Redwood Kingdom Game

Find out who trumps who in the redwood forest by playing the Redwood Kingdom Game, an educational game for kids!

Redwood Kingdom Game
Before you play, download and cut out the 40 cards in the following PDF:

Redwood Kingdom Game Playing Cards (Includes the Endangered card and the CPR card)

Instructions for play: 2-4 players



  1. Put all the animal cards together and shuffle the deck. Deal out the entire deck face down until all cards have been dealt.
  2. The youngest player goes first and turns over their top card. They call out the category and value of their highest-numbered category. If there is a tie for top-value, the player must pick a category (example: Rarity 8 or Predator 5).
  3. Each player than shows their top card and calls out their value for that category as well. The player with the highest value in that category wins all the cards and puts them at the bottom of their pile.
  4. The person who wins the cards goes again. They turn over their card first to call out their top category, then the other players turn their cards over.
  5. If an endangered animal card is played, it is treated like any other card and the player with the highest value for that round wins the card.
  6. If there is a tie for highest-valued card, then all the cards go into the center. The same player goes again and chooses a new category. Only the players who tied participate in the tiebreaker. The winner of the new hand gets the cards in the center as well.
  7. Continue playing until one player has all the cards.


In this version, players put the cards they win in a separate stack. When the play stack runs out, players shuffle their winnings stack. They winnings stack then becomes the play stack and the cycle repeats itself.

Endangered Card and Connect, Protect and Restore Card (CPR)

  1. Shuffle the endangered card and the CPR card with the animal cards.
  2. Deal out the entire deck and follow play as described above.
  3. Whenever an endangered animal is played, it automatically moves to the special endangered pile. When this occurs, only the non-endangered animals are eligible to win that turn.
  4. As the game progresses, endangered animal cards will accumulate in the special endangered pile.
  5. When the Endangered card appears, it activates the endangered card pile. That card is set aside, along with any endangered animals played on that turn. Whoever played the highest value non-Endangered card on that turn wins the remaining animal cards.
  6. When a player reveals the CPR card, they receive the entire endangered pile, as well as the Endangered card, and the cards from that turn. However, they do not receive the CPR card.
  7. After it is revealed, the CPR card remains face up in the play area for an additional turn. Whoever wins the next turn also wins the CPR card.
  8. If the CPR card is revealed before the Endangered card has come into play, then whoever played the highest-value animal card wins the turn and also wins the CPR card.
  9. If the CPR card and the Endangered card appear on the same turn, then whoever played the highest-value animal card wins the turn and receives both specialty cards.
  10. The leader of the turn will ALWAYS choose the category even if they have the CPR card, Endangered card or an endangered animal card.
  11. Continue playing until one player has all the cards.