Save the Redwoods League Urges California Legislature and Governor Newsom To Put Climate Bond On The Ballot

A graphic that reads "Our health is undeniably tied to the health of our environment. Safe drinking water, wildlife, wildfire resistance, and clean air must be in a #2024ClimateBond.


Save the Redwoods League and our partners at the Committee for Clean Water, Natural Resources and Parks applaud the state’s legislative leaders for finalizing the essential $10 billion climate bond that ensures we can continue the critical work of building a climate-ready California

The effects of climate change aren’t waiting for better budgets. Sooner or later, we’ll all pay for its impacts. If we can invest in forest health and fire resilience, rather than paying the exponentially higher cost of catastrophic wildfire, that’s a bargain. The same is true with preventing floods, protecting coastal communities and safeguarding against extreme heat.

Governor Newsom has been a peerless climate and conservation champion throughout his Administration, as has his natural resources secretary, Wade Crowfoot. This bond is critical to accomplishing their bold and laudable nature-based solutions climate goals. We are optimistic that our elected representatives and the Governor will do the right thing for all Californians and place this measure on the November ballot.

We strongly support efforts to get the climate bond over the finish line!


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Climate change action is on the ballot this November


Californians will vote on a $10 billion climate bond to invest in safe drinking water, wildfire resilience, and clean air. Climate action is up to all of us this November.

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