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Kick Start Publicity: You Can Help Parks by Supporting Film

Photo by Save the Redwoods League
Photo by Save the Redwoods League

The producers of California Forever, a documentary celebrating the beauty, drama and sweeping history of California State Parks, need your help. Backcountry Pictures must raise $25,000 by August 4 for promotion to inspire audiences to watch the film on PBS this fall. In turn, they hope the film will motivate audiences to preserve these storied places (including redwood parks) for all of us, now and for generations to come. To see a trailer and to donate, visit California Forever‘s Kickstarter page.

Get Wild about Parks and Recreation

Time to ‘Get Wild’: Visit Redwoods for Park and Rec Month


Photo by Save the Redwoods League

Portola Redwoods State Park. Photo by vrkrebs, Flickr Creative Commons

The Latest on Hidden State Parks Funds


Many of you have asked us about the alleged hiding of $54 million by a California State Parks (CSP) official. The news came last month as 70 parks face closure because of the state’s budget crisis. We will continue to work with California State Parks to make the park system viable because CSP takes care of most of the redwood forestland you and Save the Redwoods League have protected. Redwoods are innocent bystanders in this crisis, and they need our continued help. See answers to your questions.

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