between Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the forests of the Lost Coast. The League and partners conducted a 109-acre prescribed burn on a section of the Corridor from the Redwoods to the Sea, on a conservation easement we hold on Stansberry Ranch. This is one of several fuel reduction and restoration projects the League has conducted in collaboration with the landowner Bob Stansberry.


In addition to advancing original scientific research that is informing conservation strategies for the League and its partners, the science program is also bolstering the organization’s policy recommendations, media outreach, and public information efforts.

Redwood Forest Strength Through Genetic Diversity

The Redwood Genome Project findings will support efforts to restore genetic diversity in redwood forest restoration projects.


Redwood Genome Project

Research supports understanding of redwoods’ climate responses

New research by the League’s Redwood Genome Project provides the scientific foundation to better understand redwoods’ responses to climate impacts and pathogens. The 2021 announcement of the findings followed the full sequencing of the coast redwood and giant sequoia genomes for the first time. The research shows that hundreds of genes help the trees fight off stress at the cellular level. The genomic resources and screening tools that can be developed now will allow researchers to quickly assess evolutionary adaptive potential in these forests and ultimately inform forest restoration and management plans. Partners in announcing the findings are University of California, Davis, Johns Hopkins University, University of Connecticut, and Northern Arizona University.

Effects of wildfire in giant sequoia trees

Wildfire at Black Mountain Grove in Giant Sequoia National Monument has killed 50 mature giant sequoias, taking advantage of unnaturally high fuel loads resulting from decades of fire suppression. Photo by Linnea Hardlund


Giant sequoias and fire

Documenting growing danger in the groves

For millennia, one of the defining characteristics of giant sequoias has been their innate resilience to wildfire. But in the last several years, according to a new study by League researchers published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management, the massive trees have become increasingly vulnerable to high-severity wildfires driven by modern changes in their environment. The study, which documents giant sequoia mortality following three wildfires that burned at high severity within giant sequoia groves between 2015 and 2017, illustrates a new reality that has already led to the loss of 19% of mature giant sequoias in recent years.

Old‐growth forests along hillslopes

The Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative is building knowledge about how effectively younger, recovering coast redwoods grow and offer resilient and increasing carbon storage.


Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative

Monitoring a changing environment

The League continued its groundbreaking Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative in partnership with researchers from a variety of institutions – including Cal Poly Humboldt, UC Berkeley, NatureServe, United States Geological Survey, and Colorado State University – exploring critical questions related to redwoods and climate change. Having already documented the incredible carbon storage capacity of coast redwoods and giant sequoias, the team continued to monitor selected groves to build our knowledge about how effectively younger, recovering coast redwoods grow and offer resilient and increasing carbon storage.

Path in the redwoods

Nanako Oba studied the effects of change caused by humans in The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park. Oba’s research is supported by the League’s new Redwoods Research Student Starter Grant Program for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


Science grants

Building knowledge and community

Continuing its effort to grow the body of knowledge about coast redwood and giant sequoia forests, the League awarded nearly $160,000 in grant funding for research projects in California. Selected grantees will investigate a range of topics that include assessing impacts of wildfires in the coast redwood and giant sequoia ecosystems, exploring how giant sequoias obtain water, and studying endangered California condors to inform their reintroduction in Redwood National Park. This included nearly $19,000 in starter grants for undergraduate and graduate students of color interested in research in coast redwood and giant sequoia forests.


We are creating inspirational and inclusive experiences for all redwood park visitors and fostering the understanding that these forests are critical elements of California’s identity.

The League and partners opened Grove of Titans and the Mill Creek Trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.


Grove of Titans

Dramatic new trail opens to the public

The League—along with California State Parks, Tolowa Dee-Ni’ Nation, Redwood Parks Conservancy, and the National Park Service—opened Grove of Titans and the Mill Creek Trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. The spectacular 1,300-foot-long elevated walkway through the grove affords visitors access to some of the world’s largest and oldest coast redwoods. The walkway was built to welcome people to the magnificent grove on formal trails and put an end to the use of unofficial trails that were damaging the habitat.

After severe damage in a 2008 wildfire, the League and partners reopened the renovated Pfeiffer Falls Trail in June 2021 for hiking, better than ever before.


Pfeiffer Falls Trail

Renovated trail offers incredible Big Sur experience

Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks reopened a fully renovated Pfeiffer Falls Trail in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, marking the first time that this Monterey County hiking trail was open to the public since a 2008 fire. The spectacular trail now features extensive cliffside walkways and a newly constructed 70-foot pedestrian bridge that spans the Pfeiffer Redwood Creek ravine.

Save the Redwoods and partners began transforming the League’s Orick Mill Site into a visitor gateway to Redwood National and State Parks.


Redwood Trails Gateway

Work begins on bold vision for former mill site adjacent to Redwood National Park

Save the Redwoods League and its partners broke ground on a southern gateway to Redwood National and State Parks, an ambitious transformation of the League’s Orick Mill Site. The project will fully restore the lower portion of Prairie Creek and its floodplain and establish a new redwoods destination that connects with the vast network of park trails. With funding from California State Coastal Conservancy, NOAA Restoration Center, and Wildlife Conservation Board, as well as aquatic restoration expertise from California Trout, crews from the Yurok Tribe Construction Corporation and Fisheries Department implemented the first phase of the five-year project. This included construction of a 2-acre pond for juvenile salmonids, extensive planting of native wetland species, and removal of 2 acres of asphalt and invasive plants to begin grading for the future segment of the California Coastal Trail.

Students hold reference documents while studying plants in a redwood forest

San Francisco State University students took the League’s first Redwood Rides trip in March 2022 to participate in a community science project at Muir Woods National Monument. Photo by Yakuta Poonawalla, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy



Building community partnerships

The League’s outreach program engaged 4,000 people from historically underrepresented communities. Save the Redwoods led numerous listening sessions to better understand community interests, held two bilingual summer events at redwood parks in Northern California, released three of six planned episodes of the second season of the I’ll Go If You Go podcast, and launched Redwood Rides, which helps groups overcome the biggest obstacle to visiting the redwoods: transportation.

In the Explore Your Watershed field trips, the League and East Bay Regional Park District teach elementary school students about the linkages between the East Bay’s redwood forests and San Francisco Bay.



Introducing redwoods to young learners

With its school partners, the League served 5,200 K-12 students through League and park programs. Spring field trips were conducted in all program regions, and Redwood Connect grantees are beginning to host field trips again after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

Redwoods fairy ring

The League prepared to conduct a prescribed burn at Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve and open the property to the public.


Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve

Planning for a new park

The League completed a conceptual plan for opening Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve as the first new old-growth redwood park in a generation. To help build the forest’s wildfire resilience, plans for a prescribed burn in 16 acres of old growth have been finalized.

The giant sequoia on Alder Creek. Photo by Max Forster

The five-year Forever Forest Campaign concluded in 2022, enabling the League’s 2019 purchase of the Alder Creek giant sequoia property, among others.


Forever Forest Campaign

Setting in motion a new future for redwood forests

The League launched Forever Forest: The Campaign for the Redwoods in 2017 to set in motion a new future for our conservation work in the redwood forests—to dramatically scale up our pace, reach, and impact across the coast redwood and giant sequoia ranges. With a goal of $120 million, the Campaign raised over $143 million by March 2022, months ahead of our year-end goal. Together, we have truly changed the fate of redwood forests, protecting 20,500 acres, including the three largest old-growth coast redwood and giant sequoia lands left in private ownership; launching Redwoods Rising, a restoration collaboration of historically logged forests in Redwood National and State Parks; building miles of new trails; reaching 42,300 students through education programs; and much more.



Total Revenue $54,602 (in thousands)
The League’s revenue for the fiscal year was $54.6 million. The League received significant support through gifts from individuals, foundations and corporations, and government agencies for our work. The revenue-by-category chart excludes realized and unrealized gains and losses from investments.


Total Expenses $34,441 (in thousands)
Expenses reflect the work of the League throughout the year in acquiring and stewarding land and conservation easements; conducting scientific research; providing outreach and education programs; and enhancing visitor experiences at state and national parks.

The financial information as of and for the year-ended March 31, 2022, has been derived from the League’s financial statements audited by Hood and Strong, independent auditors. This condensed financial information should be read in conjunction with the audited financial statements and related notes. To review the complete audited financial statements please visit SaveTheRedwoods.org/financials.


As is common in land conservation, the transaction cycle of purchasing, holding and transferring land often requires several years to complete. While land and forests are protected from the time of acquisition, the League often remains a steward of those lands until they can be transferred to a public agency or nonprofit land trust for ongoing stewardship, public access and permanent protection. The program expense is recognized only when a property is transferred to its permanent steward, or when a conservation easement is acquired. Since land divestments and conservation easement acquisitions are episodic and markedly affect the League’s expense ratio from year to year, we believe a five-year rolling average is a more meaningful depiction of our program expense ratio.

Our net assets empower the League to purchase and protect threatened redwood forestland in a complex and fast-paced real estate market, enabling us to seize opportunities to buy, hold, restore and transfer properties for permanent protection.


Statement of activities and statement of financial position


We achieved so much together. Save the Redwoods League is grateful for your unwavering support and your sustained commitment to the forests that inspire us to reimagine and rebuild a better future.


Matthew K. Berler, chair
Rosemary Cameron, vice chair
Andy Vought, vice chair
Abe Tarapani, treasurer
C. Blake T. Williams, assistant treasurer
Mike Wyatt, secretary

Sara A. Clark
William A. Croft
Caryl Hart
Kristy Hsiao
Peggy Light
John Montague
John Scharffenberger
Andrea Tuttle
Michael Woo
Sam Hodder, president and chief executive officer
Rolando Cohen, chief financial officer
Harry Pollack, assistant secretary


Kate Anderton • T. A. Barron • Matt Berler • Stephen J. Butler • Rosemary Cameron • James Campbell • Sara Clark • William Croft • Pete Dangermond • Sandra Donnell • Ralph Eschenbach • Justin M. Faggioli • Caitlyn Fox • Jerry Franklin • Reno Keoni Franklin • Denise Garone • Sandy Gibson • José G. González • Melissa Harris • Caryl Hart • Michael Helms • Sam Hodges • Kristy Hsiao • Reed Holderman • Annette Boushey Holland • David Horn • Erin Kelly • Lucy Kerhoulas • Yoriko Kishimoto • Ray Leon • Peggy Light • Christa Lyons • Dave Mahler • Donald Massey • Robert E. Mellor • John Montague • Lisa Allen Ortiz • Ralph Osterling • Richard Otter • Mary E. Power • Katie Prescott • Allegra Quinn • Jorge Ramos • Ethan Ravage • Heidi Richardson • Kimberly Rodrigues • Lorelle Ross • Corinna Roth • Cathy Rustermier • Roger Samuelsen • John Scharffenberger • Jim Sergi • Julia Sherwin • Carolyn Sherwood Call • Abe Tarapani • Melinda M. Thomas • Andrea Tuttle • Gerard van Steyn • Andy Vought • David Weinberg • Frank W. Wentworth • Mark X. Wentworth • Mindy Whittington • Blake Williams • Michael Woo • Mike Wyatt • Rob York


The accomplishments described in this report were made possible with generous gifts from donors like you. While space limitations prevent us from listing all the supporters who helped Save the Redwoods League fulfill its mission during the 2021-22 fiscal year, we are grateful for each and every donor. Those listed on the following pages made annual gifts of $1,000 and more from April 1, 2021, through March 31, 2022. Thank you for helping to protect, restore, and connect people to the redwood forests. We strive to ensure the accuracy of this list, but if you notice an omission or discrepancy, please call us at 888-836-0005 so that we can correct this oversight for the future.



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Gwen Babcock
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Mr. Ralph Eschenbach and Dr. Carol Joy Provan
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Marius Schilder
Lauris Ann Schinnerer
Jens and Jens and Breon Schneyder
Hans and Mary Jo Schumann
Susan Schwasnick
Peter and Bonnie Sherwood
Eric Sigg
Nick Simmons-Stern and Caitlin Colgrove
Wesley D. and Molly M. Smith
Scott Spielman
Chuck J. Squatriglia
Denise Stephens
Ann and Joe Stockwell
Jim Szewczak
Alison Taggart-Barone and Dr. Larry Barone
Abe and Kelly Tarapani
Stephanie R. Taylor
Ronald W. and Donna M. Thompson
Barbara and Rich Thompson
Mary L. Topliff
Fran Tuttle
Rebecca Shafer Tuuk and Roger J. Tuuk
Mrs. Rita L. Vasquez-Myers and Mr. Brys C. Myers
Robert and Laura Venning
Ms. Sandra Venning
Toni Voelker
James and Deborah Wadsworth
Kristina Walsh
Kristine Weafer
Margit Webb
John and Laura Weeks
Ms. Jane E. Weier
Dr. Mariquita West
Tim M. Whalen
Steve Whiteman
Catherine Ferrell Wilhelm and Douglas Robert Wilhelm
Bruce and Ann Willard
Christine Witschi
Dean Michael K. Woo and Laurie Dowling
Ruth Woodruff
Jackie Wright
George Yandell
Katie and Steven Zolnowski
Anonymous (3)

Redwood Circle
Elizabeth Adams
Marion Adeney
Marianne Adkins
David Agger
Max Agoston
Douglas Allchin
Clyde T. Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Dave Allsop
Lorna Altshuler
Andrea and Richard Amend
Mark and Betsy Amparan
Mary M. Anderson
Lynn Anderson
Jamie Anderson
Mr. Thomas W. Anderson
Mr. Roger W. Anderson
Richard and Mary Anderson
Kate Anderton
Jean Andresen
Nancy Archer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arens
Jeanne and Lawrence Atherton
Chloe Atkins and Erin Flynn
Nancy Atwell
Gerald and Teresa Audesirk
Judith S. Aune
Wendy Averill
Philip Bachand
Khaldoun Baghdadi
Peter and Kristine Baldo
Daniel Ballesteros
Janice Bandrofchak and Cleveland Sharp
Mia Banducci
Dr. Alfonso Banuelos and Ms. Suzanne Wittrig
Seavron Banus
Nelson C. Barry III
Elizabeth Bass
Marilyn and Richard Bates
James Baum
Joel Baumgardner
Kimberly and Smoky Bayless
Carolyn and Dick Beahrs
Bill and Joyce Becker
Jane Beeghly
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bennett
Thomas Bensinger
Richard Benson
Daniel Berger
Harry Bergland and June Masuyama
Mr. Daniel Berko
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Bernstein
Mrs. Ann Bernstein
Mr. William G. Bertonneau
Craig and Francesca Bestwick
Gerald Betzen
Lorna Beukema
Jack Beusmans
John Bigler and Deborah Lidgate
Donald and Susan Bihl
Meredith Bishop
Michael Bitsko
Donald Black and Michele Steinert
Paula Blank
Juliet Bleha
Mr. Thomas A. Bliss
Ronald and Carola Blubaugh
Dr. Kyle Boone and Dr. Rodney Boone
Robert Boss
Margaret A. Boteler
Mr. John B. Bowers and Ms. Linda Stevens
Laramie Bowron and Vivian Sullivan
J. Braly
Stephen and Lori Brickley
Catherine Bristow
A. Marlow Brooks
Cabot Brown
Faith and Stephen Brown
Peter Carsley Brown
Valerie Brownrigg
Ms. Elizabeth I Brummitt and Mr. Robert H Mellot
Nina and Frank Brunetti
Connie Brunig
Mary L. Bryan
Larry Buc and Leigh Houck
Traude and Michael Buckland
Timothy Budell
Maynard and Katherine Buehler
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bugatto
Ken and Michelle Burkus
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Burleson
Mr. Robert E. Burnett
Mr. Charles H. Bush
Suzan Bymel
Luca and Mary Cafiero
Edward Cahill
Mary Cain
Joel Calvin
Catherine Caneau
Mr. Eric Cantlay
Robert W. Carlson, M.D. and Ms. Stacey A. Starcher
Jim Carlson
Skip Carney
Mr. Robert M. Carr and Ms. Andrea L Lopinto
Carolyn Carty
Mrs. Susan Casentini and Mr. Kyle Milligan
Linda Castle
Caren Chappell
Jonathan Childs
Tzu I. Chiu
Fritz and Jan Clark
Susan Clark
Ms. Bonnie R. Clendenning
Mark Clifford
Sean Coady
Mark Cocalis and Lisa Erburu
Morton J. and Janet S. Cohen
Hayyim Cohen
Jerrold Cole
Malachi Coleman
Ms. Megan G. Colwell
William and Cinda Connelly
Dale Connolly
Frederic Conte
Molly Conway
Paul Cooley
Colin B. Coombs
Carla Corwin
C. Beth Cotner
Archibald Cox
Mrs. Sandra Danaher Cox
John and Ruthmary Cradler
Jacqueline and Gordon Cragg
Andrea Crawford
Mr. John Crew
Dr. Lawrence E. Crooks
Nichols Cutting
Patrick Daley
Mr. Timothy Daly
Mr. and Ms. Steven Daniels
David and Patricia Davidson
Patricia Anne Davis
Nora Davis
Pamela E. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Davis
Richard De Neufville
Mr. Bruce W. De Terra
Paige and Tom DeCino
Carole Deitrich
Meredith Delich
Robert and Carole Dell’Agostino
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. DeMund
Sandhya Desai
Monica Desai Henderson and Steve Henderson
Mark Desnoyer and Catherine Izard
Wayne and Sabra Dexter
Ariel Diertani
Gil and Elizabeth Dietz
Joan and Michael Diggs
Karen Dittman
Michael Dobbs
Stephen Dodson
Richard and Colleen Doering
Virginia Dole
Ms. Katherine Domoto
Sabrina Strawbridge Donahue
John and Sara Donnelly
Evan Donoghue
Ms. Jessica E. Donovan
Stephanie Douglass
Daniel Dowdle
Peter Dowler
Ms. Kathleen C. Doyle
John and Karen Dreher
Dr. Ellen E. Dryer
John and Susan Dubendorff
Ms. Marilyn Murphy DuBois
Jae Duffy
David Dunneback and Lisa Wolterink
Amy Dunphy
Randall Duprey
Ms. Christina E. Duthie
Cynthia Dwork
Dr. Noel O. Dybdal
Holly L. Earl
James And Merica Edwards
Paul and Sharon Eklof
Mr. Flint Ellsworth
Ms. Susan Erdmann
Jan R. Erickson
Mr. Thomas L. Ervin
Anne L. Esbenshade and Michael R. Miele
Richard and Margaret Essenberg
James and Deborah Estes
Barry Evans and Louisa Rogers
Donald Falk
Mike Fallis
Stephanie Fein
Aileen Fell
chris fenner
David Ferris
Lloyd and Patricia Fetterly
Catherine and Ed Fey
John Fielden
Wendy S. Finen
Robert and Ann Fischer
Leonard Fisher and Risa Teitelbaum
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Flanner III
Nathan Fleischer
Mark Forbes
Louis Forbrich Jr.
Ken and Marie Ford
John and Elizabeth Fowler
Michael Fox
Dr. Gretchen D. Frantz
Julie Freitas
Adam Fried
Robert Friedman and Kristina Kiehl
Leslie J. Friedman and Jonathan Clark
Martin and Marian Friedrich
Nancy C. Frost
Scott Fuller and Leta Peacemaker
Victoria Fullerton
Eula Fung
Mary Anne Gailliot
Ralph and Caroline Gakenheimer
Ms. Kathy M. Gallagher
Ellen Garber and Glenn Hunt
Ms. Marion Garkie
Kenneth R. Garr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Geering
Michelle Gentine
Ms. Marilyn Gibbs
Mr. Edgar A. Gilbert
Jason, Lita, and Brandon Gillis
Adrienne Gilmore
Meg Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Gimbel, Sr.
Leah Glynn
Kenneth and Kay Gobalet
Mr. Steve M. Goldberg
Stephen and Diana Goldman
Mark and Ellen Goldman
Lea Goldstein and Brian Greenberg
Paula Leibovitz Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gordon
Mr. Gregory Edward Gorman
Dr. Benjamin M. Graham
Beth Grant
Herbert and Norma Lee Grench
Emily Gross
Mr. Richard L. Grossman
Jeffrey and Debbie Gualco
Ginnie and Peter Haas, Jr.
Nancy Hale
Sara Hallor
Larry and Anne Hambly
Marshall Hamilton
Drucilla Hamilton
Michael Hamm
Sarah Hamm-Alvarez
David and Janice Hammond
James Hanko
Ms. Karen A. Hanlon
Sarah Hanson
Fredrick Hanson
Kim Harley and Chris Fry
Roger Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Hart
David Hartwig
Hatch Family Charitable Fund
Lyle Hatten
Roy M. Havenhill
Jim Hayes and Catherine Keig
Libby Helms
Peter Herman
John Herrman
Ms. Jane M. Hicks
Derene Hinchliff
Jennifer Hirsch
Michael and Natalie Hirt
Jill and Gerben Hoeksma
Fred and Judy Hoeptner
James Hoff
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Hoffman
Bradford Hohle
Mrs. Georgia M. Holmberg
Alice Holzman
Nancy and John Hoogendyk
Jenny Hoover
Mr. Douglas M. Hopkinson
Byron Hopps
Ann Howald
Mr. Andrew P. Hrenyo and Ms. Mary R. Evans
Paula Hughmanick and Steven Berger
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Humphreys
Thomas and Ann Hunt
John and Dana Hunter
David Husch
Judy Husted
Doris Illes
Kellock Irvin
Luella Isaacs
Ivar Iversan
Mr. Kent Iverson
Peter Jaeschke
Hollis and Karen Jencks
Jeffrey Jens and Ann Boisclair
Melanie and Ronald Johnson
Jann Johnson
David Johnson
Ms. Melanie Ruth Johnson
Kent and Sheryl Johnson
Ms. Carolyn Johnson and Mr. Rick Theis
Johnson Family Fund
Patricia Johnson
Holiday Phelan Johnson
Denis Jones
Martha R Jones
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Jones, III
Mr. Stephen R. Jones and Ms. Nancy A. Dawson
Dr. Peter G. Joseph
Drs. Donna and Thomas Jovin
Fernando Juarez
Aaron and Angie Jungbluth
Russell and Kathy Jura
JoAnn Kahn and Tom Lyon
Mary F. Kalinyak
Mr. Christopher P. Kallenburg and Margaret E. Hudson
Helmut Kapczynski
Bill and Christl Kasler
Robert Katrein
Mr. and Mrs. Chin Cheng Kau
Stacey Keare and John Hodge
Carolee Keene
Elodie Keene
Randy and Gwendolyn Keiser
Ginni Keith
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Keith
Nancy Bryan Kemnitzer
Douglas and Jami Kerr
James Kiefer
Matt Kilman
Katrina Kimport
Julie A. Kinder
Noel W. Kirshenbaum
Ms. Patricia E. Klahn
Mary Ellen Kleinhenz
Ned and Laura Klingelhofer
BridgeBuilders Foundation
Matthew Klopfenstein
Janice and Jim Knight
Mrs. Barbara Koch
Patti Koger
Abner Korn and Catherine Powell
Cathy R. Kornblith
Donald Kosen
Jeremy Kottler
Kevin Kranzusch
Maggie Krill
Kim and Max Krummel
Elsa Krummel
Mr. and Mrs. James Kuester
Thamby Kumaran
Mr. Andre R. Kuper
Olivia Kuser
Philip Lahmeyer
Jonathan Lake and Inez Hollander-Lake
Debra Lam
Suzanne Lampert
Danielle Lan
Liz Landreth
Julia and Mike Laney
Ron and Katharine Lang
Genie and Ken Lange
Sally Lappen and Nik Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Larky
James and Diane Larson
Joseph Laska
Kathryn Lawhun and Mark Shinbrot
Cris LeGassey
Mr. Richard H. Leirer
Mark Lemkin and Laura Walker
Victoria Beckner and Russell Lemle
Marianna Leuschel and Peter Langlois
Mr. Richard Michael Levine and Dr. Lucille Lang Day
Nancy and Larry Liden
Nancy and Tony Lilly
Julia Lin
Robert Lindemuth
Kenneth Lindeneau
Mr. Paul Russell Lindstrom
Clifford Lipman
David and Malia Litman
Rory Litwin
Jon and Sue Lloyd
Fred Van Loan
Carl Loeser
Andrea London, Aceves-London Family Fund
Jim Lovell and Adelle Treakle
Mr. Nikko Lubinski
Ms. Diane Marie Luders
Rivka Lund and Philip Dito
Doreen Luskin
Ned and Carol Lyke
Randolph and Ruth Lyon
Alisa Greene MacAvoy and Neil MacAvoy
Bruce Macleod
Julie and Marcus Maday
Ms. Glenice Magee
Evan Mahan
Mr. Ron Mallory
Ryan T Malone
Sheila Maloney
Mr. Francis W. Mangels
Ms. Nancy J. Mann
Salvatore Manzi
David Marcus
Vijay Mariadassou
Tom and Marilyn Marker
Sue Ellen Markey and James Boyd
Stephen Marmaduke
Brendan Marnell
Leslie Kirkbride Marsden
Dr. Fredricka C. Martin and Mr. Jeff Gornbein
Gabriela Matos
Melissa Matthews
Mr. Charles A. Matuszak and Mrs. Alice Jean Boyer Matuszak
Dorothy and Thomas Mayer
Ms. Judith B. McAllister
Daniel and Maya McBride
Cindy McCarthy
Rick and Carolyn McFarland
Jeffrey McGuire
Monica Mchenney
David McIlhenny
Cathy McIntosh and Jan Pardoe
Thomas McKerr
Susan and Michael McLaughlin
Tricia and Glenn Melosh
Linda Melton
Mari Mennel-Bell and Katie Bell Ryan
Marla Mercer
Anne Meyer
Richard and Karen Meyers
Michaelson Family
Lisa Miles
Walter Miller
Mr. Gregg H. Miller
Mr. Jeff Miller
Milligan Family Foundation
George Mills
Michael Minky
Pat Mitchell
Douglas and Beth Mohr
Gale Mondry and Bruce Cohen
Mia Monroe
Debie Montana
Ms. Linda Morasch
Robert and Susan More
Bill and Judy Moritz
Andrea C Morris
Suzanne Moss and Herb Kasler
Brian Mountford
Carolyn J. Mueller and Mr. James F. Carley
Kathleen Muntzel
Patricia Murray and Gregory Bonfiglio
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Murray
Maizy Myers
Mary Naftzger
James Nafziger
David Napier
Thomas H. Nash, III and Dr. Corinna Gries
Deborah Neff
Mr. Mark Nespeca
Mr. Peter J. Neusel
Paul and Elaine Newacheck
Gerda Newbold and John Adler
Anais Nguyen and Mike Lepisto
Dennis Nickelson
Philip Nielsen
Peter and Ann Niemiec
Heidi Nitze
Maria Evelyn Nuque
Roxanne and David O’Brien
alma o’brien
Micheal and Tanya O’Connor
Michael Oddo
Barbara and Piemaria Oddone
Neal Olander
Robert Olshansky
Dave and Kristle Ondo
Jan Openlander
Erwin Ordeman
Fred and Barbara Ordway
Maureen Orth
Aminy Ostfeld
Judy and Dick Otter
Edward and Andrea Owens
Dr. Lavonne Painter
Ms. Janice Parakilas and Mr. Roy Baker
Julie and Will Parish
Tim and Ruth Patterson
Douglas and Elke Paul
Steve and Jan Pearson
Kendal Peirce
Arden Pennell
Sally Perez
John and Dana Perine
Brian Peter
Mr. Richard S. Petretti and Ms. Lola E. Langner
Mr. David G. Pfeiffer
Dan and Helen Phan
Harry Pollack and Joanne Backman
Lon Poole and Karin Bliman
Stephanie M. Pope
Mary Porter
Klaus and Ellen Porzig
Thomas Powers and Noreen Stimac Powers
Alma Prins
Nancy Pryer and Winthrop Jackman
Ms. Ruth H. Quigley
Peggy Radel
Janet Randall
Joanne Rankin
Paul and Robin Rankin
Karen Rath
Mr. Loren C. Rauch and Ms. Heather Kuiper
John and Flinn Rauck
Betty Jo and Abe Ravitz
Mr. Thomas L. Ray
Pamela Reasner and Mark Cutkosky
Dr. Donald G. Redalje
Diane Reilly
Mrs. Robin D. Reinhart and Mr. George L. Helland
Bruce and Nan Reitz
Jeffrey Resnik and Rebecca Meyer
Douglas Reynolds
Louis P. Richard
Audrey and Paul Richards
James Richardson
Maura and Hal Richardson
Ms. Eleanor G. Rieffel
Ms. Cynthia J. Rigatti and Mr. Ashe
Kelley Ristau
Alan Robinson
Ms. Marti Rodriguez and Mr. Robert Kunde
James Rogers
James C. and Amy F. Rogers
William Rogers
Ms. Margaret Rooker
Hawk Rosales
William and Kara Rosenberg
Ms. Jane Rosenberg
Joseph Rosenblum and Luba Spichkin
Richard Rosman
Peter and Kathy Rosmarin
Craig Ross
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ross
Corinna Roth
Dorothy P. Roth and Russ Kortlever
Richard Rothman
Selma and Scott Rothstein
Caitlin Rotkis
Walter Rouleau
Dave and Karen Roy
Charlie Ruch
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rusch
Mr. Kenneth J. Ryan
Rob Saliba
Robert and Susan Sall
Miquel Salmeron and Greta Vollmer
Jack Van Sambeek and CeCe Wilkens
Belinda and Gary Sanda
Katherine I. Sanders
Mr. Charles M. Santori and Ms. Kathryn F. Benedicto
Elaine Sarkaria
Sally Love Saunders
Daniela and Mark Scafati
Linda Schacht and John Gage
Carolyn A. Scheer
Don and Cindy Scherer
Jennifer Schmahl
John F. Schmitt
Stephen and Valerie Schreiber
Richard and Amy Schuh
Vicky Schulman
Curtis Scribner
Mr. John H. Scudder
Mr. Christopher Seidman and Ms. Barbara Lynn Gallisath
Edwin and Barbara Seipp
Ms. Vivian E. Selecman And Harold T. Selecman
Steven and Ruina Senkovich
Kashi Senthilnatha
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Serrurier
Gail Seydel
Warren Shafer
Laverne A. Shaffer
Tracy Shepard and Susan Baller-Shepard
Dr. Sanford Sherman
Scott Shershow
Bill Shine
John and Rebecca Shockley
Jane Shore
Ms. Kathryn A. Shurtleff
Elizabeth Sibley
Daniel Siegel
Dieter Siegmund
Nitya and Aspi Siganporia
Dr. Frederick M. Silver
Melvyn Jay Simburg
Mrs. Sharan L. Simkins and Mr. Paul Belo
Ms. Janelle Simmons
Ms. Barbara R. Simon
Sher G. Singh
Kathleen Skinner
Mark H. Slater
John Slater
Smallenburg Family
Mark Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Smith
Susan Smith
Sheila Sondik
Muriel and Charles Sonne
Edward Sorensen
Kirby St John
Kristen St John and Steven Parkes
Gary Stabile
Mr. Alan G. Stangenberger
Kathryn Stanger
Jasmine Star
Sara Steelman
Ms. Nancy J. Steinhaus
Mr. John C. Stephens
Ellen Stern
Victor Stevko
Mr. Max Stolz, Jr.
Kandice Strako
William K. Street
Patricia Stump
Elaine Stutt
Daniel and Gilda Sullivan
Robert and Petra Sullivan
Dr. Janet Landis Summers
Amy Susman-Stillman and Martin Stillman
Denis Sutro
Mr. Rodney B. Swanson
Margaret Swink
Dwight Tate
Jeffrey Taylor
Curt and Carol Terwilliger
Ian Texeira
Jon and Joan Thayer
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Thomas
Richard Thomas
Mischa Thompson
Todd And Fazeela Thompson
Mr. John R. Throne
Audrey and Mark Thurmond
Henry O. Timnick
Mr. Jack Tolvanen
Ms. Barbara Lee and Mr. Tracy Tondro
Michelle Trevino
Paul Triolo
Todd Tullis
Mr. Charles A. Turner III
Carol and Rita Turner
Ron Ullmann
Mr. John R. Underhill
Mrs. Kathryn K. Urlie and Family
John Vallerga
Steven Valone
Mr. Bart Van Schravendijk
Martin Vanderlaan
Karen and Anthony Varnhagen
Georgia Vaughan
Alex Vibber
Sam Vigersky
Kim Viner
Ms. Melanie Vinson
Mr. Simon Paul Vlasveld
Steven Wade and Karen Judkins
Stephen Waldman
Donn and Tracy Walklet
Douglas Wallace
Autumn Walters
Dr. Bradford B. Walters and Mrs. Carol J. Walters
Jenn wang
Jack and Cristina Ward
James and Virginia Waters
Erik Webb
Lisa Weger
Mrs. Elaine J. Weihman
Ms. Nadine Weil
Sandy Weil
Heather Austin
Robert and Diane Weir
William and Barbara Welke
Ann C Wells
Jacqueline Welsh-Holder
Honorable Kathryn Werdegar and Dr. David Werdegar
David Wermuth
James West
Mr. David M. Weston
Janice Wezelman and David Bartlett
Drs. David Whippy and Alan Whippy
Daphne White
Katherine Whitson
Carl Winberg M.D.
Stephen Winiarski
Mr. Mark Wirtanen and Ms. Terrie E. Reilly
Thomas Wiscarson
Wolf Witt
Melinda Wolf
Albert R Wolff
Mr. Wayne Wolfram
Alex Woo
Barry Wood
Jean Woodrow
Lexie Woolley
Ann and Evan Wride
Bobbie Wunsch and the Faison Children
Gerald and Robyn Wysocki
Ms. Jennifer Wythes Vettel
Ruth Yager
Wenqing Yan
Ms. Marcia S. Yaross
Thomas Young
Steven P. Yurkovich
Peter Paul Zimmermann
Richard F. Davis and Linda D. Zinn
Steven Zlotowski
Ron and Joellyn Zollman
Margaret Zukin
Anonymous (21)


Hyperion Circle
($100,000 and more)
The Applewood Fund
Cotyledon Fund
Elizabeth R. and William J. Patterson Foundation
Goodman Family Foundation, a supporting foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation & Endowment Fund
Greene Van Arsdale Foundation
Manitou Fund
Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation
Summer Hill Foundation
Anonymous (2)

Ancient Forest Circle
Lutz Foundation
National Park Foundation
Pitzer Family Foundation

Monarch Circle
The C and A Johnson Family Foundation
Flora L. Thornton Foundation
F.M. Kirby Foundation
The Lindsey Family Fund
The Matthew Coleman Fund for Environmental Education and Conservation
Raintree Foundation
The Shanbrom Family Foundation
Anonymous (3)

Canopy Circle
Caspar W. Weinberger Foundation
Maxwell | Hanrahan Foundation
Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation
Thomas O. Brown Foundation
Yellow Chair Foundation
Anonymous (3)

Redwood Circle
BridgeBuilders Foundation
Cadieux Martin Foundation
Caterpillar Foundation Matching Gifts Program
George R. & Elise M. Fink Foundation
Lennox Foundation
Marjorie Mosher Schmidt Foundation
The Maude’s giving fund
McNabb Foundation
Selma and Morton Rothstein Foundation
Stuart Foundation
Walter and Elise Haas Fund


Hyperion Circle
($100,000 and more)
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
California Natural Resources Agency
California State Coastal Conservancy
California Wildlife Conservation Board
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Park Service
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
Parks California


Monarch Circle
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Charitable Adult Rides and Services, Inc.
Natural Resources Conservation Service – EQIP
The Seaver Institute
Anonymous Facebook Donors

Canopy Circle
Google Inc.
Solberg Manufacturing, Inc.

Cathedral Circle
2236785 Alberta ULC
Global Health Labs LLC
Hillsborough Garden Club
Maison Battat Inc

Crown Circle
AmazonSmile Foundation
Chevron Humankind
Network for Good
PayPal Giving Fund
Sequoia Grove Winery
Wild Tribute

Redwood Circle
Ecotope, Inc.
Frontstream Global Impact Fund
Ipswich Investment Management Co., Inc.
JP Morgan Chase & Co. Matching Gifts
Lily Kwong Studio Inc
LPL Financial
Parks Project
Piedmont Garden Club
Sausalito Woman’s Club
Susan F Hurrell, CPA
The Lost Coast League
YourCause, LLC Trustee for Boeing
Zenith Insurance Company

The Frederick Marshall Adams Trust
The Augustyn Foundation Trust 
Virginia and Stephen Brown Estate
J. David Buck Trust
Susan Buck Estate
Collins 1998 Testamentary Charitable Remainder Trust
Coon/Hathaway Trust
Margaret S. Cutter Living Trust
Robert L. Deal and Barbara Neighbors Deal 2007 Trust
Doris Devereau Estate
The Devereaux Living Trust
The Jacqueline E. Foret Family Trust
Eugene R. Forsht Estate
Estate of Linda J. Green
The Greenberg Family Trust 
Estate of Cynthia M. Grubb
Florence C. Haimes Trust
Philip Hamner Estate
Edwin Hantman Estate
Hecht 2008 Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust 
Barry and Bonnie Howard Estate
Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust 
Hurlbut-Johnson Charitable Trusts 
Virginia Stewart Jarvis Estate
Howard W. Jones Estate
Belta Kalajian Estate
Sherwin A. Kane, Jr. Estate
Roberta A. Kapoun Discretionary Supplemental Needs Trust
Kavich Family Estate
Gerald Klebauskas Estate
Eric Kritz Trust
Donald W. Leonard Estate
Betty A. Lewis University Environmental Charitable Trust
Joseph M. Liebling Trust
John D. Luckhardt Trust
Mahan Family Trust Lawrence Mahan TTEE 
Peter and Patty Mattson Trust
The Jean McNamara Trust
Anthony J. and Jeanne E. Muzzicato Revocable Living Trust
The Margery and Iain Nicolson Trust
Robert C. Page Living Trust
George and Paulina Pollak Estate
Marvin Prager Estate
Prisanlee Trust @ Hawaii Community Foundation
George Putnam Estate
Rolph-Nicol Fund
John C. Rosen Estate
Henry Rothschild Trust
Peter Sheldon Estate
Stowe Family Trust
Estate of Shannon M. Thomas
Peggy Rae Timas Trust
Estate of David and Dorothy A. Van Winkle
Patricia Alice Weinberger Trust
Craig Condon White Estate
Anonymous (3)

Redwood Legacy Circle
The Redwood Legacy Circle includes our members who have created a living legacy by naming the League in their wills and trusts. Learn more at MyRedwoodsLegacy.org.

Hedy Aardema
Natalie Abel
Judith Abrahm
Mr. Leif E. Rudd and Ms. Kimberly D. Accardy
Claire Achen
Gil and Tes Adams
Lynn and Barbara Adamson
Thom and Kim Akeman
Dr. Gregory and Hanita Alexander
Richard Alexander
Jim and Marcia Allegretti
Mr. Christopher M. Allen
Carolyn Strange and Peter Alley
Wilson* and Patty Alling
Richard W. Van Alstyne
Paul B. Althouse
Dr. and Mrs. R. Gerald Alvey
Donna M. D’Amico
Mr. and Mrs. Eilif Andersen
Horace L. Anderson
John A. Anderson
Roger and Joanne Anderson
Richard Anderson
Patty Biasca and Bob Anderson
Grant and Patricia Andreasen
Steve Andrews
Dan De Angelis
Mr. Ivan Angle
Mr. Harold J. Anthony
Christine Aralia
Jeanne D. Atherton
Leland E. Auger
Janet Rizner Backs
Mark Bailey
Kristy Baker
Russell Baldwin
Cornelia O. Balogh
Ms. Balogh
Beth and Steve Bangert
Alterio A. Banks
Deborah and Daniel Bardon
Marya Mendelson Barey
Richard D. Barnes
Mrs. Eloise C. Goodhew Barnett
Ms. Margaret N. Barron
Nancy Barrow
Marie L. Bartee
James H. Bartholomew
William Beardsley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Bechtold
Bill and Joyce Becker
Paul P. Behr
Ronald Ezra and Teresa Bell
Bethany N. Bella
Marie F. Benevides
Edward L. Bennett
John A. Bennyhoff
Brian Berg
Walter Berger
Murray A. Berman
Edward F. Bielski
Paula Diane Bigley
Michael S. Bitsko
Jacquelyn Jenkins and Jeffrey Blake
John B. Blenninger
Ronald E. Blubaugh and Carola C. Blubaugh
Jeanne Bodiford
Rose-Marie H. Boller
Lillian Byronell Boly
Mary L. McChesney and Adelyn Bonin*
Ivan N. Bortnikov
Kathy Bouchard
Helge Bruckner and Renee Bowler
Harold K. Boyce
Mrs. Marjorie F. Boyle
Daniel R. Bradley
Mr. Patrick S. Brady
JoAnn B. Brand
Elisabeth C. Brandt
Anne L. Bredon
Karen Briggs
Raymond E. Bright
Mrs. Wally Brink
Ralph Britton
Danielle Broelinckx
Allan and Marilyn Brown
Ruth Dresher-Brown and Vern Brown
Richard A. Brown*
Jake Brutlag
Mary L. Bryan
Nadine Buchko
Mike C. Buckley
Judith Bunch
Faith M. Burgard
Rodney Burge
Ursula Burkhard
Marjorie A. Burnham
Neil T. Burton
Andy Butcher
Stephen J. Butler
Margaret Butler
Stephanie Butler
Judith Cabus
Casey Cadile
Carolyn Sherwood Call
Larry Camp
Pauline B. Campbell
Philip H. Cannon
Edgar S. Carlson
John S. Carson, M.D.
William Carter
Joseph Cascarano
Ric Catron
John Cazier
Cecily Cedilote
Joel and Pat Chaban
Mr. and Mrs. Sky Chaney
Robert Galbraith and Robin Chapman
Virginia L. Chappel
Gay E. Cheney
Steven and Elaine Cherkezov
Sally N. Christensen
David W. Siktberg and Jennifer H. Christian
Tim and Susan Christoffersen
Richard J. Christy
Paul C. Chrostowski
Mr. Luigi S. Cicolani
Susan M. Clark
Sandra Clark
Ms. Marilyn R. Clark
Rose Marie Cleese
Ann W. Clites
Barbara P. Clites
Bette Jean Clute
Isabelle Cohen
Rolando G. Cohen
Janet S. Cohen
Carol Colip
Tim Collins
Karen Carr* and Suzanne Colwell
Peter L. Comanor
Deirdre Conley
Dr. Robert E. Connick
Karen K. Cook
Louise Cook
Paul Cooley
Clifton J. Cormier
Carla Corwin
Beth Cotner
Bill Court
Dixie Peyton Coutant
Janet E. Covell
Elbert H. Craighead
Richard D. Crosland
Patricia M. Cummings
Rebecca Dakota
Emily H. Daniels
Leonard M. Davis
Alice M. Davis
Darrell D. Davisson
Kenneth V. Dawdy
Aila Dawe
Mr. Stephen R. Jones and Ms. Nancy A. Dawson
Kathryn Engle-Debes
Daniel DeKimpe
Irene Demboski
Bruno DePalma
Sean C. Derek
Megan Derhammer
Rajnikant Desai
Charles T. Dewoody
Ellen R. Digiampaolo
Art Dodd, Jr.
Lowell Dodge
Robin Dolbear
Justin Faggioli and Sandra Donnell
John and Sara Donnelly
Serena Heart Dossenko
Dane Drefke
Dane Drefke
Robert Dubrow
Emery and Cynthia Duell
Lisa Wolterink and David Dunneback
Arthur J. Dusdall*
Georgia Young and Peter Duyan
Ernest P. Edwards
James D. Edwards
Sally H. Edwards
Steven A. R. Edwards
Laurie Edwards
Franklin Ehrhardt
Leonard Eiserer
Rosalyn Eisler
Paul Eklof
Carol Elchert
Dennis L. Elder
Margaret Elizares
Catherine L. Elliott
Albert W. Emery
Craig A. Engel
Constance Engvall
Walter A. Eppler
Patricia Ernsberger
Thomas L. Ervin
Elizabeth Etgen
James C. Fabris
Mr. Carl A Fagerskog
Gretchen and Walter Falk
Ken Friedman and Family
Peter Farquhar
Lisa Farrand
Jeffrey and Judith A. Farrin
Thomas P. Federico
Gloria J. Fenner
Caresse Fernandez
Ms. Lynne Kasuba and Mr. Charles Ferris
Angene Feves
Pat Fitz
Sharon Flaherty
Bill and Sally Fletcher
Mr. Daniel A. Flickinger
Lelia K. Fligelman
Polly Quick and Judith Flory
Stephanie Fogel
Fr J Patrick P. Foley
Nadine D. Foley
Douglas Forsell
Robert and Shirley Foster
Robert C. Foster
James Wadsworth Foundation
Catherine E. Fox
Richard M. Franz
Barbara J. Fraser
Robin and Peter Frazier
Gene Freeman
Richard P. French
Kathy Rowell and Matt Friel
Mack Fuhrer
Captain Gerald A. Fulk
Gena Galenski
Kathy M. Gallagher
Paul H. Gardiner
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Gardner
Bill and Mina Gardner
Holly K. Garrison
James Campbell and Adam Gavzer
Ron and Debbie Geary
Dr. Ivan Gendzel
Sharon George
Alfred D. Gianelli
Alan G. Gibbs
Michele Gilbert
Edgar A. Gilbert
David A. Gill
Keith Gillen
Shirley R. Glanz
Richard P. Glasser
George Gloeckler
Sherwood R. Glover
Geoff and Marilyn Godfrey
Peter E. Goldbeck, Esq.
Wilbur J. Gooder
Mary Devereux Goodwin
Cynthia Gopalakrishnan
Doris Blum Gorelick
Rolland and Margaret Graham
John L. Graham
Beverly A. Grahmann
Susan Vreeland and Joseph Gray
Deborah Green
Lea Goldstein and Brian Greenberg
Steven L. Griffing
Ms. Catherine E. Gross
Clifford Group
Michael and Jacqueline Grubb
Alfred S. Grundy
Ronald A. Guidotti
Robert and Julianna Guillou
Dr. Frank B. Guthrie
Ms. Susan Guyer
David E. Hague
Carol Snyder Halberstadt
Bruce M. Hale
Bernardine M. Hall
Betty L. Hall
Elizabeth Halstead
Nell Hamm
Felicity Hammer
John and Nancy Hand
Eric V. Hankam
Erik Hanson
Paul and Kathryn Hanson
Carol L. Hanson
Jean Hardwick
Ms. Catherine L. Hardymon
James Hare
Jack F. Harper and Deyea V. Harper
William P. Harper
Mildred and Edward B. Harrington
Joyce C. Harris
Cynthia H. Neal-Harris
Alisa Mae Harrison
Ruskin K. Hartley
Douglas A. Harvey
Barb Hauser
Patricia T. Hayes
Keith F. Hearn
Michelle Heathman
Barbara Hebner
Ms. Wendy Terra Hegy
Patricia Heiden
Harvey Helfand
Lewis M. Helm
Paul and Nancy Helman
Michael and Martha Helms
Bryan Hemming
Jack J. Henshall
Thomas Lee Herd
Thomas M. Herr
John L. Herrman
William C. Hersh
Louis Herskowitz
Scott Highfill
Carolyn M. Hill
Kathy Hobson
Edward S. Hochman
Sam Hodder
Fred G. Hoeptner
Marilyn Cossey and Darrell Hogan
K. F. Hogan
Greg and Annette Holland
Sarah Malashock and John Holler
Julia Holleran
Alice M. Horowitz
Drs. William E. Miller and Ida Houby
John W. Houghton
Larry G. Houghton
Kent Housman and Bryn Bridenthal-Housman
John Hovey
Barry C. and Bonnie B. Howard
Dr. Jack Hoyt*
Joseph E. Huard
Edgar A. Huber
Gregory D. Huber
Betty Hughes
Laura and Donald* Huisman
Sarah Hummingbird
David Husch
Phyllis A. Hyde
Reinhard and Elsie Ilgner
Doris Illes
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Imbody Jr.
Michelle A. Irvine
Stephen G. Irving
Charles Isham
Mary Israel
George J. Istvan
Richard A. Jaffe
Lynne Heinrich and Dwight Jaffee*
Robert and Harriet Jakovina
Reid S. James
Allen Jamieson
Ann Jarman
Virginia E. Jarvis*
Philip P. Jefferis
Joseph W. Jennings
Charles P. Johnson
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Harry M. Johnson and Joyce G. Johnson
Cynthia R Johnson
William H. Johnston, MD
David and Susan Jonas
Daniel E. Klein and Robbyne P. Jones
Laurene and Michel Jonqueres
Virginia and Gregory Jost
Glenn Joy
Patrick Samuel McInturff, Jr. and Linda Joyce
Mary L. Jung
Tracey L. Kahan
Pamela Kalinowski
J.R.K. Kantor
Rona Kardener
Suzanne Moss and Herb Kasler
Kevin Kaster
Paul Katen
Ruth L. Kehn
June Keizer
David Kell
Alberta M. Keller
Nancy Kelley
Mary L. Kellis
Louise M. Kemen
Douglas Kerr
John P. Kesselring and Jane E. Kesselring
Helen J. Kessler
Catherine J. Kidd
Earl Killian
Bonnie J. Killip
Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Kilpatrick
George C. Kirk
Mr. Noel W. Kirshenbaum
Jeremiah Kirwan
Patricia E. Klahn
Christopher and Valerie* Klein
Sweet Knees
Helen L. Knopp
Joyce T. Koch
Helen C. Koenig
Edward A. Komczyk
Joann Koppany
Francis J. Koppeis, Jr. and Patricia S. Koppeis
Carol Volk, DVM and Gary Korb
Karen Kotvas
Bernard H. and Sondra Krakower
Sharon H. Kramer
Sandra and Hans Marquardt-Kristensen
Muriel T. and John W. Kurtz
Olivia Kuser
Edward Kush
Mr. Robert E. Kvaas and Mrs. Sara Kvaas
Anita C. Ladewig
David Laing
Richard W. Laird
Mark A. Lamotte
Jane A. Lamph
Leo Lacasse and Melinda Landry
Lawrence Lantz
Candace C. Pelissero and Brian O. Larsen
James and Diane Larson
Edward A. Latham, Jr. & Rhonda Lee Latham
Howard Lau
Steven Lavine and Janet Sternburg (Lavine)
Mr. Sam Lawson
Steve Lawton
Scott Laxier
Robert and Susan Lea
Robert E. Lee
Ms. Leefeldt
Valente and Diana Lemos
Hollis G. Lenderking
Kathryn Lenton
Donald W. Leonard*
Lyn R. Levin
J. Stoner Lichty, Jr.
Peggy C. Light
Thomas W. Lincoln
Charles Lindquist
Debra Sally and Ken Ling
Jim Morrison and Sonia Liu
Marianne Locke
Margret Engel Lohfeld
C. E. Long, III, M.D.
Ellen Love
Alan L. Lovett
Lynne Mowry and Ed Loweecey
Paula Friedrich Lucchesi
Frans Ludding
Curtis Lund
Kathleen St. Johns and Stephen Lundberg
Larry L. Lundberg
Thomas M. Luscomb
Karen Lutter
Dennis C. Lynch
John* and Christa Lyons
Laurie Ann Macdonald
Elizabeth Mackenzie
Hannah MacLaren
James Madden
Thomas S. Maddock
Michael T. Madigan
Patricia Madison
John A. Magnuson
Michelle Makarski
David S. Maltz
Bob and Lyn Mangelsdorf
Richard E. & Helen Manley
Nancy J. Mann
William C. Marckhoff
Michael and Cynthia Marotteck
Carol L. Marshall
Ms. Lucy Marshall
Ben R. Martin
Lynda* and Jerry Vurek-Martyn
Reuben A. Jimenez and Joel Masotti
Laurie Masover
Donald and Lynelle Massey
Janice Matsumura
Peter and Patricia Mattson*
Ms. Ina F. Mauck
Randy H. McBride
Patricia M. McCoy
Melanie McDaniel
Carse McDaniel*
Corinne E. McElroy
David S. McGinness
Ed McIntosh
Paul L. McKaskle
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. McKay
Joan D. McLaughlin
Janice V. McLean, Ph.D.
Elizabeth E. McManus, in memory of Tom McManus
Jeanne McMillan
Chris McMullan
Lynelle McNiel
Richard McWherter
Kara Littell-McWilliams
Ms. Sonja Meadows
Michael Mecham
Patricia and Michael Meehan
Ms. Mary Lynn Meletiche
Mark and Joyce Mellander
Glenn and Patricia Melosh
Brenda Melstein
Audrey Hall-Mendoza
Mr. Ernest A. Meng
Robert H. Menzies
Constance A. Menzies
John Mertes
Sally and Steven Meyers
Robert Meyers
Geoffrey S. Michaelson
Ginnie Mickelson
M. Miglio
Joseph Migliore
Arnold Irvin Miller
Marilyn E. Millet
Janet Mills
Connie Jeung-Mills
Rene Minshew
Paul E. and Margaret A. Mistele
Billie Hopper and David Mitchell
Bea and Bob Moore
Alfred W. Moore
Linda Morasch
Charles C. Morehouse
John and Susan Moreschi
Keith Mason Morgan
Linda M. Morgan
Arthur G. Morley
Richard and Janice Mullard
Ken and Madonna Mulmat
Wendy A. Munster
Joe B. Murphy
Phillip G. Murray
Philip and Cherri Murray
Adrienne V. Muschell
Ms. Barbara A. Nabors
David Nason
Mr. George F. Neavoll
R. Scott Neely
Russell P. Neff
Paul O’Neil and Sally Flory-O’Neil
Rose Lochmann and Michael Newhouse
Robert S. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nichols
Marilyn (aka Nikki) Nichols
Mark A. Noblett
Michael Norris
Florence C. Norstrom
Marsha Novak
Maria Evelyn Nuque
Ms. Jean M. Nusbaum
Dave Olson
Martha and Robert Orton
Mary Keith Osborn
William J. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. J. Spencer Overholser
William G. Owens, Jr.
Ms. Paula Palmer
Stephen Parlett
Margot J. Patrick
Mr. Donald J. Patrick
R. Lee Paulson
Dr. Helen Paulus
Gale Payne
David Penning and Nancy Linton-Penning
Grant & Sue Perkins
Joel T. Perlstein
Lois and Eugene Perrine
Ken Peters
Mary Charlotte Peters
Ted Petersen
Richard L. Peterson
Kenneth B. Pettis
George S. Peyton
Jay J. Pickens
Ronald F. Pierpoint
Gail VanBenthuysen Pigeon
Charlotte De Pineda
Carolyn Burhenn and David Pinkernell
Mrs. Jo Anne Poinsard
George and Paulina Pollak*
Judith Pond
Edward C. Pope
Ms. Stephanie M. Pope
Helen Posey
Mr. Thomas A. Potase
Patricia Powell
Mr. and Mrs. James* Powell
Linda and Robert Powers
Mr. Ralph Eschenbach and Dr. Carol Joy Provan
Susan J. Puder
Lisa Quinn
J. R. Quirk
Sharon and Eric Rabichow
Dorrit F. Ragosine
Ms. Audrey D. Rasmussen
Karen Ratzlaff
Roy Rausch
Reverend Kathryn W. Ravenwood
Ramona M. Raybin
Robert J. Reardon
Janis Reed
Laurie M. Reed
Thomas W. Reese, III and Amanda M. Reese
Walter Reiff
Peter A. Rennert
Mr. Ellis G. and Mrs. Beverly Jean Revness
Ms. Myra A. Reybear
Karen Rice
Robyn E. Rishe
Suzanne Ritchie
Mr. Daniel Robertson
Allan Robin
Theresa Robinson
Susanne C. Roessler, M.D.
Lola E. Rogers
Patricia J. Taylor-Romero
Catherine M. Rose
John Charles Rosen*
Sally J. Ross
Shirley Louise Ross
Corinna Roth
Stephanie Rothman
Pamela L. Lowry and Allen Rozelle
Jacki F. Ruby
N. Margaret Ruesch
Joan Rhea Russell
Douglas and Patricia Ryan
Rose Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ryon
Isabel Sadurni
David and Shari Safianoff
Roger and Jeane Samuelsen
Mary Anne and Al Sanborn
Wendy Sanborn
Mr. Byril J. Sanders
Mr. Zachary B. Sank
George Sardina, M.D.
John “Eric” Arens and Elizabeth Saucier
Judy Saltzman-Saveker
Judy D. Saltzman-Saveker
Robert Scarlett
Barbara A. Schaefer
John Scharffenberger
Richard Schechter
Farrel L. Schell
Mr. Harold A. Schessler
Brenda Schick
Barry and Libby Schiller
Jeff “Houndog” Schiller
Gloria G. and Karl F. Schlaepfer
Douglas Schmalenberger
Helen Schneider
Edward Schreiber
Mr. Theodore Schriefer, Jr.
D.W. Schuler
Robert R. Schultz
Werner Schumann
Ms. Margaret Z. Schwartz
Don Schwarz
Janice and Tim Dinsmore-Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Scott
Mary Scott
Gary and Pam Sejkora
Vivian E. Selecman
Ms. Marilyn Smolik Sequoia
Mrs. Elroy J. Shafer
Andy Shapiro
Ms. Helen N. Shapiro
Robert W. Shaw
Ned Shaw
Mrs. Debra W. Sheehan
John M. Sherman
Christine Kimball Shewmaker
Kathy and Elliot Shubin
Ms. Ginny Siegel
Edward and Merry Sierecki
Mr. Gary M. Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Simon
Frederick C. Simon
Ms. Rae Lee Siporin
Daniella Siroskey & Irene Siroskey
Lee Slaughter
Marshall G. Slaughter
Stephen M. Slivinsky
Mrs. Nordi Sloman
Marguerite Smiley
Mrs. Barbara S. Smith
Jeanie M. Smith
Vicki Smith
David L. Smith
Ardith and Douglas Smith
Benjamin Steen Smith
Ms. Penelope Smith
Rev. Wendy M. Smith
Paul Werner and Patricia Smith
Steven W. Snyder
Mrs. Sonia Allen Spalding
Andrea Speraw
Dr. Marcia J. Speziale
Dolores M. Sprague
Harriet L. Spree
Mr. John A. Srnka
Therese Stack
Mrs. Ruth S. Stahl
Mr. John H. Staley, Jr.
Mrs. Jill Stanley
Milton Stark
Claudia J. Starks
Carl Stein
Ellsworth F. Stein
John D. Stein
Pamela M. Stephens
Denise Stephens
Helen M. Stevens
Lois K. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Farrar Stockton
Jennifer K. Stone
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Stone
Jennifer K. Stone
Darylan Stratten
Patricia Strickland
Mr. Edward A. Strojni
Shirley Weidner and Frederic Strong*
Mr. Timothy H. Stroud
Kay Baum and David Stuhr
Harold* and Geri Sullivan
Elin L. Swanson
Linda L. Swartz
Mrs. Lois Sweet
David W. Sweetser
Ruth A. Swenson
Karen J. Swope
Sandra Szanderek
John and Donna Taapken
Nancy Ruth Tague
Rudolf and Frances Makkreel-Tanikawa
Stephanie and Alan L. Tarkington
Nick Tary
Dwight Tate
Linda M. Tate
Dave H. Taylor
Mr. John D. Taylor
Judy Teitler
Bruce Thompson
Lawrence H. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Thompson
Fiona Thomson
John R. Throne
Martin J. Tierney
Henry O. Timnick
William Croft and Carol Toffaleti
David Toner
Mary L. Topliff
Anne McPherson Tracy
In Honor of Lost Big Trees
Harriette Treloar
Triple Happiness Trust
The Greenberg Family Trust
Thomas Tucker
Anna Unkovich
Karin C. Uphoff
Tuija Lisa Van Valkenburgh
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Vario
Katie and Joe Veni
Robert and Laura Venning
Gloria J. De Victoria
Andrew Vought and Andrea Testa-Vought
Marvalee H. Wake
Kim C. Waldo
Glenn A. Walker
Wynne A. Walker
Thomas Walker
Holly Wallace
Janet H. Walters
Ronald G. Warfield
Glen Warner
Thomas and Renee Warnock
Richard B. Warren
Shlomo Waser
James Waters
Vanessa Watkins
Rich Watson
Mr. David S. Way
Linda Weaver
Jennifer Weber
Shoshana Wechsler
Nadine Weil
Michael Weinberg
Arlin Weinberger
Daphne and Stuart Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Wentworth
Donald E. West
John D. West
Dr. Mariquita West
Mrs. Katherine Z. Westheimer
Tim M. Whalen
Marilyn J. Whelan
Debra Reifman Whitall and Richard Whitall
Deborah Toll White
Lornie White
Steve Whiteman
Dede Whiteside
Jan Widdowson
John & Lynn Wiese
Kevin Wiest
Kenneth Wilcox
Jim Wilkins
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wilkinson
Mr. Donald Willeke
Mr. Frederick T. Williams
Ms. Linda M. Williams
M. B. Williams
Patricia M. Williamson
Michael O. Willson
Kenneth H. Lobitz and Robert T. Wilson
Mark W. and Marion C. Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Buron J. Wilson
Richard and Nancy Wilson
Dana M. Wing
Mr. and Mrs. David Winkler
Daniel Wise
Mrs. Elaine A. Witteveen
Stephen J. Van Woert
Drs. Jan and Edith C. Wolff
Jimmy Wong
Forrest H. Wooldridge
Patricia M. Woolley
Ted and Juliette Wrablik
Mary Wright
Betty E. Wrightson
Elizabeth F. Wurtz
Bryan L. Wyberg
Mr. Gerald S. Wysocki
Donald F. Yara
Dennis H. Yarnell
John T. Young
Sally D. Young
Anonymous Catholic
Anonymous (212)

Take Me to the Trees: A Redwoods Celebration
Annual Celebration

Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria

Brigit and Mike Grimm
Martha and Michael Helms
Dr. Alice M. Horowitz
Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin, and Walls of Justice
Claire and Holden Spaht
Rich, Cody, and Katie Wendling
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Woollam

Kay Baum and David Stuhr
Amy and Matt Berler
Barbara and Michael Calbert
Martin and Mia Gaehwiler
Marritje and Jamie Greene
Paul A. and Nancy E. Helman
Karen and David Horn
David Laing
Heidi Richardson
John Scharffenberger
Finn and Kim Wentworth
Mike and Gretchen Wyatt
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.
Anonymous (4)

Deborah and Daniel Bardon
Rosemary Lyn Cameron and David Perper
Debbie de Domenico and Charlie Martin
Sandra D. Donnell and Justin M. Faggioli
Denise Garone and Stuart Kogod
Sandy Gibson; Better Place Forests
Colby Hastings and Daniel Sachs
Yoriko Kishimoto and Leland (Lee) Collins
Krasznekewicz-Quinn Family
Peggy Light
Amie and Trey MacPhee
Ohrbach Foundation
Lisa and Rafael Ortiz
Katherine Prescott
Allegra and Edward Quinn
Ethan John Ravage and Julia Dawson
Sandra and David Schmaier
Carolyn Sherwood Call and Gregory D. Call
Tom Spelce
Abe and Kelly Tarapani
Mark and Katie Wentworth
Fran and Cameron Wolfe, Jr.

Michael Bernard
Paul Botte
Ben Bisconti
Bob Burlinson
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Butler
Mr. James Gregory Campbell and Mr. Adam Gavzer
Sara Ann Clark and Will Riffelmacher
Bob Doyle and Christina Batt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eklof
Pat Fitz
Mr. Kevin Gottesman; Gott Advertising
Amy Hansen
Melissa and Shepard Harris
Peter and Sarah Harrison
Katherine and Radcliffe Hastings
Kendra and Sam Hodder
Fred and Barbara Ilfeld
Lucy Johns
Stacey Keare and John Hodge
David Kilburn and David Perez
Walker Kirby and Ines Guinard
Karin Kirchoff
Landis Communications, Inc.
Hollis Lenderking
Nancy and Tony Lilly
Larry L. Lundberg
Christa Lyons
Bill Miller and Ida Houby
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Montague
Melanie Phoenix and Terry Robinson
Stephanie Rothman
Roger and Jeane Samuelsen
Dr. and Mrs. Elliot Shubin
Alvin Smith and Elena Lebedeva
Deborah and Robert Stafford
Alan and Stephanie Tarkington
Mary L. Topliff
Tim M. Whalen
Mary and Ken Wright
John T. Young
Georgia Young and Peter Duyan

Gifts In-Kind
Sequoia Grove Winery

Grove Dedications

April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022

Cascade Creek
Elliott-Blank Family Grove

Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
Lee Cambria Grove – Spirit Strong as a Redwood
The Talia Grove

Forest of Nisene Marks
Ranger Gerald (Jerry) E. Waggoner Memorial Grove

Grove of Old Trees
Penelope Smith-Anima Mundi-Soul of the World Grove

Harry A. Merlo State Recreation Area
Wolff Family Grove

Humboldt Redwoods State Park
The Leila and Jack Johnson Memorial Grove
Mahan Family Descendants and Friends Grove

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Roberta Irene Bowman Sheltering Grove for 3 generations past looking to the future (2021)

Navarro River Redwoods State Park
Cantus Grove – Susan and Jerry Juhl

Portola Redwoods State Park
Cynthia M. Grubb Grove
Richard and Eleanor Stallman Grove
Scarlett Family Grove
Stowe Memorial Grove
Wendy’s Grove

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
August Family Grove – Jerry, Barbara, Loni & Lee.
The Britton Family Grove
Erdman Family Memorial Grove
Stangeland-Jennings Family Grove

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