Raise your voice in support of parks

man, woman and kid hiking in the redwoods
Photo by Paolo Vescia

It was inspiring to see so many Californians turn to parks during the COVID-19 crisis and subsequent shelter-in-place. In fact, such huge numbers of people flocked to the parks that, unfortunately, many facilities had to temporarily close or restrict visitation in the interest of public health. As we move forward, we need to ensure that our parks can meet the incredible demand that we’re placing on them.

Please let the governor know that you support parks.

Our state’s parks and open space are a key part of our identity as Californians. Moreover, numerous studies have linked time in the outdoors with positive health outcomes. Our redwood parks are among our most cherished natural places — and it is no surprise that the redwood is our official state tree. Yet, most redwood parks haven’t been updated since their creation. We need to ensure that all Californians, regardless of race or economic background, have access to these vital places.

This Legislative session, the governor and policymakers in Sacramento will be making important decisions about funding and other support for parks. Your voice in support of parks could make a big difference.

Please take a moment to tell the governor that you support these treasures by completing the following form. On the next step a sample letter will be provided.