Traditional Indigenous Land

Forest landscape with tree silhouette on coastline
The Lost Coast Redwoods property near Rockport, California on December 2, 2021.

Lost Coast Redwoods is a place where the traditional territories of the Sinkyone, Cahto, and Coast Yuki peoples converge. These tribal nations lived respectfully and abundantly in this region for millennia before being forcibly removed by European American settlers. Despite this, they have retained cultural connections with this landscape, which holds great significance for Indigenous Peoples of the region. Today, Sinkyone, Cahto, and Coast Yuki descendants are citizens of tribal nations throughout Northern California.

In 1986, federally recognized tribes—whose citizens include Sinkyone, Coast Yuki, and Cahto descendants—created the nonprofit tribal consortium known as InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council, the first-ever intertribal cultural land protection organization. Through the Sinkyone Council, its 10 member tribes collaborate to prohibit development, industrial logging, other harmful extractions, and fragmentation on lands they have acquired for conservation, while elevating traditional values, protecting and healing the ancient redwood ecosystem, and re-establishing cultural relationships with their traditional territories.