Prairie Creek Restoration

Crew working on restoration 
Yurok Tribe Construction Corporation crew members excavate a two-acre backwater channel connecting to the main stem of Prairie Creek to provide salmonid habitat. Photo by California Trout.

The stretch of Prairie Creek that runs through the Orick Mill Site offers the last downstream opportunity to restore ecological function and provide critical juvenile salmonid rearing habitat.

Restoration efforts will enhance 0.8 miles of the creek and restore 18 acres of riparian and wetland floodplains. Revegetation will minimize invasive plant species and establish sustainable native plant communities and wildlife habitat. 

The project materials are uniquely balanced onsite, whereby fill from the floodplain restoration will be used as the foundation for Trails Gateway development, yielding significant environmental sustainability benefits.

The project has been collaboratively envisioned and designed with the expertise of California Trout, local partners and professional firms, as well as early funding partners at California State Coastal Conservancy, NOAA Restoration Center, and Wildlife Conservation Board.