Wildlife at Cape Vizcaino

For the past few years the League has been actively restoring our Cape Vizcaino property along the wild and beautiful Mendocino coast. The restoration work has involved thinning brush and reducing fuel loads to prevent any catastrophic fires from happening. For instance, for a few weeks of the year, we have a big herd of goats roam the meadows and munch away at invasive thistle in an effort to restore native plants to the property.

Along with the goats we have had quite a few other animals passing through, strutting their stuff for the camera. Our wildlife cameras have captured pictures of deer, foxes, coyotes, mountain lions and even bears enjoying this beautiful coastal property. These pictures give us a glimpse into the diversity of life in the region and encourage our efforts to restore this area for conservation.

Enjoy the pictures below of the many animals of Cape Vizcaino!

About the author

Deborah joined the League's staff in 2013 as the Education & Interpretation Manager. She brings with her extensive experience teaching science, developing curriculum and connecting kids to the natural world.

bear reading the blog
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